Rocket League Stats and Records

Stats time!

Play Time 1h 32m
Level 10
Matches Played 20
Career Goals 50
Assists 6

Battle of Giant Dragons Review

It’s time to look at a game that I’ve passed by in stores on many occasions. The game has been dirty cheap practically since it first came out. The reason why I didn’t get it was because the gameplay didn’t look particularly engaging. Still, there was a lot of good games on sale and I needed an extra one for the 4 for 2 deal so I finally took the plunge. The game is about what you expect. The gameplay is actually pretty fun but the game is quite bare in terms of content. There’s not enough to keep you busy for very long and I would say that it is a weakness for the title.

The basic plot seems to be involving humans taking on dragons and such. There is a short prologue to this effect but there are no more real cutscenes after that so the story itself ends up fading away. Even when you beat the game there is absolutely no ceremony. The game just tells you to pick another dragon and beat the game again. Perhaps after beating the game with the main 4 dragons you would get some kind of extra ending or something but that shouldn’t really be necessary if you ask me. You deserve at least a normal ending for clearing the game.

It’s a pretty short game so you should have it completed within a few hours easy. There are 4 worlds and each one has 3 levels. The objective in each level is to collect 2 gems. 1 gem is obtained by beating a dragon located somewhere on the map with a dragon head symbol. The other one is achieved by defeating a dragon that can only be fought after completing a lot of different objectives. Usually this includes tasks like melting a bunch of gem stones, and navigating a maze. Once you have obtained both gems you tap on a device that gets you out of the level. These levels can be pretty quick as long as you don’t bump into any random dragons by mistake. They all trigger fights that are exactly the same as the boss fights. They’re extremely easy but it will take more time.

The gameplay style is a turn based combat style to an extent but it’s all based on speed. You tap on one of the squares to choose which attack you want to use and then flick forward. You can also block and dodge. After you attack you are given the option to absorb some energy from the opponent to power up your next move or use a quick super attack. Personally I usually just pick to absorb an attack once so you can use your final smash on the second round. Then absorb two more turns and another final smash on the third round is guaranteed to beat the opponent. I naturally chose the fire dragon and went on a rampage with his powerful attacks. The fire dragon seems to be the best one in my opinion since all his attacks boost his attack power even further so the odds of you not taking down your opponent in a few turns is slim at best.

The gameplay isn’t particularly balanced though. You never need to actually block or dodge. Just keep swiping up and the opponent will never be able to attack before you do. Even if they block it just delays the inevitable since they can’t counter attack. I assume this wouldn’t work quite so well in a multiplayer match or something like that but 1 on 1 it’s quite easy to take the win. The game is extremely easy as a result with no real challenge to be had. You’ll dominate the game without any real effort. That’s also part of why the game is so short I suppose. If you never lose then it’s like you’re playing the game full steam ahead.

In terms of graphics they aren’t bad but you can see how the game is pretty lazy. Almost all of the dragons are re-used assets. The lord of the first world has the same exact design as all of the minions you fought earlier after all. That’s just sloppy and it makes the boss feel a whole lot less special since he could be just about anyone. The game had a little fun with some random side bosses at least which was fun. One such boss was a cop car that came out of nowhere and another was a drum set. You don’t have to fight these guys but they’re super weak so you might as well. The game should have embraced this part a little more and it would have made the game a lot more memorable.

Overall, Battle of Giant Dragons is a pretty forgettable game. It’s incredibly short and the gameplay is 1 dimensional. These two things could have been forgiven if the story was really good, but that’s not the case either. When you’ve got nothing going for you other than a fairly enjoyable gameplay style it’s going to heavily limit your potential. The game is still fun enough for what it is I suppose and it’s cheap which means you can get a good value here. Gameplay is the most important factor so I’d still put this one in the green in the end, but just barely. I don’t really see myself seeking out the other games in this franchise but I suppose if I happen to be in store you never know. I may pick up a game like this at some point. If you want a good game with big enemies to topple though, I recommend checking out Budokai Tenkaichi 3 instead.

Overall 6/10

Dinosaur King Review

Dinosaur King is one of those anime that everyone knows about but many have not actually seen it. I read the manga but hadn’t seen the show until recently so I was guilty of that as well. It’s a pretty fun show that delivers with the Dinosaur action. It’s about what you would expect as a backup Pokémon show but it gets the job done. The dub even plays up this aspect by having a bunch of Pokémon voice actors play similar characters. Dinosaur King is pretty long so that gives the show time to have a lot of fights and the main characters develop past being archetypes.

The show picks up with three friends looking through a bunch of ruins in their backyard. Their names are Max, Rex, and Sal. They manage to find three pieces of the legendary Dinosaur rock which allows each of them to summon a personal Dinosaur from a card. Max’s Dad quickly realizes that they will have to liberate all of the Dinosaurs from their cards which are in the hands of the future Dinosaur King. If the heroes can snag back all of their the cards (About 50) then they will be all set and ready for action. It won’t be easy though as the villain group of 3 each have their own dinosaurs including a T Rex and a Spinosaurus. Be careful out there kids!

The first arc mainly deals with capturing all of the Dinosaurs. Since they get around 1 an episode it is easy to see how this ight last a whole season. The next one begins with a bang as aliens show up from out of nowhere and kidnap Rex’s parents. Max and the gang have to travel across time and space in order to rescue them while also stopping the pirates from altering the course of history to their own benefit. It’ll be tough since they don’t know where they are even going but at least now they will be able to meet up with a lot of iconic legends from History.

I definitely preferred the first arc and that’s mainly because the villains were better but also because modern day Earth is just a better back drop than the past. If the heroes had gone to the future then of course that would be quite different but the past just isn’t all that interesting. Meeting up with all kinds of famous people does have some novelty, but it doesn’t last long. The only thing that arc 2 has over arc 1 is that I dare say the fights were probably a bit better. I did like all of the armor transformations each side got even if it did mean that we had a lot more recycled animation. The energy sword that we got in Rome was also a blast.

