Tournament Smashers Episode 54 Ichigo vs One Above All

The 54th battle is here, with the return of the One Above All.

“Wake up,” Professor E Gadd said as he poked The One Above All with a thunder stick. “Foolishness!” The One Above All said as he opened his eyes and stood up. “I am everywhere and yet nowhere….I am awake and yet asleep,” he clarified as he looked around. He was trapped in a small hut. “What am I doing here,” he wondered aloud. “After your humiliating and crushing defeat at the hands of Son Goku, I took your remains and brought them here,” E Gadd stated as he looked at the door.

“Why have you brought me here!?” The One Above All as he clenched his fist. “You are bait, for the one they call…The Substitute Soul Reaper!” Professor E Gadd laughed as he prepared himself. “Fool, I will not be used in your petty games of revenge,” The One Above All said as he started spreading into an infinite form of energy. “You don’t have a choice anymore,” Professor E Gadd said as he pressed a button and a trap door opened. “I’ll be hiding down here while you are fighting,” he said as he fell inside.

Ichigo Kurosaki was a Substitute Soul Reaper. He liked to defeat a couple dozen hollows a day to stay in shape, but it had been rather boring. He had heard about the legendary Tournament Smashers competition, but nobody had challenged him. He could go pick a fight with someone, but it wasn’t worth his time. Ichigo would just find some other way to pass the time. Suddenly he felt a massive spike of power. “It’s at Luigi’s Mansion!” Ichigo yelled as his clothes changed into Soul Reaper attire. This happened when things were about to get real!

Ichigo zoomed off at supersonic speeds. He could break the light barrier, but there was always the risk that he would decimate a country or two while doing it. Ichigo saw a being made of light floating over the house. “Getsuga Tenshou!” Ichigo yelled as he fired a large shockwave. The blast went right through the One Above All and scattered some of his energies.

The One Above All turned to Ichigo. “So insignificant!” he thought as he raised his hand. Buu appeared and charged at Ichigo. “What!? Ichigo yelled as he blocked Buu’s punch, but the force sent him into the ground. “I don’t know what you’re doing here, but I’ll stop you!” Ichigo yelled as he dashed towards Buu. Buu fired a ki blast, but Ichigo sidestepped and hit Buu with a direct Getsuga Tenshou. Buu hit the ground, but turned into Sensui and fired another blast.

Ichigo hit the ground. From behind Superman grabbed him. “Fight’s over son,” he said as he reached for Ichigo’s sword. “I don’t think so, BANKAI!” Ichigo yelled as he transformed. “What power!” The One Above All exclaimed as he flew towards Ichigo. “Getsuga Tenshou!” Ichigo yelled as he fired a blast of dark energy. The One Above All reached out and blocked the blast, but his arm evaporated. “Fool, you can’t comprehend my power,” The One Above All said as he reformed and grew larger.

His body turned into thousands of heroes as they ran at Ichigo. “I don’t need to comprehend your power, to defeat you!” Ichigo yelled as he charged at The One Above All. He slashed past Naruto and kicked Captain America into Donald Duck. His sheer power knocked the others away as he slashed The One Above All.

“This can’t be, my power is absolute!” he yelled as he backed up a bit. “Reality Warping won’t get you anywhere,” Ichigo said as his hollow mask materialized. “This is the end,” Ichigo said as his sword glowed with power. He charged at The One Above All for the last time. The One Above All’s hand turned into a large cannon and he fired an immensely powerful blast. “No you don’t!” Ichigo yelled as his sword blocked the blast, but halted his progress. “I won’t be stopped here!” Ichigo yelled as he broke through and slashed The One Above All.

The One Above All hit the ground. “This can’t be,” he said as his energies scattered across the cosmos. “Let this be a warning,” Ichigo said as he turned back to human form. Omnipresent and Omnipotent beings will never amount to a well placed Getsuga Tenshou,” he said as he turned away and walked back to school. As long as nobody had reality warped his favorite chair, the day would be epic. Then he noticed that smoke was coming from his school. “Not again!” he yelled as he quickened his pace.

2 thoughts on “Tournament Smashers Episode 54 Ichigo vs One Above All

  1. Posting a fanfic makes you very very desperate.

    The-OneAbove-All is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omniversal, infinitely above all cosmic powers and abstract entities, even the Living Tribunal. Marvel Omniverse. His power is unlimited, incalculable and immeasurable. His indestructible it’s virtually impossible to defeat him Generic Physical Superpowers Unlimited Power Infinity Power Level Superstrength Speed Durability Agility/reflexes Healing/regeneration Supersenses Sight/hearing/smell/taste/touch Sensing danger (spider-sense) Sensing other types of events (dishonesty, murder, etc.) The ability to remove senses (like inflicting blindness, etc.) Longevity/immortality.

    It shows your ignorance and stupidity due to your bad logic, Not to mention BIAS.

    Read COMICS once in a while. You’re embarrassing yourself, kid. -_-

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