One Above All vs Goku

One Above All

One Above All has some pretty “awesome” power, but in the end he’s not quite a match for Goku. Goku has the Kamehameha Wave and it does some pretty heavy duty damage. It’s not something you want to mess with. Goku has beaten guys much stronger than the One Above All and lived to tell about it. Goku wins.

Fanfic version below

Cosmic vs Saiyan!

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    • Well, he can throw a punch and has mild flight so that would still put him above some humans. His durability is that of a senior citizen though so he has to watch out

      • something tells me that you have the intelligence of a wallnut man, Toaa is Omnipotent no intruduction asked all that he needs is to will goku to be dead no question asked no ifs or buts TOAA Is the Uncontestable Winner of the fight you are a guy who is 100% bias and Bullcrap and 0 intelligence only a person who is stupid and schizophrenic at the same time would say that Goku beats Toaa.

  1. Here is a statement I found by a person who talked about TOAA. Read it.
    It’s not mine just to be clear.

    TOAA is the creator of the omniverse, what do you want more ?

    Basically, the definition of “omniverse” changes depending on who is writing this. Marvel qualified it as a “Group of alternate universes which encompasses all reality” =>

    Another definition: “The is the collection of every single universes, dimension, etc. Everything is in the Omnverse, and there is one Omniverse.”

    Another one: “The Omniverse is the collection of every single universe, multiverse, megaverse, dimension (alternate or pocket) and realm. This includes not only Marvel Comics, but also DC Comics, Image, Dark Horse, Archie, Harvey, and every universe ever mentioned or seen (and an infinite amount never mentioned or seen) including our own world. Everything is in the Omniverse, and there is only one Omniverse. According to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes, “It includes every single literary, television show, movie, urban legend, universe, realm, etc. ever. It includes everyone from Popeye to Rocky Balboa to Ronald Reagan to Romeo and Juliet to Luke Skywalker to Snoopy to Jay and Silent Bob, etc.” This includes universes outside of comics, such as Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, Hunger Games and Assassin’s Creed. The Omniverse is EVERY reality, including those published by all other companies. Even fan-fictions, cancelled works, mere fantasies, wishes of thoughts created by people, and fictional universes yet to be published are considered part of the Omniverse, simply put the Omniverse is every version of reality and existence imaginable.”

    TOAA is “the entity believed to be the supreme being creator of the Omniverse” =>

    TOAA didn’t appeared only with Peter Parker to eat some sandwitches. It wa stated that the Heart of the Universe is TOAA’s fragment of power: With the Heart of the Universe, he became “God” and omnipotent/omniscient/omnipresent, and he’s still below TOAA because it was a fragment of TOAA’s power, Thanos was “manipulated” by TOAA through this time.

    TOAA gave to Adam Warlock the role of the Living Tribunal, an omniversal entity: . The One Above All isn’t featless as many think. It doesn’t mean that those events were not canon that it wouldn’t be taken into account. TOAA is beyond all realities and dimensions, it includes non-canon stories, there is only one TOAA.

    Thanos with HOTU controled the entire omniverse, he absorbed the LT, Eternity and Infinity and became God, but Thanos said himself that there was still a superior force he could not absorb, he clearly mentionned TOAA who manipulated him. TOAA > Thanos HOTU > Omniverse.

    TOAA is known as the only entity above the Living Tribunal, LT who is on an omniversal range: The spectre know the Living Tribunal, The Brothers know the LT: and

    Many statements confirmed TOAA’s omnipotence: and The fact that TOAA is supposed to be “God”, there’s no reason why he couldn’t be omnipotent, he represents Yahweh and the True God in all religions.

    Pre-Retcon Beyonder is supposed to be “God before there was genesis”, the Beyonder is known as to be omnipotent, so is TOAA.

      • Not sure if this sent twice or not.

        You seem very confident that it’s just hype so I’m assuming you a proof that it is then. Don’t use “well we haven’t seen him destroy a planet or a universe” have we seen Goku destroy a planet or a universe nooooooooooooo. But we all know he can. I just use that against you so don’t think about that.

      • Ok all this time you’ve been talking about destroying and stuff. But that’s not TOAA power. He can still destroy but not in the way most characters can. He can control everything. He can make planets and destroy them at will. He hasn’t destroyed a planet yet because he doesn’t need to. He gives every life free will as well. He doesn’t need feats he just needs statements similar to dragon ball z.

      • Right, TOAA can make stuff but how’s that going to help in a battle? He needs something more than that to do real damage here

      • Wait hold up. I was looking at the comments in 2017. You said Bass could only destroy an island when powering up then say he’s omniversal. Someone then says when has Goku or bass destroyed an omniverse and you say they haven’t been given the chance. Isn’t that kind of unfair since you’re all about saying TOAA has no feats really.

      • Right, so since we haven’t seen it it’s not like that factors into the battle. Bass has already proven himself with the best feats and I’m saying the scary part is that he could be even stronger. Bass roasts all these guys although they do have good feats too I suppose

      • So what is Bass greatest feat ever. Like his 100% if you can’t tell me or prove it this debate is a draw or a win for me. If you do have a decent feat then ok we will see.

        Also we’re staying to media cannon and statements not head or just random facts with no proof also so far you have been losing just so you know. Nobody is on your side and to win a debate you have to have people to agree with you the more that agree with you the better. Since you’re on the losing side you’re gonna have to come up with a CANNON fact about Bass and Goku that makes them on the level you say they are.

        Fair enough.

      • Okay so for Goku his best feat is nearly ending the universe and all of reality just by throwing a punch. See his fight against Beerus in Dragon Ball Super. If he could do that from a punch then just imagine his actual energy blasts.

        As for Bass, his best ability is his Get Ability. With it he can absorb abilities and add them to his own. It also allows him complete regeneration going from massive injuries to back to full power. See Megaman NT Warrior manga volume 5.

      • Also saying it’s all hype without any decent proof doesn’t count either.

        E.g I say a character called Bob is planet buster but then you can say that all hype because I have proof. Like a picture of Bob saying that he can’t destroy a planet.
        But if you just say we’ve never seen Tim blow up a planet so he can’t do it and there’s no acual cannon evidence that it’s not true that doesn’t count. This is how a debate goes.

