Rin (Lost Song) vs One Above All

Rin has the power of songs at her beck and call which makes her a formidable opponent. The One Above All has cosmic level abilities but he never tends to use them for combat and so he doesn’t have any spell to really take care of Rin. As a result she should have the advantage throughout the match to the point where he won’t really be able to do much of anything. He will be completely outmatched here from start to finish and is just out of options from the start. Rin (Lost Song) wins.

One Above All vs Toad

Suggested by Destroyer I know what you’re thinking, this may be a mismatch in Toad’s favor. The guy has a lot of little items and even a go kart so he knows how to fight when needed. Well, I can’t argue against that. The One Above All doesn’t have any real feats we can grab and just lacks the physical power to do much of anything. His best bet is absolutely for him to get an appearance in a new comic where he fights but until then Toad certainly secures victory. Toad wins.

Jin Narumi vs One Above All

Jin Narumi is a powerful shinobi who specializes in lightning based attacks. His strikes are very fast and difficult to counter. The One Above All may be cosmic in nature but that’s still not going to be good enough here. He will quickly falter against Jin’s power since the guy has no real attacks to use that would affect Jin. That means that the One Above All is behind the 8 ball right out of the jump. Jin Narumi wins.

The Mask vs One Above All

Suggested by Destroyer The Mask is a rather crazy guy but he’s not typically considered to be a master fighter or anything like that. So can he really defeat the One Above All…a being known as the strongest in the cosmos? Well, I’d have to say yes to that. Look the One Above All is great but he doesn’t have a whole lot of feats. I don’t think he could stand more than a few punches from The Mask and has few ways to counter him. At the end of the day that’s curtains for TOAA. The Mask wins.

One Above All vs Lubba

Suggested by Destroyer The One Above All is not someone you want to take lightly. This is a battle I had to think about for a little while because Lubba isn’t ordinarily much of a fighter either. It definitely makes things a bit interesting but even so, every fight must have a victor. Ultimately I’m going with Lubba on this one. He can levitate/fly a bit and can tackle the One Above All that way. The One Above All doesn’t look like his punches would deal a whole lot of damage so Lubba should have the edge if they trade blows. Lubba wins.

Arthur vs One Above All

Suggested by Destroyer Now this is a close fight that I went back and forth on a bit. One Above All is old but Arthur’s very young. Can a kid beat an old man? It really comes down to that. Arthur has thrown a punch before but it wasn’t all that powerful. Ultimately, I guess youth would win this. I think the One Above All is just a little too old and that will come back to bite him. Arthur wins.

Dharuriser vs One Above All

This is a tribute to the Dharuriser film. The main guy looked pretty good in the end as he made all the right calls and kept on fighting to the end. He may not have any special powers but he does have basic hand to hand techniques which always come in handy. He was able to draw out the costume and then played a role in bringing it to life. While the One Above All may be good at creating things too, he hasn’t shown that he knows basic hand to hand combat. Dharuriser wins.

Frank Martin vs One Above All

This is a tribute to the Transporter film. Frank was a pretty solid villain in that movie, just don’t forget the fact that he’s no hero. His hand to hand skills were very impressive, I dare say that in a fist fight he may have even proven that he would defeat James Bond or Ethan Hunt. He’s definitely more than a match for someone like the One Above All. The One Above All has yet to prove that he can really fight and that will definitely hurt in a battle like this. You gotta be ready to battle at any time. Frank Martin wins.

Domestic Longhair vs One Above All

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 The Domestic Longhair is a pretty fun cat. It’s not particularly large though so it’s going to have a tough time here. The One Above All isn’t the most powerful fighter, but he can still win his share of battles. In this case having the physique of an old man will still be enough to win here. The Domestic Longhair simply isn’t built for combat and will have to settle for a quick surrender here. Perhaps someday someone will make a horror film about the Longhair growing massively powerful one day. That would definitely turn the tides. One Above All wins.

Tatsumaki vs One Above All

It’s time for Tatsumaki to return to the ring once more. While she may have lost her blot debut there’s no way Terrible Tornado would stay down for long. The One Above All has a lot of cosmic powers or so he claims, but there’s not much he would be able to do in this fight. Tatsumaki can just blast him away with wind without any real effort. You don’t climb near the top of S rank without that level of ability. Tatsumaki wins.