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Master Mold vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Sonic I don’t want to underestimate Sailor Moon, but can she really handle this guy? Master Mold is huge and his energy blasts pack a punch. He can also fly which doesn’t help Sailor Moon’s case here. It’s been a while since I have seen the show and perhaps I need to check it out again at some point, but once again I fear that the lack of speed will hold Moon back here. She’s just not ready to mix it up with such a strong fighter. Master Mold wins.

Update, Sailor Moon’s abilities are simply too much for Master Mold. Her showing in the first film was enough to put her ahead. Sailor Moon wins.

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Master Mold vs Thor

Master Mold is back and he’s here to challenge Thor! Thor has super speed and super strength at his disposal. Master Mold has some pretty impressive strength, but it’s still not a match for Thor’s. Thor takes yet another win and rises up the blog ranks! Thor wins.

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Master Mold vs Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner is back after a long time of not fighting and why not make his comeback with a win!? Master Mold may be a big sentinel, but in the end he lacks the skills that Guy Gardner has. With his Green Lantern Ring Guy Gardner can create whatever he thinks of. Master Mold’s a bit doomed. Guy Gardner wins.