Tournament Smashers Episode 53 Bobobobo Bobobo vs Luffy

The 53rd battle is now up!

Luffy was on the Going Merry along with the rest of the Strawhats. “This is so cool!” Tony Tony (The) Chopper yelled for no reason as he ran to the front of the ship. “Watch where you’re going!” Nami yelled as she got up from her chair and went back in the cabin. Now she wouldn’t have to deal with the madness! Zoro figured that he should stop Chopper before something drastic happened, but he fell asleep before he could do anything.

Sanji ran to the kitchen to cook, but in his excitement, he didn’t notice the banana peel that Franky had left. “Whoops!” Franky yelled as Sanji tripped over it and they both fell in the basement. Brook tried to run, but he was smashed to pieces. “This is what I get for working with Pirates,” Usopp grumbled as he worked on improving his slingshot. Chopper kept running, but he banged his head on the rails and fell into the ocean. “CHOPPER!” Luffy yelled as he jumped in after him. Once he hit the water, Luffy’s body froze up. His Devil Fruit powers were useless in water and his body also became paralyzed.

If Luffy focused enough power, he could move a little bit, but not much. Luffy would have just let his Nakama save him like usual, but he needed to save Chopper! Luffy gathered up his strength and shot out his arm. Grabbing Chopper, Luffy threw him back into the ship and then let himself faint from exhaustion.

He woke up hours later on an island. “This can’t be right, but it’s so cool!” Luffy yelled as he watched someone with a yellow Afro kick an arcade machine into the air and then he ate it. “Hey Afroman, what are you doing?” Luffy asked as he approached the fellow.

“That’s a silly question,” Bobobobo Bobobo said as he punched Luffy through a tree. “Was not!” Luffy yelled as he shot out his punch. His arm stretched and knocked Bobobobo Bobobo to the ground. Finally, Luffy’s arm wrapped around Bobobobo Bobobo. “You’ve eaten a Devil Fruit!” Bobobobo Bobobo yelled as he struggled to break free. “That’s right, I’m a Rubberman,” Luffy explained. He had explained this hundreds of times in the past, so he was pretty good at it.

“Why you!” Bobobobo Bobobo said as he started powering up. “HAAAAAAAA” Bobobobo Bobobo yelled as he kept on powering up. “What are you doing?” Luffy asked as he let Bobobobo Bobobo go. “HAAAAA!” Bobobobo Bobobo yelled as he flexed his muscles. “I made you let me go, didn’t I?” Bobobobo Bobobo laughed as he got up. “End of the road Luffy,” Bobobobo Bobobo chuckled as he walked towards Luffy.

“What?” Luffy said as he sidestepped Bobobobo Bobobo’s punch. Bobobobo Bobobo threw many punches at Luffy, but Luffy dodged them all. “Gum Gum Punch!” Luffy yelled as he shot a solid punch. It knocked Bobobobo Bobobo into the water. “Aw Yeah!” Luffy yelled as he jumped in after him. “Whoops,” he thought as Bobobobo Bobobo punched him to the ocean floor. “Can’t move so well in here, now can you?” Bobobobo Bobobo laughed as he kicked Luffy. “I’m not done yet!” Luffy yelled as he pulled back his arms.

“Gum Gum Twister!” Luffy yelled as his arms started spinning. “Chocolate Snaps!” Bobobobo Bobobo yelled as the water all got pulled into the tornado and shot away. “You just evaporated an entire ocean!” Bobobobo Bobobo yelled in horror. “That’s right,” Luffy replied as he ran towards Bobobobo Bobobo. Bobobobo Bobobo jumped towards him, but Luffy sidestepped and knocked him to the ground. “Any last words,” Luffy said as smoke started coming out of him. “Yeah, you haven’t seen the last of me!” Bobobobo Bobobo yelled as he flew off. He would need to hide in Gotham for a few days!

“That was fun,” Luffy said as he turned back to where the Going Merry was. All of his Nakama were waiting for him. Luffy knew that he would become the Pirate King of legend! “YEAHHHHH!” Luffy yelled as he jumped in the air and stretched his arm out to incredible lengths. He grabbed the ship at last and pulled himself on. “GUYS, I’m Back!” Luffy laughed as he shot his fist into the air. “You are, but not your Nakama,” a voice said as someone walked towards Luffy. “Don’t mess with me!” Luffy yelled as he ran towards the opponent and threw a planet busting punch at him. The opponent caught his punch and laughed. “End of the road….Monkey D. Luffy!”

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