Tournament Smashers Episode 55 Robin (Animal) vs Robin

The next battle is now here!

Robin was looking through some files in the Batcave. “Phoney Baloney! If I don’t get these files to Batman’s desk by morning, I won’t get to go to the arcade!” Robin complained as he shuffled through the files. “Whoops,” Robin said as he dropped one of the papers to the ground. He reached out to grab it, but then a bird grabbed it and flew away.

“Running Raptoids! A Robin has stolen the files!” Robin yelled as he chased after the bird. The Robin flew off into the sky and headed for Metropolis. “No you don’t!” Robin yelled as he gave chase. He wasn’t going to let this Robin outshine him. Robin shot out a grappling hook and hurled himself onto the Daily Planet. He reached for the paper, but the Robin did a barrell roll and evaded him. “Not bad,” Robin said as the Robin elbowed him as he flew past.

Robin was falling to the ground, but he quickly shot out another grappling hook so that he could swing to safety. This bird was obviously a mastermind and if he was given enough prep time…it would be over! Robin quickly shook his head and cleared out those thoughts. “He’s just a Robin,” Robin exclaimed as he jumped into the air. From behind, the Robin pecked him.

Robin fell to the ground and reached for a bird cage, but the Robin was too fast for him and flew back into the air. Robin gave chase, but the Robin went into a store. Robin jumped in, but Security Guards quickly grabbed him. “Don’t even try it,” they said as Robin reached for his staff.

“I can’t lose!” Robin yelled as he swung at one of the guards and knocked him over. “That was a pretty impressive swing,” the 2nd guard said as he took out a baton. He swung at Robin, but Robin parried and punched the guard to the ground. “Fight’s over son,” a voice said as the Justice League appeared. “Not….quite…yet,” Robin said as he threw a smoke bomb.

He heard the JLA coughing and he quickly exited the store. “This just got personal,” Robin said as he took out a giant bazooka. He pointed it at the sky and fired. A bird cage came out and grew wings. “It’s time to capture a Robin!” Robin yelled as he put on a booster pack. “Robin go!” Robin yelled as he zoomed around the world.

Hours later, Robin saw the Robin. “Eat this,” Robin yelled as he opened the cage. The Robin dodged and tackled Robin. They fell into a barn. “That was some tackle,” Robin said as he shook his head. The Robin hit Robin in the face with a frying pan. “Snap!” Robin yelled as he hit the ground. The Robin started throwing a lot of plates and straw at Robin. “I can’t take much more!” Robin yelled as he pressed a button.

From behind the Robin, a cage appeared and closed around him. “I finally captured him,” Robin said as he picked the cage up. “Nice try, but you’re going to Arkham,” Robin said as he headed there. On his way to the prison, Robin was grabbed from behind. “Hey!” Robin yelled as the Robin took this opportunity to break the cage open and fly away. “Chase him,” Robin’s attacker said as someone flew after the Robin. “This can’t be!” Robin yelled as he took out a bomb.

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