Tournament Smashers Episode 56 Yagura vs Naruto

The 56th episode is now up!

30 minutes had passed since Naruto’s win against Gaara. Naruto was running through the village in the hopes of finding a new opponent. “I’m gonna be Hokage!!!” Naruto yelled as he kept going. Suddenly he felt a powerful aura and looked below him. A kid was there and he noticed Naruto. Suddenly he dissappeared and reappeared behind Naruto. “No way!” Naruto yelled as the kid threw a solid punch that knocked Naruto to the ground.

Naruto threw a kunai at him, but the kid dodged and threw a Demon Wind Shuriken. Naruto entered Sage Mode and he quickly caught the kunai. “Enough of that,” Naruto said as he formed a Rasengan. “Perfect!” The kid said as he formed a water mirror. Naruto’s Rasengan banged the mirror, but the excess energy struck Naruto. “Gak,” Naruto grimaced as he hit the ground. “You can’t win Naruto, I am the legendary Yagura!” Yagura said as a weapon started to form. “What is that!” Naruto yelled as it looked like a staff, but it was uneven. “It will be your downfall,” Yagura said as he jumped after Naruto. “If that hits me, this could be Game Over!” Naruto thought as he jumped in the air to face Yagura.

Yagura readied his staff and Naruto took out a pair of kunai. “Twin Blade Style, Dragon’s Cut!” Naruto yelled as he slashed at Yagura. Yagura blocked the two attacks with his staff and deflected them to the trees. “Not good, I’m wide open!” Naruto yelled as Yagura readied himself. He slashed at Naruto and sent him crashing to the ground. “No,” Naruto said as he bounced off of a water mirror which sent him flying back up towards Yagura. “This ends now!” Yagura said as he thrust his staff at Naruto. Naruto quickly formed a Rasenshuriken and blocked the staff. The energy disintegrated the staff and Yagura quickly jumped backwards. “Not good enough!” Naruto yelled as he threw his Rasenshuriken at Yagura. Yagura quickly formed a Water Mirror which reflected the attack back at Naruto. Naruto quickly rolled out of the way as the Rasenshuriken shattered a mountain behind him.

“You’re not bad Yagura, but I think it’s time to show you what true power is,” Naruto said as he grinned. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Yagura said as he charged at Naruto. “Can I just say one thing?” Naruto asked as Yagura charged at him. “No, just die!” Yagura yelled as he charged at Naruto. Yagura tackled him into a tree. “Who are you?” Yagura yelled as he tried to stab Naruto. Naruto blocked the kunai and pushed Yagura away. “I’m Naruto and I’m gonna be Hokage!” Naruto yelled as he formed a Rasengan. “There’s not enough time to dodge,” Yagura yelled as Naruto charged at him. “RASENGAN!” Naruto yelled as he hit Yagura. “This can’t be happening!” Yagura said as the Rasengan blew up the tree and knocked Yagura to the ground.

“Finish me,” Yagura said as he struggled to get up. “No…besides, I have something that I need to do,” Naruto said as he got up and entered his 9 Tails mode. (His Berserk 9 Tails mode, so not the full transformation, but the one that he used against Haku) Naruto charged towards a castle. “You won’t get away!” he yelled as he stormed in. Meanwhile, Yagura got up. “Naruto Uzumaki eh? A pretty tough guy,” Yagura said as he started to walk away. He felt like someone had been slightly influencing him throughout the fight. Enhancing his abilities and making him seem like more of a villain. Yagura didn’t have time to worry about any of that, he just wanted to go home and have a nice supper.

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