On the other hand, Arc 1 didn’t have Spectre which is already a positive. He’s just not all that funny while the Alpha Gang’s humor isn’t bad. Naturally one thing to keep in mind here is that this series is an action adventure but it’s a very light hearted one filled with a bunch of humor and laughs. That means that how much you enjoy the show will really depend on how funny you find it to be. It’s not like it’s going to be laugh out loud funny or anything but I think the whole thing works out well enough where it’s not annoying or anything like that. The writing is pretty solid.

The writers even got the tiers right as the T Rex beats the Spinosaurus in a fair fight despite the latter being a water type while the T Rex uses fire. In fact, Terry (The T Rex) consistently looks amazing in the show and gets a whole lot of respect. I could definitely appreciate that. Unfortunately the Spinosaurus in general doesn’t look amazing here, but I suppose he at least got to appear quite often which is a solid consolation prize if you ask me.

Max is the main character and he is definitely a fun lead. While he isn’t always the smartest of the bunch he is certainly the most heroic. He is always ready to stop the villains in their tracks at any cost. It helps that Max is the strongest of the 3 and tends to take in the leadership role. He was definitely my favorite character from the trio. There’s nothing really to dislike about the guy as he always does his best to do what’s right and save the world. At most he is rather generic.

Max also has one of the best dinosaurs in Chomp. Chomp is a thunder type Dinosaur who isn’t very quick but makes up for that with a lot of raw power backing up each attack. Chomp won’t go down 1 on 1 very often and always pulls his weight. I dare say that he is the best main dinosaur in the show aside from Terry the hype T Rex. Chomp also gets many different power ups which keep him near the top at all times.

Then we have Rex who serves as the brains of the group. He’s more about making the logical decisions and not running into battle which naturally means that I would like Max a lot more. Rex isn’t a bad character either though, but does tend to make some questionable decisions. Deciding to go back to the future with his parents instead of staying in the present is one that I had a hard time buying into. He grew up in the present ever since he was a baby, I don’t see how he would be able to even have any fun being in the future. It’s great to go with family of course, but he doesn’t actually even know his parents.

I also feel bad for Rex because his dinosaur isn’t all that great. For starters…he’s afraid of the water. That’s a huge weakness since water can be found just about anywhere and the dinosaur doesn’t really get over it until the very end of the series. That’s too little too late. Also, I’ll always take a thunder type Dinosaur over a water one but I guess that’s more up to personal preference.

The third member of the group is Zoe and she can be handy, but does tend to get knocked out of the fights quite often. either she ends up tripping or her dinosaur gets one shotted. She got some pretty bad luck when choosing the dinosaurs because hers is a healer as opposed to being a fighter. Fortunately to try and make up for this Zoe does get quite a few assist dinosaurs which lend their strength in the battles. They actually tend to be some of the strongest dinosaurs in the series so maybe it does end up being a fair trade off.

There’s not much more to say about her dinosaur beyond that. He (or She) just doesn’t tend to be very useful during any of the fights. Even if Zoe has other dinosaurs that she throws in to help out when things get tough, that doesn’t really help the Dino’s case of being a good character. You’ve gotta be able to fight when you’re a huge dinosaur like that. Just body slamming opponents should be rather helpful as well.

Spike is Max’s Dad and he gets a reasonably important role during the series. He serves as one of the many forms of comic relief in this show but pulls it off way better than the other characters. You actually feel bad for him from time to time since the guy really wants his own dinosaur but everyone always tells him no. He never even gets to have his own fight even at the end of the series but improvises by carrying around a whip. It’s rarely useful as you can probably guess, but it gets the job done.

Dr. Z is the main villain of the first arc and while the guy is a genius you still aren’t supposed to take him too seriously. He tends to break down in tears or his back literally breaks so then his minions have to try and help support him. It can be rather tragic for the guy. Then you’ve got the traitors running around and Z doesn’t have anyone that he can really rely on. You would feel more bad for him, but based on the flashbacks that we see the guy isn’t all that nice most of the time so maybe he’s getting what he deserves in that regard.

Ursula is one of the main Team Rocket members and you could basically call her the leader of the group. She always tends to take charge after all and does have the strongest dinosaur as well. Ursula does also happen to be the most likable member of the group. She has more of a heart than the other 2 as she was willing to spare one of the dinosaurs once after it had helped her out while the other 2 still wanted the money. If there is any member that could possibly turn into a hero one day it would certainly be her.

Zander is often busy trying to get someone’s attention in this series so he definitely didn’t have a chance at beating Ursula. I do admit that his song is actually rather catchy despite being a comic relief romance song. There’s nothing much to really like about the guy though. He works decently well for jokes but beyond that he doesn’t have as much character as Ursula and you can see why he’s the second in command. He’s better than Ed though. That guy easily got the smallest role out of the main 3 and never got a subplot to himself. He was really just around to have to have at least one guy who likes to eat and to make the team a trio. Beyond that he didn’t really have any purpose in the story.

Rod and Laura are two kids who are also part of the Alpha Gang but you can think of them as the junior members of the group. Of course the irony is that they are way better at Dino fighting than the main 3 to the point where they actually gave Max a few good fights during their short lived period where they were the Alpha Gang’s main fighters. They get a big character arc as well and given that they are kids it’s not as if they were ever totally evil or anything like that. They were definitely on the wrong side, but at least they end up seeing the light. They weren’t all that bad, maybe just a bit on the annoying side.

Seth is probably the only big villain to actually be very serious the whole time. He is never used for comic relief which actually isn’t something that I can say for just about any of the other villains. He knows how to manipulate basically every character who is a part of the main cast. His acting skills are evidently top notch and nobody is ever able to stay one step ahead of him. His final appearance is a little cheesy, but aside from that it was always a blast to see him appear. He’s easily the best villain in the series and besides Max he is probably the best character as well. Throwing him into the show was certainly a good idea.