        Right now you’re losing by a long shot because of people disagring to much with you but for this it’s a restart to make it fair.

        Creating is also greater than destroying. Here’s why. Anyone and I mean anyone can destroy something with ease. Like a piece of paper. But creating is far greater. You can do whatever you want with your creation like have them stand up to you in a fight. Let’s say TOAA is what you say he is weak. Ok but he could create something more powerful than the opponent in front of him and this is allowed because of his skill set. He can’t be harmed by any mortal either which is a huge advantage.

        So TOAA while not showing any feats has had statements and is omnipotent meaning he can control beings having a lot of power does not apply in a fight against TOAA.

      • You’re still mixing up the burden of proof. You always have to assume someone can’t do something unless they prove it. The burden of proof is on the individual to show that they can do X Y and Z. TOAA has not shown anything so by default that makes it all hype until he shows something.

        Creation is great for story telling and all, but in a fight destruction is and always will be superior to it.

      • TOAA feats come from statements. Sounds familiar. Goku and Beerus nearly destroyed the universe but they didn’t it was stated. Not a acual destroying feat. So if you want to go with statements not counting then Cell can’t destroy a solar system and Goku can’t destroy a universe. Also where did you get reality from. It clearly said universe and all universal dimensions inside. Not universe 1,2,3 etc. Only 7.

      • Big difference there, you’re equating apples and oranges. We actually saw the universe breaking into pieces with their battles. TOAA hasn’t actually shown anything so he has nothing in terms of feats

      • Have I won because you haven’t got back from my last comment? The one where I asked you to show me proof that TOAA is not omni-anything.

      • Oh you haven’t ok. I was saying that can you prove to me that TOAA isn’t omni-anything. Like actual proof. If you can’t prove his statements wring then you lose.

        If you don’t want to count statements then roshi from original dragon ball could defeat Nappa.

      • It’s not on us to prove that he isn’t omni though. It’s on him to prove that he has actual feats the way Goku has proven himself time and time again over the years

      • Really wow. You know you’re not good at debating (no offence) but damb you made it. That’s so cool. I could never do that. Why a debating site though. I find it quite bias to your favourite characters. Maybe if it wasn’t I’m pretty sure it will be much bigger.

      • No worries none taken. I’ve been stomping people in debates for years at this point.

        Debating’s always been a lot of fun so I figured I’d make the site to show people who would really win in these classic fights. Ending the debate once and for all as Death Battle would say

      • Also I’m that same guy that called you 3. Sorry about that making a fricken website is like god’s stuff. Still most you’re posts in it are bias. So be careful because you’re bound to get hate.

      • No prob, I’m always ready. The blog has a 100% accuracy policy to get rid of the bias though. It’s all objective

  2. This is an entire cannon article about Bass someone you said could solo fiction. Why should people listen to you if you have fake evidence and no real proof other than being a 3 year old about it. Just admit you’re wrong.

    Later on, Bass and Treble are seen again at Shade Man’s stage, after purposely getting themselves injured in battle. Bass then starts putting himself down, saying that he feels stupid to have been beaten so easily, and that he should probably leave Wily to Mega Man. Mega Man responds by telling him that “[they’re] a team”, and that Dr. Light will be glad to fix him up. Bass and Treble then warp away to Dr. Light’s lab to get repaired. Sometime later, after the repairs were finished, Mega Man comes back to the lab to find that it’s been trashed, and that the culprit behind it was none other than Bass. Dr. Light then tells him that Bass stole all the parts for the “new enhancements” as well. Shortly afterward, Dr. Wily appears on the monitor and reveals that Bass and Treble are his creations, and that he used Bass to get closer to Mega Man, so that he could earn his trust, and then steal the Super Adapter blueprints, so that he could use that enhancement for Bass and Treble.

    Bass and Treble’s fusion, as it appears in Mega Man 7.
    Bass is encountered again for the third time at the first stage of Dr. Wily’s castle, where he’s once again fought as a mini-boss. The two of them have a battle, and Mega Man manages to defeat him. Bass then swears revenge, saying that he’ll be back. He, of course, stays true to his word, as he is encountered for a fourth time at the very next Wily Castle stage. This time, he performs a fusion with Treble, and tries to destroy Mega Man with the very enhancements that he stole, which were meant for Mega Man and Rush. After a hard fight, Bass is once again defeated, and warps away. He and Treble aren’t seen again until the ending, where they save Dr. Wily when Mega Man was about to kill him, with Bass stating that, “He who hesitates is lost.”

    Bass also appears as a playable character in the hidden two-player battle mode.

    Mega Man: Battle & Chase
    Bass racing against Mega Man in Mega Man: Battle & Chase
    Bass appears as a playable character that uses the vehicle Treble Darkstar, a balanced machine with the attacks Bass Buster and Bass Blast. He entered the Battle & Chase contest to race against Mega Man. When not playing as Bass in Grand Prix mode, the player will face him as the penultimate opponent before Dr. Wily. If Bass wins the contest, he isn’t satisfied for defeating Mega Man as it was just a race, and wants to defeat him in a real battle. In the Japanese version, Wily contacts Bass and asks him for the prize money, but he ignores Wily and leaves the money in a beach.

    Mega Man 8
    Mega Man and Bass prepare to face off once again in Mega Man 8.
    “I’m not the same weakling anymore! I’ve got new powers!”
    ―Bass, Mega Man 8
    Bass is first seen at the very beginning of the game in the cutscenes, alongside Treble, fighting against Mega Man and Rush. After Mega Man questions their reasons for fighting, Bass responds by attempting to shoot him, prompting Mega Man to dodge the attack and return fire, knocking Bass into an elevator shaft and causing him to be tied up in steel cables. The battle was soon interrupted by Roll when she informed Mega Man about what was going on, causing Mega Man to leave. Bass then frees himself by tearing off the steel cables and destroying a falling elevator cabin above with a buster shot, before vowing revenge.

