Tournament Smashers Episode 57 Daredevil vs Phoenix Wright

The 57th episode is now up after a long break!

Matt Murdock took a gulp from his glass of water and silently set it down on the table in front of him. He had taken up this case along with his partner/rival, Foggy Nelson. Foggy had warned Matt that this was a bad idea because the prosecutor was none other than the famous Phoenix Wright. Phoenix Wright had allegedly only lost a single case in his 20+ years of practicing and that was to a shifty foe who went by the name of Charles Xavier. The whole case was enshrouded in mystery and citizens suspected foul play due to Xavier’s ties to the mutants. Matt shook his head. Now was not the time to think about such matters. Wright was good, but Matt knew that he was better! Murdock’s record was fairly impressive as well. He had won a good 70% of his cases, which may sound small, but he won them in Hell’s Kitchen. Matt figured that if he could win cases in the most crooked area of New York City, he could win a case anywhere. This case took place in ABC city and nobody appeared to be bought off. “Will the defendent make their opening remarks now?” the judge commanded from the podium. “Looks like I’m up,” Matt thought as he grabbed his cane and slowly rose.

Phoenix Wright eyed Matt Murdock with an expression of confidence. Wright knew that Matt would lose the case because nobody could hope to overcome Wright’s wall of objections. Wright had studied the case through and through. Matt was defending a guy who went by the name of Reginald Kastle. The charge was that of theft. It was a fairly light act and the kid was a minor so he would likely just get a slap on the wrist so to speak. Matt’s case would likely be that Shark was forced into doing so by the pressure of the situation, but Wright was prepared for every contingency.

“Your honor,” Matt said with a voice that was as crisp as one of Ihop’s traditionally overcooked pancakes. “I move that my client is innocent of all wrong doings as Syrus Truesdale, the kid whose deck was stolen from, has no proof that Kastle took his card beyond the fact that it was found in Kastle’s pocket. This is circumstancial evidence an-,” Matt had been about to finish his sentence, but the resounding roar of Wright’s catchphrase took him by surprise.

“OBJECTION!” Phoenix Wright yelled as he slammed his desk with his full might. He jumped to his feat and pointed his finer at Matt Murdock. In truth, Wright didn’t need to be so theatrical, but it never ceased to amuse him and having fun on the job is what he was all about. “There was nobody in the waiting room aside from Kastle once Syrus went to the locker to get changed. The deck had been left by the couch along with a package of Buddy Rare cards. The security footage shows that Shark walked over to the deck, but his coat obscured the lens and prevented us from seeing if he took the card in question, but there were no other suspects!” Phoenix Wright stated as he sat back down.

“Sustained,” the tired, old judge said as he yawned and lightly tapped his hammer onto the podium. “Fine,” Matt said as he took a step back. Obviously, Wright was already prepared for that trick. Matt had only been using it to buy some time anyway. Thanks to the chemicals that hit him in the eyes and morphed his body into a lethal weapon to hurl at villains, Matt could also tell if someone was lying or not. He knew that Kastle hadn’t stolen the card so he needed to win this round. Letting an innocent person obtain a criminal record was not on Matt’s to do list after all! “I’m blind,” Matt said for the shock value. “I know things that most do not and I talked to all of Kastle’s friends while they were still on Earth and not in another galaxy. They vouch for him,” Matt said as his voice began to waver. Wright hadn’t even bothered to object since the testimony of allies would not fare well in court. “I move that we delay the proceedings until I can gather more data,” Matt said as he pretended to drop his staff. While bending over to pick it up, Matt scanned the room with his “super sight” and noticed that one person was breathing quickly and on the verge of tears. “No,” the judge stated in replay to Matt’s request. “Fine, but then I wish to call to the podium, Luke Benson,” Matt said as he got up. The NFL draft’s theme played as Benson went up to the stage and said the oath. “Benson, don’t lie….you put some glue on the outside of Kastle’s shirt, which made a card stick to it and then pretended to bump into him in the hallway so you could put the card in his deck before the match didn’t you,” Matt said with a commanding voice. While the leap in logic may have sounded big enough to fit a few wars in the crevice, Matt had found out this data through his means as the illegal vigilante known as Daredevil.

“Objection!” Wright yelled as he stood up. “Murdock is intimidating the witness and planting ideas into the heads of the jury,” Wright stated as he pointed his finger at Matt. “Benson’s also clearly not a reliable witness” Wright said while pointing at Benson’s large bags under his eyes. With a drunken face and his tired appearance, Benson looked like he could use some sleep. “Shut up Wright! I’m not the bad guy and I’m doing nothing of the sort,” Matt said as he glared at Wright. “Benson’s lack of sleep will not be an issue in his attempt to remember the truth” Matt replied. Wright’s eyes narrowed. For years he had suspected that Matt was not actually blind. How could he tell that Wright was talking about his lack of sleep and not the fact that Benson was drunk unless he could actually see Wright’s hand. “Can we reasonably assume that such an act happened with no actual proof to back it up?” Wright rhetorically asked the Jury.

“Enough!” The Judge yelled as he slammed his hammer a few more times. “Matt…get on with it. This is not a criminal case and it is merely a mild issue of whether Kastle stole the card or not in order to win the competition,” The Judge explained. “Unless you can prove otherwise, Kastle will have to do some volunteer work for the next few months and will be placed on probation” “I understand sir, and my final piece of evidence is most telling,” Matt said as he clenched his fist. Reaching into his suitcase, he took out a paper. “This is Benson’s journal entry for the day, which was found in the trash,” Matt stated as he gave the paper to the Judge. “It states that he was going to attempt to execute this plan,” Matt continued with a smirk. “OBJECTION. Does it say that he succeeded?” Wright asked the judge. “It does not!” The Judge bellowed as he threw the paper to the ground. “A simple coincidence, but someone would have noticed if Benson had pulled off such a feat and putting glue on Kastle’s jacket before letting the card get stuck to it and then bumping Kastle while reverse pick pocketing the card is simply too elaborate for a drunk,” The Judge said as he raised the hammer. “GUILTY by unanimous vote of the Jury and myself,” The Judge yelled as he slammed the hammer down.