Helga is the maid who works for the villains and she is always fun. She likes to boss around the rest of the villains and they always have a look of terror come upon their faces when she appears. The lady certainly demands respect and boy does she get it! The characters know better than to mess with her and that is certainly how it should be. The fact that we later find out how she has actual super powers is pretty key as well. It adds a little legitimacy to the whole plot. It’s just a shame that she still manages to lose quite a bit when Seth shows up.

Spectre is the main villain of the second arc and he’s a big down grade from Dr. Z. He is probably the worst villain in the series actually so that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This guy is comic relief and his main dinosaur isn’t even as powerful as the one Seth had from Arc 1, at least I think Seth’s was stronger. Spectre loves singing and trolling which can be good if handled right, but it certainly wasn’t in this case. He brought down Arc 2 quite a bit.

Gavro is the big and strong member of the Spectral Pirates. He’s basically the Ed of the group but of course the big difference is that he is actually pretty strong. It’s one thing you have to respect about the pirates in general. Whether you like these guys or not, at least they are actual threats to the heroes since their dinosaurs are so powerful. Gavro looked his best during his initial appearance. After that he was still strong but they played up his unintelligent side a little more which definitely didn’t help his case.

Then we have Foolscap whose most memorable trait is his whiny voice. It’s a memorable voice so I’ll definitely give him some credit there but beyond that he’s basically also just around for comic relief. Being able to fly would have earned him extra credit but since the other two pirates can do that as well it sort of loses that special value it once had.

Finally we have Sheer who is a step up from the other 2 and is basically a mirror version of Ursula. It would have been a pretty cool plot twist if she had lost her memories permanently and stayed with the ninja squad, but that was never a real possibility. She is a little more serious than the other 2 members though and is an opponent that the heroes don’t really look forward to going up against.

The animation is pretty good. The character designs are solid and so are the backgrounds. Unfortunately the Dinosaurs are in complete CG animation which as you may expect means that they are very stiff and look a little odd next to everyone else. It’s unfortunate but it’s not as if it looks terrible. It’s just a step down from the rest of the show’s visuals and does limit just how good the show can look. The series also uses a massive amount of recycled footage since it incorporates summons for all of the characters, the same card draw animation, the same attacks, the same armor, etc. a good chunk of every fight is the recycled animation.

The soundtrack is pretty decent. There aren’t any hype themes or anything like that but what we do get fits pretty well for the show. Ironically the parody beat that plays whenever Xander takes out his violin is easily the most memorable tune and I dare say that it is the best one as well.

Overall, Dinosaur King is a fun show. It may not try to be all that unique in the long run, but it accomplishes it’s goal of being a quality dinosaur battle anime. It was nice to finally see the T Rex and Spinosaurus have a rematch. I can’t imagine that it was a coincidence either. The characters are fun and the episodes will keep you entertained. The second arc is g quite as good as the first one but it’s not bad either. I did like the power ups that we got as a result of that and bringing in combo attacks was a good idea as well.

Overall 7/10

Tournament Smashers Episode 57 Daredevil vs Phoenix Wright

The 57th episode is now up after a long break!

Matt Murdock took a gulp from his glass of water and silently set it down on the table in front of him. He had taken up this case along with his partner/rival, Foggy Nelson. Foggy had warned Matt that this was a bad idea because the prosecutor was none other than the famous Phoenix Wright. Phoenix Wright had allegedly only lost a single case in his 20+ years of practicing and that was to a shifty foe who went by the name of Charles Xavier. The whole case was enshrouded in mystery and citizens suspected foul play due to Xavier’s ties to the mutants. Matt shook his head. Now was not the time to think about such matters. Wright was good, but Matt knew that he was better! Murdock’s record was fairly impressive as well. He had won a good 70% of his cases, which may sound small, but he won them in Hell’s Kitchen. Matt figured that if he could win cases in the most crooked area of New York City, he could win a case anywhere. This case took place in ABC city and nobody appeared to be bought off. “Will the defendent make their opening remarks now?” the judge commanded from the podium. “Looks like I’m up,” Matt thought as he grabbed his cane and slowly rose.

Phoenix Wright eyed Matt Murdock with an expression of confidence. Wright knew that Matt would lose the case because nobody could hope to overcome Wright’s wall of objections. Wright had studied the case through and through. Matt was defending a guy who went by the name of Reginald Kastle. The charge was that of theft. It was a fairly light act and the kid was a minor so he would likely just get a slap on the wrist so to speak. Matt’s case would likely be that Shark was forced into doing so by the pressure of the situation, but Wright was prepared for every contingency.

“Your honor,” Matt said with a voice that was as crisp as one of Ihop’s traditionally overcooked pancakes. “I move that my client is innocent of all wrong doings as Syrus Truesdale, the kid whose deck was stolen from, has no proof that Kastle took his card beyond the fact that it was found in Kastle’s pocket. This is circumstancial evidence an-,” Matt had been about to finish his sentence, but the resounding roar of Wright’s catchphrase took him by surprise.

“OBJECTION!” Phoenix Wright yelled as he slammed his desk with his full might. He jumped to his feat and pointed his finer at Matt Murdock. In truth, Wright didn’t need to be so theatrical, but it never ceased to amuse him and having fun on the job is what he was all about. “There was nobody in the waiting room aside from Kastle once Syrus went to the locker to get changed. The deck had been left by the couch along with a package of Buddy Rare cards. The security footage shows that Shark walked over to the deck, but his coat obscured the lens and prevented us from seeing if he took the card in question, but there were no other suspects!” Phoenix Wright stated as he sat back down.