    However, Bass shows up again later on, and fights against Mega Man in the third level of the Wily Tower. Although Mega Man had warned him not to do so, Bass used Evil Energy to power up his attacks, and assume a stronger form of his Treble Boost. Here, he has no weakness, although the Flash Bomb can hit him multiple times. Mega Man manages to defeat him once again and Bass then vows never to give up trying to defeat Mega Man, before teleporting out.

    Mega Man & Bass
    Bass fighting against Mother Mukamukade at Ground Man’s stage in Mega Man & Bass.
    “What I’ve fought for? That is ridiculous. I don’t need a reason to fight. I have and am going to fight only to destroy Megaman!!”
    ―Bass, Mega Man & Bass
    A robot calling himself King attacked and took over the recently built Wily Castle, declaring he was the strongest robot and that robots were superior to humans, thus he wanted to create a nation of robots without humans. Mega Man ​​is sent by Dr. Light to stop King, and Bass, who took offense to King’s claims of being the strongest robot, embarks on yet another mission to destroy the Robot Masters (as well as King himself) before Mega Man can, so that he could prove that he’s the strongest, and to get Wily’s Castle back.

    Bass, of course, does manage to defeat them. After using all eight of the Robot Masters’ powers to open the Crystal Gate to King’s castle, Bass goes through it and destroys all obstacles in his way, and eventually comes across King himself. King congratulates Bass for making it that far into the castle, and then engages Bass in combat. King, wielding a shield with reflective abilities, used that to absorb Bass’ blasts and send them right back at him in the form of a powerful laser beam. Because of this device, King was seemingly unstoppable. That is, until Proto Man appeared and used his powerful “Big Bang Strike” ability. Due to the fact that Proto Man used nearly all of his power on that attack, it was too much energy for King’s shield to absorb, which led into it getting destroyed, as well as King getting hit and weakened by it in the process. No longer in possession of that shield, Bass’ attacks actually began to do some damage, and he ended up defeating King.

    Bass fighting against King in Mega Man & Bass.
    King then questions Bass, asking why he’s fighting for “lowly beings” like the humans, and tells him that robots are more advanced than them. Bass then tells him not to forget that humans are the ones who created robots. After that, King asks Bass to finish him off, but first teleports an unconscious Proto Man out of the fortress. Bass then asks King who created him, and King answers him by telling him that Dr. Wily was his creator, which shocks Bass. Shortly afterwards, Dr. Wily appears on the monitor, scolding King for helping an enemy, and telling him to finish Bass off. King refuses, and then Dr. Wily uses a device to increase his “brainwashing” (and supposedly enhancing King’s power in the process). King’s armor then changes from gold to a violet coloring, and then he breaks through the wall and enters the next room. Bass follows him, only to find King fusing with the giant blue machines that he fought while he was at King’s fortress. Bass engages King in combat once more, and defeats him once again. After that, King tells Bass to get out of the castle quickly before it explodes while he’s in it. Bass, in a rare display of humanity, shows concern for King, asking about his safety. King told Bass that he would make it out of the castle somehow, but after Bass leaves. Bass quickly warps out of the castle, leaving King behind. During King’s “last” words, before he’s supposedly destroyed, he says that he and Bass could have probably been good friends. After that, the castle explodes, seemingly killing King and burying him under rubble.

    Bass using the Treble Boost adapter in Mega Man & Bass.
    After his victory over King, Bass decides to go to Dr. Wily’s newly built laboratory to challenge him out of anger of being deceived and betrayed. Bass once again manages to overcome all obstacles in his path, including the newly resurrected Robot Masters, and eventually came face to face with the doctor himself. Dr. Wily then thanks Bass for getting rid of King, and then told him that he was going to put a restraining bolt on him before he goes haywire like King did. The two of them engage one another in combat, and Dr. Wily is eventually defeated, and starts bowing to Bass, pleading for mercy. Bass then holds Wily at gunpoint, demanding an explanation for creating King. According to Dr. Wily, he created King to test Bass’ abilities. He supposedly designed King with the intention of creating the most powerful robot in the world, and since Bass destroyed him, he has proven himself as the strongest. Bass scoffs at him, telling him that it was a “lame excuse”, and then Dr. Wily changes the subject by revealing his plans for a second model of King. He told Bass that if he joins King II, then the two of them will be unstoppable. Before Bass could answer, however, Proto Man arrives and destroys the plans. Angered, Dr. Wily orders Bass to destroy Proto Man, but he refuses. Proto Man then asks Bass if he would rather destroy Mega Man with his own power. After that, he decides to give Bass a lecture, saying that he will never defeat Mega Man because he has “nothing to fight for”. Bass then gets angry about it, telling Proto Man to get lost, in which he does. After that, Bass scoffs at Proto Man, saying that he doesn’t need a reason to fight, and will continue fighting to destroy Mega Man.

    Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
    RFWS Forte vs RShadow
    Bass fighting R-Shadow in Rockman and Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha.
    A group of futuristic robots calling themselves the Dimensions attacked Symphony City, a city where robots and humans lived together in peace. The one leading the Dimensions was Rockman Shadow, a robot very similar to Mega Man. Mega Man heard this news at Dr. Light’s laboratory and goes to the scene, while at the same time Wily sends Bass to see who this evil Mega Man was. Bass agrees to help Mega Man stop the robots because Wily’s laboratory was near the city.

