Iceman vs Rosalina

Iceman has improved a lot over the years and he went from being the new kid on the block to an experienced threat who shouldn’t be taken lightly. He can flash freeze opponents in an instant. Although, due to Rosalina’s space durability, that likely won’t be much of an issue, if it is one at all. It is really tough to say who has the edge in this matchup. Rosalina has her barrier and starbits, but will that be enough! I guess, I will say yes since she can also reflect any ice blast that Iceman tries. Rosalina wins.

Jack Frost vs Iceman

Jack Frost is a pretty tricky fellow, but he’s not much of a fighter. I don’t think that he would last very long against an opponent like Iceman and he would go down for the count. Iceman has a large array of ice attacks at his disposal which will be more than enough to take Jack Frost down for good. Iceman wins.

Ben 10 vs Iceman

Ben 10 does have his fire form, but it wont be enough to melt this icy opponent. Iceman has taken many heat based opponents down in the past and I don’t think that he will stop now. Iceman’s battle experience may have been the deciding factor. He has dealt with opponents like the Avengers in the past, so he knows how to handle himself. Iceman wins.

Update 10/25/2022 Ben 10’s forms should be able to even get past Iceman’s ice. His fire abilities and other forms would just melt any of Iceman’s attack options. Ben 10 wins.

Iceman vs Dormammu

Dormammu and Iceman are both pretty impressive fighters! Iceman can get pretty big and start smashing stuff, but Dormammu has his ultimate powers! He has energy blasts that may even be stronger than Iceman’s shield! That’s pretty impressive when you think about it! Iceman drops down the ranks with this loss. Dormammu wins.

Human Torch vs Iceman

Human Torch is back and this time he’s up against Iceman. Iceman has his ice powers, but as tough as they are it would be tough to take down Human Torch. Human Torch’s powers are just far too much of an advantage for Iceman to overpower him. Iceman drops down the ranks with this loss. Human Torch wins.

Iceman vs Mega Man

Well I’m afraid Iceman just doesn’t have what it takes to defeat Mega Man. Mega Man is just too powerful. Megaman has over 100 powers and he’s not afraid to use them. Iceman may try to defend himself for a while, but in the end he couldn’t protect himself forever. Mega Man wins.

Iceman vs Shadow Cat

Well Shadow Cat doesn’t really have….A Ghost of a chance! Iceman is just too powerful and has ice powers that are too much for her. She won’t be able to go through all of the ice. She’ll tire out eventually and then she will be finished. Iceman is too powerful. Iceman wins.

Iceman vs Cyclops

The hothead vs The leader. Most people think this fight is so obvious Iceman and Cyclops have never fought. Iceman could definitely beat Cyclops. Cyclops has his fancy beams but they only come from his eyes. Iceman can emit ice from his hands to make all sorts of things. Iceman wins.

Update! Cyclops has now obtained the Phoenix Force so he’s a being to be feared. Iceman is pretty tough, but he’s no longer in the same league as Cyclops. Cyclops wins.