“Sustained,” the tired, old judge said as he yawned and lightly tapped his hammer onto the podium. “Fine,” Matt said as he took a step back. Obviously, Wright was already prepared for that trick. Matt had only been using it to buy some time anyway. Thanks to the chemicals that hit him in the eyes and morphed his body into a lethal weapon to hurl at villains, Matt could also tell if someone was lying or not. He knew that Kastle hadn’t stolen the card so he needed to win this round. Letting an innocent person obtain a criminal record was not on Matt’s to do list after all! “I’m blind,” Matt said for the shock value. “I know things that most do not and I talked to all of Kastle’s friends while they were still on Earth and not in another galaxy. They vouch for him,” Matt said as his voice began to waver. Wright hadn’t even bothered to object since the testimony of allies would not fare well in court. “I move that we delay the proceedings until I can gather more data,” Matt said as he pretended to drop his staff. While bending over to pick it up, Matt scanned the room with his “super sight” and noticed that one person was breathing quickly and on the verge of tears. “No,” the judge stated in replay to Matt’s request. “Fine, but then I wish to call to the podium, Luke Benson,” Matt said as he got up. The NFL draft’s theme played as Benson went up to the stage and said the oath. “Benson, don’t lie….you put some glue on the outside of Kastle’s shirt, which made a card stick to it and then pretended to bump into him in the hallway so you could put the card in his deck before the match didn’t you,” Matt said with a commanding voice. While the leap in logic may have sounded big enough to fit a few wars in the crevice, Matt had found out this data through his means as the illegal vigilante known as Daredevil.

“Objection!” Wright yelled as he stood up. “Murdock is intimidating the witness and planting ideas into the heads of the jury,” Wright stated as he pointed his finger at Matt. “Benson’s also clearly not a reliable witness” Wright said while pointing at Benson’s large bags under his eyes. With a drunken face and his tired appearance, Benson looked like he could use some sleep. “Shut up Wright! I’m not the bad guy and I’m doing nothing of the sort,” Matt said as he glared at Wright. “Benson’s lack of sleep will not be an issue in his attempt to remember the truth” Matt replied. Wright’s eyes narrowed. For years he had suspected that Matt was not actually blind. How could he tell that Wright was talking about his lack of sleep and not the fact that Benson was drunk unless he could actually see Wright’s hand. “Can we reasonably assume that such an act happened with no actual proof to back it up?” Wright rhetorically asked the Jury.

“Enough!” The Judge yelled as he slammed his hammer a few more times. “Matt…get on with it. This is not a criminal case and it is merely a mild issue of whether Kastle stole the card or not in order to win the competition,” The Judge explained. “Unless you can prove otherwise, Kastle will have to do some volunteer work for the next few months and will be placed on probation” “I understand sir, and my final piece of evidence is most telling,” Matt said as he clenched his fist. Reaching into his suitcase, he took out a paper. “This is Benson’s journal entry for the day, which was found in the trash,” Matt stated as he gave the paper to the Judge. “It states that he was going to attempt to execute this plan,” Matt continued with a smirk. “OBJECTION. Does it say that he succeeded?” Wright asked the judge. “It does not!” The Judge bellowed as he threw the paper to the ground. “A simple coincidence, but someone would have noticed if Benson had pulled off such a feat and putting glue on Kastle’s jacket before letting the card get stuck to it and then bumping Kastle while reverse pick pocketing the card is simply too elaborate for a drunk,” The Judge said as he raised the hammer. “GUILTY by unanimous vote of the Jury and myself,” The Judge yelled as he slammed the hammer down.

Outside, Wright had a bad feeling about this. He had won the case as expected, but Matt had immediately disappeared over into crime alley. Benson was walking home, but he lived near many convenient dark alleys. Wright decided to walk on over. As he approached Benson’s neighborhood, he heard a gruff voice yelling. “You did steal the card and put Kastle as the fall guy didn’t you!” the guy yelled. “Yeah, what of it,” Benson said with a confident voice even though his knees were knocking. “Whoa there,” Wright said as he hustled over to the alley. “Put him down!” Wright said as he got into a fighting stance. “I’m not the bad guy!” a masked vigilante in a red suit said as he ran at Wright. “Then why are you acting like one?” Wright said as he tripped the guy up with a low kick and then punched him to the ground. “This is where law meets reality and the name’s Daredevil!” Daredevil said as he got up and knocked Wright against a wall. The impact knocked a lot of the fight out of the persecutor as he was not used to physical violence. “If Foggy Nelson had remembered to bring the security footage of Benson taking the card, Matt Murdock could have solved this in court. That didn’t happen so now I’m going to destroy Benson and prove that I’m not the bad guy. Villains get what’s coming to them and I’m the man for the job!” Daredevil howled like a madman as he grabbed a pipe and walked towards Wright. “OBJECTION!” Wright yelled before Daredevil hit him across the stomach. Wright knew that he’d be sore for a few days as he fell unconscious. He had won the case and had proven that he was better at using the court system, but was it really a victory when he was accusing an innocent person? With those thoughts, everything went dark. He would later wake up at Gotham City’s hospital with a few new cases ready for him to read. He would not forget about the man named Daredevil anytime soon and his knowledge that Daredevil was really Matt Murdock would be a secret that he would ultimately carry to the grave. “Wright?” a voice asked. Wright groggily looked up from his bed where he was still recovering in the hospital. “Who are you?” Wright asked the old man with the funny top hat. “They call me Layton…Professor Layton…and I’ve got a little job for you!” the man said with a smile as he took out an alien artifact. “Sounds like fun,” Wright replied with a confident smirk.