    After Bass defeated the Grey Devil in Rockman Shadow’s robot factory, Rockman Shadow tells Bass he will reveal his true identity if he can defeat his underlings. Bass manages to defeat all the Robot Masters and Rockman Shadow reveals to him he is a robot like Quint that Wily created when he traveled to the future. Rockman Shadow then offers Bass to join him to destroy the real Mega Man, and that way he will be truly the strongest. Bass rejects the offer and says he will do things his way, first of which to destroy Rockman Shadow. The two of them engage in a “battle to the death” and Rockman Shadow is eventually defeated. Before dying, he tells Bass that after Quint’s defeat, he was the only robot left. He increased his strength, and devastated the world. As nothing was able to stop him in the future, he traveled back in time to find someone that could defeat him. He also tells Bass that seeking strength is not the way of robots, because even if Bass crushes his enemy, a superior one will always appear until he ends up dead like him. Bass admits it was a good lesson and he and Mega Man bury Rockman Shadow, before leaving Bass tells Mega Man that he will forgive his life at the time, but tells him to not forget that he (Bass) is the strongest. Bass later is shown in the game ending credits with Treble taking a nap and in the ending picture with Dr. Light’s team and Rockman Shadow.[2]

    Mega Man 9
    Bass’ blueprints shown during the ending of Mega Man 9.
    Although Bass didn’t make a physical appearance in this game, he does make a small cameo in the ending. His blueprints can be seen in the background on Dr. Wily’s computer. Supposedly, he was undergoing adjustments during the events of the game for Mega Man 10.[3]

    Mega Man 10
    Bass and Treble’s descriptions in the Wii’s manual for Mega Man 10.
    “You just never give up with your half-brained plans for world domination.”
    ―Bass, Mega Man 10
    As with Proto Man in Mega Man 9, Bass was confirmed as a playable character in Mega Man 10 unlockable through downloadable content after paying a small fee (original release) or available after unlocking the DLC content (Legacy Collection 2). According to the Mega Man 10 operations manual, he can shoot in 7 directions like he did in Mega Man & Bass.[4] Unlike the Proto Man Mode in Mega Man 9, Bass has a story in this game and a store featuring Reggae as the owner, even though there are less items in the store and the remaining items cost more. As always, he was fighting the Robot Masters to prove that he’s the strongest.

    Bass mode promo
    Sometime during his journey through Dr. Wily’s castle, Bass succumbs to the Roboenza virus and collapses to the floor. However, Treble came to his rescue by giving him one of the prototype cures that he stole from Dr. Wily, and Bass was able to recover and continue his journey through the castle. He eventually came face to face with Dr. Wily, and defeated him once again. Afterward, he mocks him for his “half-brained plans for world domination”. It was then revealed that Dr. Wily caught the flu, but Bass assumed that it was Roboenza. Dr. Wily then assures him that it isn’t Roboenza (due to the fact that it only affects robots, rather than humans). Seemingly, Bass just left Dr. Wily there to suffer. However, it was later revealed that Dr. Wily was taken to the hospital by unknown circumstances.

      • EXE is non cannon. Also there’s no such thing as someone that can solo fiction even TOAA can’t (you may not believe it but there’s millions of people that TOAA is one of the strongest characters in fiction and since I’m going with cannon statements in actual comic that THE CREATORS BELIEVE THEMSELVES them your opinion is quite weak. It’s strong though I will admit that.

      • Yes, but on the blog each incarnation is a different character so Bass EXE is quite different. That guy’s a real powerhouse.

  3. Agreed, Goku can wipe the floor with all of Marvel if he wanted to. There is nothing to prove that TOAA is the “Creator” of the Omniverse, even if he did, that doesn’t make you powerful. Not only that, but Peter Parker punched TOAA when he startled him, God wouldn’t go down that easily. Thanos also used the Astral Regulator to wipe the floor with The One Above All. Goku is far above both of those guys by a ton! TOAA’s got nothing on goku!

  4. How could u say such l,
    That’s absurd how could u say such
    C’mon even by his name u should no his incomparable especially with demi creatures
    He could create a mindless goku with goku’ s powers that would give the real goku a hard time or create two that would actually kill goku

  5. He doesn’t fight physically. He also only has a body when he chooses to. There is nothing for Goku to hit. TOAA can just think and Goku never existed. This is a completely unfair stomp and you need to let go of your DBZ bais and admit that.

    • That still doesn’t show how TOAA can land any hits. He can’t make Goku not exist because the fact that Goku already exists overrides that. No matter how you slice it, Goku has the edge here

      • Yay, I just found an example of TOAA attacking physically. So what happened was the embodiment of death, known as Death, obviously, went insane and began wiping out entire universes. Death, being a semi-omnipotent being, didn’t think that anyone could stop her. TOAA sees the omniverse begin to go out of balance due to this, and steps in. Now, before I can tell you what happened, let me give you some facts. Our solar system is called a galaxy. When you look up at the stars at night, that is the universe, aka all of the galaxies combined. In the marvel universe, when you reach the edge of the universe, there is a being called the Living Tribunal, who’s job is to decide whether or not you can cross. So, every universe combined is called a multiverse, and every multiverse ever emagined by anyone is called the omniverse. TOAA is the king of the omniverse. Goku’s little dragon ball universe is an ant compared to TOAA. Just picture this please: TOAA is standing in the eternal void next to the omniverse, which looks like a crystal ball or something. Goku is LITERALLY SMALLER THAN AN ATOM to him. Goku can fly faster than the speed if light. Thats great. It would still take him billions of years to reach the eternal void to fight TOAA. So, back to the story. TOAA descides to step in. He pulls death out to the eternal void and throws on punch and hits her so hard, that it freaking erases her lifestamp from history. Keep in mind that Death was a semi-omnipotent being that had been around since the dawn of time. Goku is an ant, TOAA is a boot with infinite foot size. GG.

        (p.s. If you skipped to the bottom please read the whole thing this took forever to write. Also, if you somehow still think that Goku would win, can you please tell me why? All you have done is tell everyone why TOAA wouldn’t win, not how Goku would win.)

      • Right, this is a cool story but I’m going to need some comic pictures and proof of it happening though. Sounds a bit suspect. As for why Goku wins, I’ve been saying it from the start. He’s faster and stronger than One Above All. A single punch would break the guy

      • Ok, you say a single punch would break him, (Not even close btw he’s immortal) but there isnt anything for him to hit. And even if he took a physical form, it wouldn’t matter. Some people say that Goku is a multiverse buster. Ok then. Compared to the sheer size of TOAA, the most Goku could do is maybe destroy a single skin cell. Another thing, TOAA has plot armor, due to the fact that he is the avatar of Stan Lee himself. So therefore, I have two conclusions. Goku only wins if the writer decides to nerf TOAA, and also if you still say that Goku wins without TOAA’s consent, thats just disrespectfull to Stan himself.