Outside, Wright had a bad feeling about this. He had won the case as expected, but Matt had immediately disappeared over into crime alley. Benson was walking home, but he lived near many convenient dark alleys. Wright decided to walk on over. As he approached Benson’s neighborhood, he heard a gruff voice yelling. “You did steal the card and put Kastle as the fall guy didn’t you!” the guy yelled. “Yeah, what of it,” Benson said with a confident voice even though his knees were knocking. “Whoa there,” Wright said as he hustled over to the alley. “Put him down!” Wright said as he got into a fighting stance. “I’m not the bad guy!” a masked vigilante in a red suit said as he ran at Wright. “Then why are you acting like one?” Wright said as he tripped the guy up with a low kick and then punched him to the ground. “This is where law meets reality and the name’s Daredevil!” Daredevil said as he got up and knocked Wright against a wall. The impact knocked a lot of the fight out of the persecutor as he was not used to physical violence. “If Foggy Nelson had remembered to bring the security footage of Benson taking the card, Matt Murdock could have solved this in court. That didn’t happen so now I’m going to destroy Benson and prove that I’m not the bad guy. Villains get what’s coming to them and I’m the man for the job!” Daredevil howled like a madman as he grabbed a pipe and walked towards Wright. “OBJECTION!” Wright yelled before Daredevil hit him across the stomach. Wright knew that he’d be sore for a few days as he fell unconscious. He had won the case and had proven that he was better at using the court system, but was it really a victory when he was accusing an innocent person? With those thoughts, everything went dark. He would later wake up at Gotham City’s hospital with a few new cases ready for him to read. He would not forget about the man named Daredevil anytime soon and his knowledge that Daredevil was really Matt Murdock would be a secret that he would ultimately carry to the grave. “Wright?” a voice asked. Wright groggily looked up from his bed where he was still recovering in the hospital. “Who are you?” Wright asked the old man with the funny top hat. “They call me Layton…Professor Layton…and I’ve got a little job for you!” the man said with a smile as he took out an alien artifact. “Sounds like fun,” Wright replied with a confident smirk.

Meanwhile with Daredevil, he was thrilled that he had beaten Wright. He couldn’t do it in the legal way, but it was a minor issue. Daredevil had won and that’s all that he cared about. There had been something called the Tournament Smashers competition which would automatically count the spar as a victory for the crime fighter, which would boost his reputation among the criminals. “As for you Benson!” Daredevil yelled as he ran towards the guy. Before he could connect on the hit, Daredevil was thrown off of his feet by a thunder clap. He banged the ground rather hard and felt his staff break. “Fight’s over son,” a calm voice said as Flip appeared. He seemed to have come from the sky, but that was impossible. “Benson comes with me,” Flip said as he grabbed the guy and then gravity seemed to lose its effect on him as he fell upwards into the sky. “I’M NOT THE BAD GUY!” Daredevil yelled as he dramatically threw his staff and went into a sliding crouch. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” he yelled upwards at the sky as it started to rain. Later that night, he walked home where Foggy Nelson was waiting. “Matt, you sure messed up big time didn’t you?” Foggy said with a condecending tone as he poured Matt a cup of coffee. “No Foggy….you did,” Matt replied solemnly as he sipped his coffee. He hadn’t gotten to finish Benson off, but the guy was off the streets. Wright wouldn’t dare challenge Matt again either. Feeling satisfied, Matt walked to his room and went to bed. At around 3:00AM Daredevil woke up and noticed an evil clown standing by the window. Slowly and silently, Matt reached for the shotgun under his pillow. This clown was about to realize that he had messed with the wrong attorney Matt thought with a grin. “I’m not the bad guy,”

One of my longer Tournament Smasher stories for sure. More may come soon, but I do these rarely as they do take up more time than most of my posts. It was certainly fun to write though and they are heavy with continuity. If Daredevil or Wright appears again, their plot will continue and lead to the next fight. Daredevil’s personality was based off of the new TV show, taking place after season 1. It shows how he is slowly losing his grip on reality and turning insane, borrowing the iconic “I’m not the bad guy” from the movie. Portrayals and personalities are subject to change in future installments although I try to keep the characters relatively in character or at least consistent. As for Wright, it’s mostly from my view of the character as I haven’t actually seen him first hand. Until then!

5 thoughts on “Tournament Smashers Episode 57 Daredevil vs Phoenix Wright

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  2. This was great. Did you write this to emphasize that Wright would win in a legal battle, but lose in a physical battle? Either was it was a good read, and seemed to stay true to the characters.

    Typo: “prodecutor” should be “prosecutor.”

    • Good catch, I corrected the typo. Yes, I thought that a story would be a fun way to show how each individual is better in his respective field. Wright is a superb attorney, but he has little to no fighting experience and Daredevil’s strength is around peak human. A single punch from him should prove to be too much for Wright. I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    • I’ll probably be leaving it up to a poll. I meant to do the next battle a lot sooner, but it’s just been hit by the backlog. Joker and Daredevil haven’t fought on the blog yet I think though so it would have to be a different enemy. The Clown at the end would likely end up being an underling to whichever opponent Daredevil would be up against. I’ll try to have the poll up sometime next week with a few options based on the latest fights and popular posts.

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