Meanwhile with Daredevil, he was thrilled that he had beaten Wright. He couldn’t do it in the legal way, but it was a minor issue. Daredevil had won and that’s all that he cared about. There had been something called the Tournament Smashers competition which would automatically count the spar as a victory for the crime fighter, which would boost his reputation among the criminals. “As for you Benson!” Daredevil yelled as he ran towards the guy. Before he could connect on the hit, Daredevil was thrown off of his feet by a thunder clap. He banged the ground rather hard and felt his staff break. “Fight’s over son,” a calm voice said as Flip appeared. He seemed to have come from the sky, but that was impossible. “Benson comes with me,” Flip said as he grabbed the guy and then gravity seemed to lose its effect on him as he fell upwards into the sky. “I’M NOT THE BAD GUY!” Daredevil yelled as he dramatically threw his staff and went into a sliding crouch. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” he yelled upwards at the sky as it started to rain. Later that night, he walked home where Foggy Nelson was waiting. “Matt, you sure messed up big time didn’t you?” Foggy said with a condecending tone as he poured Matt a cup of coffee. “No Foggy….you did,” Matt replied solemnly as he sipped his coffee. He hadn’t gotten to finish Benson off, but the guy was off the streets. Wright wouldn’t dare challenge Matt again either. Feeling satisfied, Matt walked to his room and went to bed. At around 3:00AM Daredevil woke up and noticed an evil clown standing by the window. Slowly and silently, Matt reached for the shotgun under his pillow. This clown was about to realize that he had messed with the wrong attorney Matt thought with a grin. “I’m not the bad guy,”

One of my longer Tournament Smasher stories for sure. More may come soon, but I do these rarely as they do take up more time than most of my posts. It was certainly fun to write though and they are heavy with continuity. If Daredevil or Wright appears again, their plot will continue and lead to the next fight. Daredevil’s personality was based off of the new TV show, taking place after season 1. It shows how he is slowly losing his grip on reality and turning insane, borrowing the iconic “I’m not the bad guy” from the movie. Portrayals and personalities are subject to change in future installments although I try to keep the characters relatively in character or at least consistent. As for Wright, it’s mostly from my view of the character as I haven’t actually seen him first hand. Until then!

Pokemon XY The Strongest Mega Evolution Act I Review

Pokemon is a franchise that continues to grow and it has now gotten a new TV special. Instead of Ash and friends helping out the townsfolk; this special deals with Alain as he tries to become the strongest trainer around. It will be tough and the road is hard, but that’s not going to stop him and Charizard! It was a fun special, but I believe it should have been longer. (No matter what kind of special episode, OVA, or mini movie it is; the item in question should always be around an hour)

I’ve already described most of the plot, but it should be noted that a girl named Mairin gets in on the action. After witnessing an epic clash between Alain and another Pokemon trainer; she takes it upon herself to follow him and learn the secret behind Mega Evolution. Alain doesn’t seem to want her around, but he’s not able to ditch her because of other Mega opponents that are around. He won’t stop until he’s defeated every last one of them!

Alain is our lead in this special and he’s a decent character. Alain is definitely no Ash Ketchum when it comes to personality, but he definitely has some skills. (Of course, Charizard Is doing most of the work…) He tries to be mean to Mairin so that she will ditch him, but it doesn’t work. Beyond that, he tends to be a nice guy, but he also gets straight to the point. He wants to defeat his opponents and that’s what he intends to do. You’re not really able to write a whole lot of personality in a character within 20 minutes so that’s good enough for now. As such, Alain is a bit generic at the moment.

Mairin doesn’t fare much better. She trips quite a lot and it can definitely be a little over the top. She’s definitely out of her league at this point and she has a ways to go. Luckily, she just started her Pokemon journey so this is to be expected at this point. She’s much better than all of the other “Marron” characters that I’ve seen. (DBZ character reference) A solid time skip would work out pretty well for her and she has potential to be a tough trainer. It just won’t be realized at the moment.

Naturally, most of the hype around this special was directed at the Mega Evolutions that were going to be witnessed. The special does a good job of showing just how massive the power upgrade is in this form. The first battle ends up taking down most of the forest in collateral damage. Mega Charizard is always fun to see and Garchomp’s Mega form is very impressive as well. One can watch this special just for the fights because they’re that good. Now more people can accept the fact that Pokemon can definitely keep up with the Justice League or the Avengers.

The overall animation for the special is really good as well. I dare say that it’s slightly flashier than the latest episodes (Which are already awesome) and each attack looks great. The ultimate dragon attack from Blastoise was really large and you could practically feel the power. Every part of the special felt polished and animated to perfection. It’s definitely one of the better animations that I’ve seen in a while.

Unfortunately, the special falls a bit with the soundtrack. It’s very sub par compared to the average array of Pokemon themes and especially in consideration of the recent Pokemon Origins special. The tunes were generic at best and they really did not go well with the fights. That always hurts the overall experience because you need solid music to really be able to enjoy the battles to their full potential.

I recommend watching the special until the very end because we get a cliffhanger. It may be extremely generic, but it’s good enough for me. A generic cliffhanger beats no cliffhanger at all! Hopefully part II comes soon because I’m ready for more Mega fights. I may miss Ash and friends, but I can still enjoy this without them.

Overall, I highly recommend checking this special out. It’s a great way to launch yourself into the Pokemon franchise. The special has heart and a lot of action. Ash Ketchum even gets referenced and it’s in a pretty epic way. Alain better hope that their paths never cross! Their’s also a good intro that shows off a lot of the Pokemon so that you get their Mega Forms can be seen. It’s short as well so there’s no reason not to watch it! Pokemon will always be one of the best franchises out there.

Overall 8/10

Tournament Smashers Episode 56 Yagura vs Naruto

The 56th episode is now up!

30 minutes had passed since Naruto’s win against Gaara. Naruto was running through the village in the hopes of finding a new opponent. “I’m gonna be Hokage!!!” Naruto yelled as he kept going. Suddenly he felt a powerful aura and looked below him. A kid was there and he noticed Naruto. Suddenly he dissappeared and reappeared behind Naruto. “No way!” Naruto yelled as the kid threw a solid punch that knocked Naruto to the ground.