      • Plot armor just isn’t enough to help here. When you think about it, all that does is stall a fight at best. We still haven’t seen any true durability feats for the One Above All so until then we have to assume that his durability is 0

      • BRUH GOKU STANDS NO CHANCE AGAINST TOAA WHY YOU MAY ASK? well TOAA is the god of the marvel universe he created everything and and erase anything its just common sense goku is around universal at most TOAA created the entire omniverse (multiple universes more than 12 like DBZ) and TOAA can just say i dont want that universe anymore think of it and boom its gone and he can make goku not exist because he is god but for marvel so your basically saying goku can beat god our god not a fictional comic god OUR god lmao do your research.

  6. So are you saying that before anyone fought Zeno we should have just assumed that his duribility was 0? That just makes no sense. TOAA is a freaking god. Goku is not. Even when he goes super sayain god, the term means something much different in Dragon Ball than it does in Marvel. In Dragon Ball, gods can be fought and defeated. In Marvel, gods are omnipotent and all powerfull, with TOAA being the greatest among them. TOAA is as fast, as strong, and as durable at he wants to be. He could wipe out the entire Dragon Ball multiverse with a sneeze. I love Goku and I’m a huge Dragon Ball fan, but TOAA is just fiftey leagues above anyone in Dragon Ball.

  7. There are also plenty of lesser gods who would stomp Goku. Beyonder would pull his atoms apart, Living Tribunal would possess all of the life in the universe to come down on Goku. Death would just pull out Goku’s lifeforce. And finally, Thor would stomp all over Goku. He is more durable than Goku and more versatile. Mjolnir would absorb all of Goku’s energy attacks and redistribute them back at Goku. Odin, Phoenix Force, Cytterak, The One Below All, all of these people would curbstomp Goku. And TOAA created and is king over them all. Being the one who created them, you have to assume that TOAA is stronger than them all.

    • TOAA is weaker than his creations the same way that Dr Gero is weaker than androids 17 and 18. Goku’s too fast for the Beyonder, LT, or Death. Thor is strong but Goku is stronger still as well as having more speed and energy abilities to work with. That’s why he won’t lose here.

      • the truth is that you just prove how ridiculous are anyone who says that goku can beat a omnipotent being is not only dum-dum meaning stupid but quite insane at the same time.

      • ok who wins jesus chirst or goku? stan lee created marvel and he said toaa is the creator of everything believing u wont be wiped out of existence wont do nothing against god like TOAA is immortalhas infinite strength speed and durability he aint weaker than his creations dbz is a whole diff universe and the power of the people who made the things are wayyyy different

      • Goku can only fight fictional characters though, real ones are in a different ballgame.

        For TOAA, He would need to prove himself. At the moment he’s really just a guy who can create things but he can’t actually fight. Without any real strength feat he really is just weaker than his creations

  8. by reading your comments Dreager i observe that you are just ridiculous toaa is not a weak old man like you think he is the avatar of the all the authors that have work in the marvel comics which means that he is omnipotent, everybody knows that TOAA will beat Goku NO question asked no no ifs or buts and nothing can change it.

  9. You are really annoying. The One Above All is stated multiple times to be Omnipotent and the God of Marvel. Yet you ignore that because it would make your favorite character lose.

  10. This is ridiculously dumb. I can’t believe I have to combat these stupid arguments.

    The Living Tribunal would blink all of Dragon Ball. Everyone that does character vs character battles know that. If you go to threads of Living Tribunal vs a dragon Ball character the thread is either locked for mismatch or the person is called out for being dumb.

    It’s common knowledge at this point and you are a troll.

    • Yeah I’ve seen how those debates always go in favor of the cosmic beings but it’s because people always buy into the hype right away. Trust me, LT wouldn’t be able to do much of anything against Goku. Goku’s just way too powerful and at a whole other level at this point. A single punch would end this

      • It’s not hype. People use common sense and actual feats. They also don’t blow the feats out of proportion.

        Using common sense and feats conclude s that the Living Tribunal blinks Goku from existence. The people that say otherwise don’t use common sense and actual feats and do mental gymnastics. You are a perfect example of that person.

      • It is hype though, the people doing the gymnastics are the ones trying to say that One Above All is so powerful when he hasn’t done a thing. Come back to me when he’s actually knocked someone out

  11. You are the most impressive troll I have ever seen to make all these people riled up like this. I’m literally impressed at the level of trolling.

      • Everyone can do nothing like Luigi!
        Hell, I could do absolutely nothing and I’d still beat Goku’s butt! And you can too! And so can TOAA!

      • You have to believe!
        Believe in the me that in believes in the you that can one shot Goku! By this logic, of course you, me, and TOAA can whoop his butt!

        Hell we’ll take turns doing it! You go first.

      • Gurren Lagann was definitely classic. I thought the show really picked up in the second half so I can definitely see why it got so big

  12. I swear that I’m getting dumber as I read the arguments for Goku. The argument that Goku would end it in one hit is complete BS. THERE”S NOTHING TO HIT. TOAA IS AN OMNIPOTENT BEING AND THE AVATAR OF STAN LEE HIMSELF. HE COULD BE IN A DIFFERENT MULTIVERSE AND JUST THINK GOKU OUT OF EXISTENCE. I’ve read all the manga and watched all of the Dragon Ball anime. I have also read most of the marvel comics (there’s thousands give me a break). Therefore, you know that I am not biased in any way. Sadly though, TOAA is just on a completely different level than Goku could ever hope to accomplish. Goku’s current power level is 4.8 quadrillion. TOAA’s, being the avatar of the writer, is whatever the writer wants it to be, therefore infinite. Y’all need to let go of bias and be honest with yourself.

    • The arguments for Goku are simple though. The guy’s a real fighter who can punch out anyone’s lights. What can the One Above All really hope to do against such a power hitter? Way I see it he would get absolutely stomped by the Saiyan

  13. If it’s such a stomp, then why did you even make this thread? I think that what really happened was you chose the strongest character in comic book history just so you could say that he would lose to Goku.

