Tournament Smashers

Tournament Smashers Episode 43 One Above All vs Goku

The next battle has arrived!

The One Above All felt the air around him as it grew colder with the nightsky. The last thing he remembered was being utterly annihilated by Link and ceasing to exist. He hadn’t really cared because he was a cosmic being and he was not to easily destroyed. He would cease to be..and yet he was always there. He was nowhere and yet everywhere. He was….The One Above All!

Goku was looking for an opponent to battle as he flew across several cities. He had a strange feeling that he was being watched by someone…or something! “Show yourself!” Goku yelled as he transformed into a Super Saiyan! “Your mind couldn’t comprehend me,” The One Above All said as he stated the facts, pure and simple.

“DIE!” Goku yelled as he started powering up. “What power!” The One Above All yelled as he lost his composure for a sec and his energies took the form of a human. The One Above All didn’t care much for victory and defeat. He just wanted people to acknowledge that he was the strongest being in the cosmos. He had been everything and yet nothing. Before him there was only nothingness and with him there is now life. His thought process was interrupted as Goku punched him to the ground.

His delusions temporarily broken, the One Above All hit the ground hard. If he hadn’t created everything….then who was he!? He had tricked many of the earth’s population into thinking that he was literally the One Above All and that he had created everything. A lot of them had bought it, but there were always some skeptics in the crowd.

“Goku, why do you doubt the voice of one who knows?” The One Above All said as his cosmic energies started expanding as he took no real shape, but took up more space than a skyscraper. He was the air itself and nothing could stop him! “Because I’m a saiyan who was raised on earth!” Goku yelled as he started powering down.

“I’m going to defeat you at 1% POWER!!!!!” Goku yelled as he flew in the air. “What will you hit saiyan? I’m everywhere and yet nowhere!” The One Above All said as he laughed. Goku punched the air in the general direction that the One Above All’s voice came from.

“Grumpy Gravy!” The One Above All yelled as he hit the ground. “Had enough yet?” Goku said as he smirked at the One Above All. “Don’t move saiyan!” The One Above All yelled so sharply that even Goku stopped in his tracks. “With but a single gesture, I can end all life across the omniverse….so I’d watch my step!” The One Above All yelled as he struggled to his feet.

Goku appeared in front of him and knocked him out. “That guy was pretty delusional,” Goku said as he flew off. He wanted to go fight a real opponent. Someone who could actually put up a fight. Someone like….the legendary Godzilla! Meanwhile the One Above All got up.

“THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!” he yelled as his energies split apart and he faded into nothingness again. His energies were sucked up in a vaccum. “Don’t worry “One Above All”, you’re going to go fight one of my enemies for me,” a voice said as the guy carried the vaccum away. He was a short and old professor who lived in a small cottage….and he had just gotten his bait!

22 thoughts on “Tournament Smashers Episode 43 One Above All vs Goku”

  1. How bad is this? The one above all can erase existence without hesitation
    I’m sick of goku fanboys thinking g is invincible

    1. I’m a big Goku fan, but I don’t really care for the term “fanboy” or “fangirl” They seem to be a little more insulting. The One Above All is all hype and no power.

  2. This is ridiculous! And laughable at best!
    TOAA is infinitely smarter then he is portrayed here,goku can’t even do simple math
    TOAA can choose to be invincible and can will goku out of existence.
    Please tell me this is a joke story, and really, godzilla? Godzilla would be destroyed by goku and you are saying he is a match for him? But not TOAA?

    1. Nah, the story was in all seriousness, although I did make sure to add a decent amount of humor =) I agree that Goku would defeat Godzilla, but it could be a fun fight if it was handled well..and I would make sure that it is handled well! These stories were pretty fun back in the day!

  3. The story would go more like this.

    And HE turned his attention to the small being he saw flying towards him and suddenly the being was immobilised upon The One Above All’s will. “Child…”boomed a voice that echoed across the dark expanse of the cosmos, The voice was filled with age and wisdom but yet also ancient, primordial commanding power as though the being was older than the universe himself. Goku had felt this and the heroic Saiyan began trembling as his eyes widened slightly with fear. “Do not be afraid young Saiyan, I have seen your heroic exploits and know that you are pure of heart.”

    “Who are you?” asked Goku, his face visibly calming as he spoke to the voice though there appeared to be no one there. “I am called different names by many”, boomed the voice. “Some call me God, some call me the Creator but I am known by many as The One Above All.”

    Suddenly Goku found himself back on earth near Chi-Chi’s house and the same voice spoke in his head. “Go forth young Goku, finish the day and fulfill your duties.”

    Goku smiled and nodded. “Thanks man, I will.”

    (You made Goku act like f*cking Vegeta in your story and played him out of character when Goku in fact is merciful, kind and tries not to kill his enemy. Also you made TOAA sound like a gawking spectator instead of the creator he is.)

    1. What? I thought that I got his character portrayal pretty well. Goku was humble, yet firm. I had fun with TOAA’s lines to be honest, but it’s just because I care. Keep in mind that in your story, TOAA merely delayed the inevitable defeat at the hands of Goku..he didn’t actually win.

      1. No you made Goku sound like Vegeta on a really bad day. Also TOAA immobilised Goku with his will in my story. Thats how powerful he is. He willed it and it happened. The Goku in my story was a nice guy like the usual Goku not a cranky jerk like Vegeta.

      2. I’m glad that Goku was nice in yours, but he never feels fear and “All he does is Win!” That’s just the kind of guy that Goku is and he wouldn’t back down from TOAA like that. This is the Saiyan who was raised on Earth after all. He would take TOAA to school.

      3. Thats because Goku is a nice guy. He’s a pure-hearted hero who protects innocent and TOAA would count as an innocent and a good guy though TOAA is a god anyway and does not really need protection. Only jerks like Vegeta or Cell would attempt to hammer at TOAA or other innocents.

      4. It’s part of the tournament so Goku knows that he won’t fatally injure the cosmic being. He would attempt to win since Goku loves tournaments. He’s been entering them since he was a kid after all. It’s what he does best…

  4. Actually, this is how it would go:

    TOAA flew in to the Dragon Ball Multiverse, as the Supreme Being of the Omniverse. He came across Goku quickly, who flew towards him.

    “Who are you?”, Goku yelled. “The-One-Above-All!”, TOAA yelled. “I’ll kill you!”, Goku shouted. He ran towards TOAA in his Super Saiyan form, and prepared to attack.

    TOAA launched an attack that was a combination of concept manipulation and energy manipulation at Goku. The attack destroys Goku and the Dragon Ball Multiverse.

    The End

      1. Why do you always have TOAA take the form of an old man in these fights? Same thing for the Presence. Presence took on a form in which he was big enough to hold a galaxy in his hand.

      1. No. The abstract form he took has power to revive people, unlike his old man form. You seemingly like to downplay other series and characters the way Dbztards do.

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