Naruto threw a kunai at him, but the kid dodged and threw a Demon Wind Shuriken. Naruto entered Sage Mode and he quickly caught the kunai. “Enough of that,” Naruto said as he formed a Rasengan. “Perfect!” The kid said as he formed a water mirror. Naruto’s Rasengan banged the mirror, but the excess energy struck Naruto. “Gak,” Naruto grimaced as he hit the ground. “You can’t win Naruto, I am the legendary Yagura!” Yagura said as a weapon started to form. “What is that!” Naruto yelled as it looked like a staff, but it was uneven. “It will be your downfall,” Yagura said as he jumped after Naruto. “If that hits me, this could be Game Over!” Naruto thought as he jumped in the air to face Yagura.

Yagura readied his staff and Naruto took out a pair of kunai. “Twin Blade Style, Dragon’s Cut!” Naruto yelled as he slashed at Yagura. Yagura blocked the two attacks with his staff and deflected them to the trees. “Not good, I’m wide open!” Naruto yelled as Yagura readied himself. He slashed at Naruto and sent him crashing to the ground. “No,” Naruto said as he bounced off of a water mirror which sent him flying back up towards Yagura. “This ends now!” Yagura said as he thrust his staff at Naruto. Naruto quickly formed a Rasenshuriken and blocked the staff. The energy disintegrated the staff and Yagura quickly jumped backwards. “Not good enough!” Naruto yelled as he threw his Rasenshuriken at Yagura. Yagura quickly formed a Water Mirror which reflected the attack back at Naruto. Naruto quickly rolled out of the way as the Rasenshuriken shattered a mountain behind him.

“You’re not bad Yagura, but I think it’s time to show you what true power is,” Naruto said as he grinned. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Yagura said as he charged at Naruto. “Can I just say one thing?” Naruto asked as Yagura charged at him. “No, just die!” Yagura yelled as he charged at Naruto. Yagura tackled him into a tree. “Who are you?” Yagura yelled as he tried to stab Naruto. Naruto blocked the kunai and pushed Yagura away. “I’m Naruto and I’m gonna be Hokage!” Naruto yelled as he formed a Rasengan. “There’s not enough time to dodge,” Yagura yelled as Naruto charged at him. “RASENGAN!” Naruto yelled as he hit Yagura. “This can’t be happening!” Yagura said as the Rasengan blew up the tree and knocked Yagura to the ground.

“Finish me,” Yagura said as he struggled to get up. “No…besides, I have something that I need to do,” Naruto said as he got up and entered his 9 Tails mode. (His Berserk 9 Tails mode, so not the full transformation, but the one that he used against Haku) Naruto charged towards a castle. “You won’t get away!” he yelled as he stormed in. Meanwhile, Yagura got up. “Naruto Uzumaki eh? A pretty tough guy,” Yagura said as he started to walk away. He felt like someone had been slightly influencing him throughout the fight. Enhancing his abilities and making him seem like more of a villain. Yagura didn’t have time to worry about any of that, he just wanted to go home and have a nice supper.

Tournament Smashers Episode 55 Robin (Animal) vs Robin

The next battle is now here!

Robin was looking through some files in the Batcave. “Phoney Baloney! If I don’t get these files to Batman’s desk by morning, I won’t get to go to the arcade!” Robin complained as he shuffled through the files. “Whoops,” Robin said as he dropped one of the papers to the ground. He reached out to grab it, but then a bird grabbed it and flew away.

“Running Raptoids! A Robin has stolen the files!” Robin yelled as he chased after the bird. The Robin flew off into the sky and headed for Metropolis. “No you don’t!” Robin yelled as he gave chase. He wasn’t going to let this Robin outshine him. Robin shot out a grappling hook and hurled himself onto the Daily Planet. He reached for the paper, but the Robin did a barrell roll and evaded him. “Not bad,” Robin said as the Robin elbowed him as he flew past.

Robin was falling to the ground, but he quickly shot out another grappling hook so that he could swing to safety. This bird was obviously a mastermind and if he was given enough prep time…it would be over! Robin quickly shook his head and cleared out those thoughts. “He’s just a Robin,” Robin exclaimed as he jumped into the air. From behind, the Robin pecked him.

Robin fell to the ground and reached for a bird cage, but the Robin was too fast for him and flew back into the air. Robin gave chase, but the Robin went into a store. Robin jumped in, but Security Guards quickly grabbed him. “Don’t even try it,” they said as Robin reached for his staff.

“I can’t lose!” Robin yelled as he swung at one of the guards and knocked him over. “That was a pretty impressive swing,” the 2nd guard said as he took out a baton. He swung at Robin, but Robin parried and punched the guard to the ground. “Fight’s over son,” a voice said as the Justice League appeared. “Not….quite…yet,” Robin said as he threw a smoke bomb.

He heard the JLA coughing and he quickly exited the store. “This just got personal,” Robin said as he took out a giant bazooka. He pointed it at the sky and fired. A bird cage came out and grew wings. “It’s time to capture a Robin!” Robin yelled as he put on a booster pack. “Robin go!” Robin yelled as he zoomed around the world.

Hours later, Robin saw the Robin. “Eat this,” Robin yelled as he opened the cage. The Robin dodged and tackled Robin. They fell into a barn. “That was some tackle,” Robin said as he shook his head. The Robin hit Robin in the face with a frying pan. “Snap!” Robin yelled as he hit the ground. The Robin started throwing a lot of plates and straw at Robin. “I can’t take much more!” Robin yelled as he pressed a button.

From behind the Robin, a cage appeared and closed around him. “I finally captured him,” Robin said as he picked the cage up. “Nice try, but you’re going to Arkham,” Robin said as he headed there. On his way to the prison, Robin was grabbed from behind. “Hey!” Robin yelled as the Robin took this opportunity to break the cage open and fly away. “Chase him,” Robin’s attacker said as someone flew after the Robin. “This can’t be!” Robin yelled as he took out a bomb.

Tournament Smashers Episode 54 Ichigo vs One Above All

The 54th battle is here, with the return of the One Above All.