    • Also btw, I saw that you said up above that TOAA can’t create anything stronger than himself. We have also stated that TOAA is the creater of the Marvel universe. You have also said that Thanos is stronger than TOAA. TOAA created Thanos. So are you wrong about Thanos being stronger? Or are you wrong about TOAA not being able to create being stronger than himself?

      • TOAA claims a lot of hype but we haven’t actually seen him do anything. I need to see him throw a punch or kick Thanos to the Moon to prove that he’s actually got what it takes. If he does any of that then I will absolutely give him more props on the site. The problem is until that happens the guy just doesn’t seem like he has any true combat abilities

    • It was to show people the light that One Above All just isn’t very powerful. I would argue that Goku could beat all the DC and Marvel characters teaming up rather quickly but that’s another story. One Above All just hasn’t shown us any real feats

      • well, for one, he beat Thanos, as stated above. He didn’t even NEED to hit him to win, he just did. Not all battles are physical. You keep saying that erasure doesn’t work in a fight, but then explain to me how he beat Thanos with it?

  14. All of the Marvel universe by itself is rediculous. Both DC and Marvel combined just shows that you are completely biased. Here are some stupidly powerfull characters that would crush Goku.
    Thought Robot/Cosmic Armor Superman:
    -The Thought Robot is a 4-D Superman woken up in a body of pure thought. He is powered by symmetry, memories, duality, probabilities, and possibilities. A doomsday machine engineered by the Monitors to defend against the ultimate evil. Capable of adapting instantly to counter any future threat. A sentinel-suit designed for a single purpose, to protect all existence against the ultimate enemy. A plot device.
    – Lifts a book with an infinite number of pages, the whole of existence in it, all occupying the same space and containing every book possible. In other words, the multiverse is the book and the story within the book. Notably, the book reveals an origin story of Monitor Mind The Over-Void, also known as Primal Monitor/Overmonitor, which:
    is bigger than universes.
    Has the entire DC multiverse (52 universes) growing inside it.
    – His mere awakening trembles the whole continuum.
    Holds Limbo on the tip of his finger.
    Exists outside of the multiverse.
    Stands above the shattered multiverse.
    – Defeats Dax Novu, a being who:
    Was multiversal and the greatest threat to the entire DC multiverse.
    Was feeding on the multiverse, story/plot itself, the very concept of existence.
    Has the power of 52 universes (as shown in the scan above).
    Held the multiverse (52 universes) in a tube in his hand.
    Shatters the tube containing the multiverse, just by his mere arrival (as shown in the scan above).
    Managed to crawl back from being trapped in the void.
    Comes from a race of beings who live outside the multiverse and view the DC multiverse as a “Germ”.
    – Holds 52 universes in his hand.
    – He can actually feel the narrative progressing around him.
    Can hear the reader’s breathing. Can feel the reader grabbing the pages of the comic. (Note: The original comic was in 3-D, so he’s actually trying to touch the reader).
    Can perceive Limbo from the outside, due to his nature of existing on a higher plane than the rest of the multiverse.
    Can hear a single heartbeat of Lois Lane, universes away.
    Can perceive the true nature of the Monitors.
    Can hear Mandrakk screaming even as he no longer exists to scream.
    Can withstand eyeblasts from Mandrakk.
    His own eyeblasts can blast through Mandrakk.
    Strikes Mandrakk with enough force to create a light visible from miles away, and crumble the very universe upon which they stand.
    His greatest ability, however, is the fact that he embodies the Superman archetype itself. He’s literally as strong as he needs to be, because he’s Superman, and he has to save the day.
    Oh yeah, and that’s just one guy. You can’t run a legitimate debate website if you are biased towards characters. What’s next? Goku vs freaking Azathoth? I would honestly lose all respect for you if you said that Goku would stand even an infinitly small chance in that fight.

  15. I’m not going to even continue arguing about characters that you think are all hype. You are simply to stupid and biased to even present a logical argument about that. So instead, here’s a list of other characters who would wreck Goku.
    – Hulk
    – Saitama
    – Phoenix
    – Juggernaut
    – Thor
    – Superman
    – Mr. Mxyzptlk
    – Lucifer Morningstar
    – Franklin Richards
    – Beyonder
    – Dr. Strange
    – Dr. Fate
    – The Flash
    – Thanos
    – Darksied
    – The One Below All
    – Gambit

    Please feel free to debate any of these

    • Look, Goku could beat all of these guys extremely fast. Hulk isn’t fast enough to even try to hit Goku and Superman’s just a weaker character in every way. None of those guys would even stand a ghost of a chance against Goku and keep in mind that I’m not even counting Super Saiyan mode yet

      • The one above all is actually Stan lee which is the creator of the comic so if Goku and him got into a fight he could just make a panel or a scene were his hits have no effect and then punch him out of existence
        Goku didn’t even stand a chance against a gag character and we all know creators make gag characters

        One above all


        Semore and

        Darkseid all wreck Goku

  16. You didn’t debate anyone specific, so I will choose Hulk. Hulk doesn’t need to be fast enough to hit Goku. That’s not the way Goku fights. Goku likes to get into close quarters with his opponents. Also, another fatal flaw is that Goku let’s his opponents get to their absolute strongest form before actually trying to end the fight. Therefore, Goku is fighting cosmic immortal Hulk, who is empowered by The One Below All. Cosmic Immortal Hulk can move at 10x the speed of light and he punched a hole in a dimension. He’s also invincible and immortal, hence the name. Wanna debate any other of these characters?

    • Okay, to counter Hulk is that Goku wins this one pretty easy. As mentioned, Hulk isn’t fast enough to hit Goku. It doesn’t matter if they’re battling in close quarters combat or from afar, Hulk just won’t be able to do much of anything here. Goku’s a master martial artist so Hulk would just get countered over and over again. As for Hulk going to his cosmic form, that won’t be enough against Goku and his Super Saiyan god mode. Hulk will still be way too slow to keep up with Goku and a Kamehameha will take care of things.

      Sure, who’s the next one for Goku to stomp?

  17. Quick rebuttle first. As I said, Hulk doesn’t need to be fast to hit Goku, as Goku comes right up to his oppenents. Also, I noticed that you failed to address the fact that Hulk in his strongest form can move at ten times the speed of light. Also, unless I’m mistaken, Goku takes about three seconds to charge and fire the kamehameha blast, which is three seconds that Hulk will not give him. Also, the kamehameha wave will only serve as a method of pissing Hulk off, and even if it did do anything, Hulk has a healing factor that is faster than Deadpool. Also, you have to understand the way the Dragon Ball fighters fight. They stand their and let their opponent throw their biggest shot at them, and more or less trade blows until one of them dies. Whenever Goku uses the kamehameha wave, his opponent just stands there like an idiot and lets him do in. Thats not Hulks fighting style. Hulk charges at his opponent and beats the living hell out of them and never lets up or gives his opponent any time to think. The only way that Goku could not lose this fight is to run away.

    • Goku does go up to his opponents but isn’t opposed to landing a good sucker punch or two. The guy did Recoome and Nappa like that way back when. Hulk wouldn’t be able to keep up with the hand to hand so he’d try to throw counter moves but each one would get promptly shut down by Goku. As for Hulk’s FTL stuff, he can move that fast but that doesn’t always translate well to combat speed. We know Goku can move at incredible speeds, but Hulk? I’d definitely have some big doubts on that while trying to land hits

  18. He uses his speed usually in a body slam or speed blitz. He can’t throw a thousand punches in a second like Goku can, but he can throw ten in a second that are ten times harder than Goku’s. he can also take more punishment than Goku, as Goku doesn’t have a healing factor

      • Bruh TOAA is beyond mere power levels or battle. He is the living representation of the writers of the story, he can literally do ANYTHING. You’re essentially pitting up Goku against Akira Toriyama (writer of Dragon Ball) and saying he would win. He can’t he can’t beat the writer. The writer will just do whatever they want with him.

        It’s like this, to TOAA, Goku is what he is to us: a fictional character. You cannot be killed by a fictional character, it’s just not possible,

      • That’s TOAA’s problem though, at the end he is still a fictional character so his power level would be that of a normal human. Goku can bust entire cities with a single Ultra Instinct kamehameha. There would be no way for TOAA to dodge that

      • The one above all represents the writers of the story, he can do ANYTHING. You’re essentially pitting up Goku against Akira Toriyama (creator of Dragon Ball) and saying he would win. He can’t. He can’t kill, or stand up to the very person that is writing him, they’ll just do whatever they want with him.

        Goku is to TOAA what he is to us: a fictional character. You or I cannot be killed by a fictional character, it’s just not possible. The same goes for TOAA, he can just say “Goku is dead and never gets revived”, and he’s dead. In fact, he could even have goku kill himself, or just end the franchise, or ANYTHING. There is literally no way Goku can possibly win.

      • Put it this way, One Above All can never surpass his own hype. As a result he’s never actually done anything noteworthy. At the end of the day he’s also a fictional character, the only difference is that he also can’t fight

      • Bruh if you wanna play like that, then since Goku is also fictional, he’s no more than human tier either.

      • Fine, show me a scan of someone firing an energy blast and TOAA being able to nullify it with his defensive arts. Goku can always just punch him instead

      • Well, we’ve seen TOAA literally being the incarnation of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the writers. He’s beyond feats because he luves in reality, and is speaking through one of his own fictional simulations.

      • And, using your own logic against you, since TOAA is omnipotent but you said “in the end, he’s fictional”, yes, Goku has blown up cities, yes, but those were foctional cities, they were never real, making it, apparently, not a anctual feat.

      • alright, you want a feat? how about writing the universe? Everything Goku has done would just be something TOAA thought up oin his spare time. Goku literally cannot make a single decision without TOAA’s consent. Goku doesn’t even have free will in this situation. His power, his personality, everything is just something TOAA made up.

      • Creation isn’t a combat ability though. Also, TOAA had nothing to do with Goku’s creation since he’s from Marvel. Far as I’m concerned TOAA wouldn’t be able to do anything to Goku.

        It’s like how I have power over my sneakers and can put them in a box or toss them but I wouldn’t be able to control shoes in the shoe store

      • Ok, but then by that logic Goku can’t even fight him. Goku will never meet him because he’s from the DB universe and not from Marvel. If you’re pitting them against each other, then we are moving them to the same universe, and both of their powers follow suit.

      • Your argument keeps changing, it seems to me as if you’re just trying to find a way to say Goku can win instead of actually doing a community VS battle, which TOAA is winning by votes.

        If you made this battle already believing that TOAA’s powers could not affect Goku because he’s “from another story”, then there was no point in making this post.

      • There are just so many winning arguments I can make for TOAA that it’s easy to lose count. He’s outgunned and outmatched in literally every area

      • Another issue, you seem to be saying that if someone has incredible power but no “feats”, they automatically are a weakling, but if the very writer of the story has explicitly stated that they actually have those powers, should’nt we believe the writer? Instead of no feats, but evidence= not true,shouldn’t no feats but evidence be taken as truth until proven wrong?

      • We can’t believe the writers if it’s not something that has been shown to happen. We’ve seen writers go off the deep end at times or just have odd views on power levels. That’s why I always say, if it didn’t happen in the actual media then we can’t consider it. It has to be on screen evidence/feats

      • For example, if the writer of the story says “Goku can easily blow up a planet”, I would assume that Goku could easily blow up a planet, not the exact opposite.

      • So would you agree with the statement
        Saiyan Saga Piccolo > MUI Goku?
        Piccolo blew up the moon, and Goku’s never done anything like that.. Piccolo is way stronger than Goku, right?? NO! If you actually use this logic and agree with Saiyan Saga Piccolo > MUI Goku I don’t think anything can even change your mind.

        Also, what if (Character A) beats or is stated to be stronger than (Character B), and (Character B) has destroyed stars before. Does that mean that (Character A) could destroy a star? Would you agree with that, or stick to your guns and say that (Character A) is just a normal person?

      • Well let’s take this point by point to knock it down.

        Saiyan Saga Piccolo<<MUI Goku because current Piccolo<<Current Goku in the Tournament of Power so that's over in an instant.