“Wake up,” Professor E Gadd said as he poked The One Above All with a thunder stick. “Foolishness!” The One Above All said as he opened his eyes and stood up. “I am everywhere and yet nowhere….I am awake and yet asleep,” he clarified as he looked around. He was trapped in a small hut. “What am I doing here,” he wondered aloud. “After your humiliating and crushing defeat at the hands of Son Goku, I took your remains and brought them here,” E Gadd stated as he looked at the door.

“Why have you brought me here!?” The One Above All as he clenched his fist. “You are bait, for the one they call…The Substitute Soul Reaper!” Professor E Gadd laughed as he prepared himself. “Fool, I will not be used in your petty games of revenge,” The One Above All said as he started spreading into an infinite form of energy. “You don’t have a choice anymore,” Professor E Gadd said as he pressed a button and a trap door opened. “I’ll be hiding down here while you are fighting,” he said as he fell inside.

Ichigo Kurosaki was a Substitute Soul Reaper. He liked to defeat a couple dozen hollows a day to stay in shape, but it had been rather boring. He had heard about the legendary Tournament Smashers competition, but nobody had challenged him. He could go pick a fight with someone, but it wasn’t worth his time. Ichigo would just find some other way to pass the time. Suddenly he felt a massive spike of power. “It’s at Luigi’s Mansion!” Ichigo yelled as his clothes changed into Soul Reaper attire. This happened when things were about to get real!

Ichigo zoomed off at supersonic speeds. He could break the light barrier, but there was always the risk that he would decimate a country or two while doing it. Ichigo saw a being made of light floating over the house. “Getsuga Tenshou!” Ichigo yelled as he fired a large shockwave. The blast went right through the One Above All and scattered some of his energies.

The One Above All turned to Ichigo. “So insignificant!” he thought as he raised his hand. Buu appeared and charged at Ichigo. “What!? Ichigo yelled as he blocked Buu’s punch, but the force sent him into the ground. “I don’t know what you’re doing here, but I’ll stop you!” Ichigo yelled as he dashed towards Buu. Buu fired a ki blast, but Ichigo sidestepped and hit Buu with a direct Getsuga Tenshou. Buu hit the ground, but turned into Sensui and fired another blast.

Ichigo hit the ground. From behind Superman grabbed him. “Fight’s over son,” he said as he reached for Ichigo’s sword. “I don’t think so, BANKAI!” Ichigo yelled as he transformed. “What power!” The One Above All exclaimed as he flew towards Ichigo. “Getsuga Tenshou!” Ichigo yelled as he fired a blast of dark energy. The One Above All reached out and blocked the blast, but his arm evaporated. “Fool, you can’t comprehend my power,” The One Above All said as he reformed and grew larger.

His body turned into thousands of heroes as they ran at Ichigo. “I don’t need to comprehend your power, to defeat you!” Ichigo yelled as he charged at The One Above All. He slashed past Naruto and kicked Captain America into Donald Duck. His sheer power knocked the others away as he slashed The One Above All.

“This can’t be, my power is absolute!” he yelled as he backed up a bit. “Reality Warping won’t get you anywhere,” Ichigo said as his hollow mask materialized. “This is the end,” Ichigo said as his sword glowed with power. He charged at The One Above All for the last time. The One Above All’s hand turned into a large cannon and he fired an immensely powerful blast. “No you don’t!” Ichigo yelled as his sword blocked the blast, but halted his progress. “I won’t be stopped here!” Ichigo yelled as he broke through and slashed The One Above All.

The One Above All hit the ground. “This can’t be,” he said as his energies scattered across the cosmos. “Let this be a warning,” Ichigo said as he turned back to human form. Omnipresent and Omnipotent beings will never amount to a well placed Getsuga Tenshou,” he said as he turned away and walked back to school. As long as nobody had reality warped his favorite chair, the day would be epic. Then he noticed that smoke was coming from his school. “Not again!” he yelled as he quickened his pace.

Tournament Smashers Episode 53 Bobobobo Bobobo vs Luffy

The 53rd battle is now up!

Luffy was on the Going Merry along with the rest of the Strawhats. “This is so cool!” Tony Tony (The) Chopper yelled for no reason as he ran to the front of the ship. “Watch where you’re going!” Nami yelled as she got up from her chair and went back in the cabin. Now she wouldn’t have to deal with the madness! Zoro figured that he should stop Chopper before something drastic happened, but he fell asleep before he could do anything.

Sanji ran to the kitchen to cook, but in his excitement, he didn’t notice the banana peel that Franky had left. “Whoops!” Franky yelled as Sanji tripped over it and they both fell in the basement. Brook tried to run, but he was smashed to pieces. “This is what I get for working with Pirates,” Usopp grumbled as he worked on improving his slingshot. Chopper kept running, but he banged his head on the rails and fell into the ocean. “CHOPPER!” Luffy yelled as he jumped in after him. Once he hit the water, Luffy’s body froze up. His Devil Fruit powers were useless in water and his body also became paralyzed.

If Luffy focused enough power, he could move a little bit, but not much. Luffy would have just let his Nakama save him like usual, but he needed to save Chopper! Luffy gathered up his strength and shot out his arm. Grabbing Chopper, Luffy threw him back into the ship and then let himself faint from exhaustion.

He woke up hours later on an island. “This can’t be right, but it’s so cool!” Luffy yelled as he watched someone with a yellow Afro kick an arcade machine into the air and then he ate it. “Hey Afroman, what are you doing?” Luffy asked as he approached the fellow.

“That’s a silly question,” Bobobobo Bobobo said as he punched Luffy through a tree. “Was not!” Luffy yelled as he shot out his punch. His arm stretched and knocked Bobobobo Bobobo to the ground. Finally, Luffy’s arm wrapped around Bobobobo Bobobo. “You’ve eaten a Devil Fruit!” Bobobobo Bobobo yelled as he struggled to break free. “That’s right, I’m a Rubberman,” Luffy explained. He had explained this hundreds of times in the past, so he was pretty good at it.