        If Character A is stated to be stronger than Character B then I would just laugh and move on. I'd consider Character A to be a chump who only relies on hype to get going. Now if we see a scene where Character A defeats character B, then yeah he could blow up a star

      • Ok but how do you know that current Piccolo is weaker than current Goku? That’s all just Goku hype, and no proof!

      • I appreciate that you’re up for having a civil debate, and you’re not toxic about your opinion, so I’ll do the same, but that’s pretty hypocritical logic.

        “Vegeta threatened him”. That’s just a statement, which, according to you, doesn’t count for anything.

        Vegeta threatening Piccolo and taking that as proof that Vegeta > Piccolo is the same as saying TOAA > Marvel Universe becaause they all bow to him and obey him.

      • Definitely, I don’t think debates ever need to get toxic like that.

        On its own the Vegeta scene wouldn’t be enough but when we mix that with Piccolo barely holding his own against Frost and then Vegeta crushing the guy with one hit after that, we got the proof immediately afterwards. If TOAA threatened someone like Thanos and then punched Thor out in the next page, then we would have some good proof on why he is as strong as he claims himself to be

  19. Lol, “one above all” kinda says it all tbh. Not too familiar, but looking at the wiki, apparently that character exists out of time and space and is the creator of the Marvel universe. So really doubt Goku will be able to do any damage.

      • thats like saying zeno is super week and anyone can beat him because he has only erase power means that you could just shoot or stab him before he erases you its never show that zeno is bullet proof or his skin is tough and its never seen he can erase things with his mind every time he erase something he had to move his hands to do it

      • I would say he’s fairly weak though. We have yet to see Zeno really do much of anything so at least for now we have to assume that he isn’t much of a fighter

  20. One Above All is essentially God in the Marvel universe. He would have knowledge of anything and everything Goku throws at him, if he doesn’t just split Goku atomically in an instant. Goku beating One Above All? Seriously?!?! This is laughable. Anyone who thinks Goku would beat him, you’re insane. That’s not even a contest, no match at all.

  21. One above all is god literally god and that’s about it lol He’s god He has limitless strength He cannot die well because he’s god and Like Yeah goku wouldn’t stand a goddamn chance He’s like a little ant compared to one above all

      • One above all is literally strongest character in fiction he is “the strongest character in fiction ”
        Go search it if u dont believe

  22. Goku doesn’t stand a chance against TOAA because TOAA is Stan lee and who would win, a picture or an author with an eraser.

  23. Plus TOAA has infinite power has infinite knowledge and he/she is everywhere and Goku is none of those things

  24. waiiiiit so zeno must be weaker than goku? even though zeno was the reason why goku had to save his universe? yup this guys is a joke if he thinks goku has a chance on toaa, that guy will flex nd kill him period.

      • I’ll put a series of questions, who would win goku or beerus

        Who would win goku or whis

        Who would win goku or zeno

        Answer these questions and I’ll know how knowledgeable u are and if u answer correctly I can show comparisons of the power of TOAA and the living tribunal

      • Sure, these are pretty easy.

        Goku stomps Beerus easily. He could win with SS Blue, Ultra Instinct is overkill.

        Closer, but Goku beats Whis. Ultra Instinct is strong enough to pull this off.

        This one’s the easiest match, Goku completely destroys Zeno

  25. Toaa created the universe he is the manifestion of the writers of marvel not only that his creations such as the choas king has destroyed infinite dimensions universes and 99.8 percent of the multiverse which is way more powerful than goku strongest feat which is almost destroying universe 7 so if TOAA creations can do that than he as the author of the omniverse should be able to do thing that are impossible because his creations are

    • Even if we say that TOAA is the writer himself, that just means he can write rather well but he’s still not a fighter. The guy would get rolled almost immediately when the match starts

  26. one above all is still too much for goku
    aside from cheating op characters
    mui goku comes down to instinct
    and goku has no answer for being
    banished or a load of other things
    one above all can do
    despite being a lower tier now

    toaa 5 goku 1

  27. Dude, this is actually sad because it’s fanboys like you who ruin DBZ for other anime fans. Goku has clear limits that an Omnipotent Character can exploit; he can’t breath in space, his reflexes are shit due to 1 Frieza Gun carrying a gun that’s slower than Golden Frieza nearly killing SSB, and Goku himself doesn’t even hit hard in Marvel.

    Goku shook Half of a Universe with Beerus Help, Thor and Hercules shook an entire 6D Multiverse with zero difficulty meaning they were holding back and TOAA surpasses this by having more energy and power than the entire Marvel Omniverse due to have creating it. The only way he gets hurt is if TOAA allows himself to be hurt which is funny because that’s your only reason as to why Goku wins; when Goku is vastly weaker than a 1960’s Thor who shakes Multiverses placed against a rip-off Monkey Man who cannot do anything without his friends help 🤣🤣🤣

  28. dreager1 no offense but you’re the most braindead person on the internet I swear like seriously you’re just straight up braindead and Stupid NGL like your battles are wack especially your one above all battles you basically put him against other powerful characters and you just say this person stomps one above all so it seems to me like you’re underestimating the one above all you don’t know shit about the one above all what point of omnipotent don’t you understand apparently you don’t know what that word means people are literally telling you that the man is omnipotent and you continue to be an idiot and say this person stomps him like wtf I don’t even know what to say anymore and also you definitely need to do your research bruh you literally put else against an omnipotent god and you said else can beat the one above all yeah at this point you’re just completely dumb no offense wtf is else gonna do to the one above all to defeat him? you’re literally comparing an ice princess vs a damn omnipotent god like WTF idk what to say to you anymore also Goku ain’t winning this battle one above all stomps Goku he’s literally omnipotent and can easily snap Goku out of existence also Google what the word omnipotent means before you be like x stomps one above all smh.

    • Hey, just show me some feats and I’ll be glad to consider the One Above All as a tough fighter. The problem is that he has no feats though and you know it! One Above All is doomed from the start because he is all talk and no action

  29. Your a dumb if you think goku beat toaa toaa can bend reality at his will and there are hundreds of marvel charecters weaker than toaa that clap goku and beerus combined bro

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