“Why you!” Bobobobo Bobobo said as he started powering up. “HAAAAAAAA” Bobobobo Bobobo yelled as he kept on powering up. “What are you doing?” Luffy asked as he let Bobobobo Bobobo go. “HAAAAA!” Bobobobo Bobobo yelled as he flexed his muscles. “I made you let me go, didn’t I?” Bobobobo Bobobo laughed as he got up. “End of the road Luffy,” Bobobobo Bobobo chuckled as he walked towards Luffy.

“What?” Luffy said as he sidestepped Bobobobo Bobobo’s punch. Bobobobo Bobobo threw many punches at Luffy, but Luffy dodged them all. “Gum Gum Punch!” Luffy yelled as he shot a solid punch. It knocked Bobobobo Bobobo into the water. “Aw Yeah!” Luffy yelled as he jumped in after him. “Whoops,” he thought as Bobobobo Bobobo punched him to the ocean floor. “Can’t move so well in here, now can you?” Bobobobo Bobobo laughed as he kicked Luffy. “I’m not done yet!” Luffy yelled as he pulled back his arms.

“Gum Gum Twister!” Luffy yelled as his arms started spinning. “Chocolate Snaps!” Bobobobo Bobobo yelled as the water all got pulled into the tornado and shot away. “You just evaporated an entire ocean!” Bobobobo Bobobo yelled in horror. “That’s right,” Luffy replied as he ran towards Bobobobo Bobobo. Bobobobo Bobobo jumped towards him, but Luffy sidestepped and knocked him to the ground. “Any last words,” Luffy said as smoke started coming out of him. “Yeah, you haven’t seen the last of me!” Bobobobo Bobobo yelled as he flew off. He would need to hide in Gotham for a few days!

“That was fun,” Luffy said as he turned back to where the Going Merry was. All of his Nakama were waiting for him. Luffy knew that he would become the Pirate King of legend! “YEAHHHHH!” Luffy yelled as he jumped in the air and stretched his arm out to incredible lengths. He grabbed the ship at last and pulled himself on. “GUYS, I’m Back!” Luffy laughed as he shot his fist into the air. “You are, but not your Nakama,” a voice said as someone walked towards Luffy. “Don’t mess with me!” Luffy yelled as he ran towards the opponent and threw a planet busting punch at him. The opponent caught his punch and laughed. “End of the road….Monkey D. Luffy!”

Tournament Smashers Episode 52 Iihiko vs Superman

The 52nd Battle is now up!

“This can’t be happening!” a guard yelled as he fired some bullets in the air. He knew that he only chance was for backup to arrive and fast! “Hahahahaha,” a voice laughed as the being approached the officer. “Don’t take another step,” the guard yelled as he pivoted and sprinted towards an abandoned warehouse. The door creaked as he opened it and the boards seemed to crack with every step.

“I think I lost him,” the guard said as he sat down. That had been a pretty tough chase, but not even Iihiko would dare go in an abandoned warehouse! “Boo,” a voice said as Iihiko appeared. “SUPERMAN!” the guard yelled as he threw his gun at Iihiko. The gun bounced off of him and hit the ground.

Meanwhile, Clark Kent was eating a hot dog at home. “That Kent is so lazy,” he heard the neighbors outside muttering. “If only they knew that mild mannered Clark Kent, was actually Superman,” Kent said aloud as he turned on the TV. Suddenly he heard someone yell, “SUPERMAN!!!!” “This sounds like a job for Superman,” Clark said as his clothes transformed into his kryptonian attire. He had heard that this brand new 52 suit was all the rage nowadays and he wanted to give it a shot.

He dashed towards the sound of the voice and he saw a demon grabbing the guard. “Fight’s over son,” Superman said as he landed and placed his hand on Iihiko’s shoulder. “I’m going to take you to the proper authorities,” Superman said as he struggled to make Iihiko unhand the guard. “You are so weak,” Iihiko said as he let go of the guard and grabbed Superman.

“Unhand me,” Superman responded as he struggled to break free. Iihiko’s grip felt like iron around Superman and he knew that his efforts were futile. “What do you want with Metropolis!” Superman yelled as Iihiko threw him to the ground. “To prove my superiority and destroy all of you inferior life forms,” Iihiko said as he disappeared. “What speed!” Superman yelled as Iihiko appeared behind him and punched him through a building.

“One more punch like that, and I think that I’m a goner,” Superman thought as he quickly activated his JLA comm. “Guys…I need a bit of assistance,” Superman said into the communicator as he waited for a response. “I’m afraid that your signal won’t get through,” Iihiko laughed as he walked towards Superman. “You monster!” Superman yelled as he zoomed towards Iihiko at massively faster than light speeds.

“Tut tut Superman, you know better than to fly at those kinds of speeds on Earth,” Iihiko said as he stepped on Superman in mid flight. “Impossible!” Superman yelled as Iihiko kicked him to the ground. Superman struggled to get up, but Iihiko knocked him back down again.

“You haven’t beaten me,” Superman yelled as he shot a blast of heat from his eyes. Iihiko walked through it and grabbed Superman. “Unhand me!” Superman yelled. He figured that Iihiko would have to listen to him this time. Iihiko laughed and threw Superman in the air. “Such force, I can’t escape!” Superman yelled as he began to fall.

Iihiko was charging up a super punch. “At least I won’t get to feel it,” Superman thought as he lost consciousness. “End of the road Superman,” Iihiko said as he shot out his punch. The shockwave blew the planet up and then blew it back together in an instant. Superman was disintegrated in an instant. “This is the fate of all those who oppose me!” Iihiko laughed as he went off to terrorize other cities. Nobody would be able to stop him!

Meanwhile, Superman was in the Netherworld. “Somehow, I don’t think I’m in Smallville anymore,” Superman nervously said to himself as the zombies started walking towards him. “Don’t mess with me!” Superman yelled as he ran towards them. He would show them why he’s called the Man of Steel!