Lightning McQueen vs One Above All

This is a tribute to Cars 3. Lightning McQueen has done it again folks! He has managed to act like a seasoned veteran in this final film to close out the trilogy. He’s definitely a solid main character and his driving skills aren’t half bad either. I think it is fair to say that he would defeat the One Above All since he can extend his tires which allows him to punch people. TOAA would have a hard time dodging those punches. Lightning McQueen wins.


Jack Frost vs One Above All

This is a tribute to Rise of the Guardians. Jack Frost actually looked really good in this one. Certainly power wise as his Ice Lightning was most impressive. I don’t think that the One Above All is ready to take on such a formidable opponent. He may have some mean dance moves and decent durability but that just isn’t enough to let him hang on in this round. He needs something more in order to take the win and he just doesn’t have that It factor. Jack Frost wins.

One Above All vs L

Suggested by Anonymous One Above All is probably one of the most intimidating characters in history. Even his name helps to foreshadow the incredible amount of hype that he brings to the table. Still, it will not be enough to stop L. L may not have seen too much action over the years bit he is a great detective and did take Light to a stand still in fisticuffs. I’d take his practical experience over TOAA’s hype and vague sayings any day. L is just the kind of guy who delivers when it counts. L wins.

Lute vs One Above All


Lute is a Rider in training whose skills have definitely improved quite a bit from when he first started. He even has battle armor now which gives him a considerable advantage. He may still be lacking in physical ability, but his monstie helps to make up for that. The One Above All will be on the defensive as Lute pressures him with blast after blast. Loot wins.

Howard Aguello vs One Above All

Suggested by Destroyer Howard may have taken more than a few losses so far but he is more than a match for someone like The One Above All. TOAA can’t stand up to bullets very well and he isn’t quick enough to evade them. Despite his fearsome reputation the One Above All has yet to prove anything really. It’s curtains for him and he desperately needs a power up. Howard Aguello wins.

Zamasu vs One Above All

Suggested by Anon Zamasu is a pretty powerful DBS villain and quite possibly one of the strongest characters in all of media. At the very least, I would make that argument. He is up against the One Above All though so we certainly can’t call this a free win. This is a fight of cosmic proportion after all. Still, Zamasu has proven that he can fight with opponents like Goku and come out on top. Few can match such a feat and the upper limits of his strength are quite high. Zamasu wins.

Drosselmeyer vs One Above All

Suggested by Sonic Drosselmeyer is the main villain of Princess Tutu. Like the One Above All, he primarily relies on hype to get him through his fights as opposed to actual abilities. Both of these characters are pretty old, but at least Drosselmeyer has some gadgets at his disposal. One of them is a moving portal that he can send around to capture people. It’s quite effective and can at least serve to slow TOAA down. I think he has to take the edge here, but it should be a close fight. Drosselmeyer wins.

Motoko Kusanagi vs One Above All

This is a tribute to the Ghost in the Shell movie. Motoko Kusanagi handled herself pretty well the whole time as she found out the truth about her past and took on all of the lackeys who were sent after her. She reminds me of Train Heartnet back in his organization days. Needless to say, it’ll be easy for her to shoot down the One Above All since he isn’t exactly a bullet timer when it comes to reaction speed. He would be easy pickings for her. Motoko Kusanagi wins.

One Above All vs Ant

Suggested by Destroyer The One Above All has no chance against the superior attack power and raw durability of the Ant. The Ants are good at running around and they can lift up to 10x their weight so that’s impressive. Thanks to the movie THEM, the Ants can also grow to a pretty large size so TOAA can’t run and he can’t hide. Ant wins.

Sonic vs One Above All

Suggested by Anonymous The One Above All doesn’t mess around. I think I speak for everyone when I say that he has had a controversial history. People either think that he is incredibly powerful and can wipe out a whole multiverse of that he is about as strong as an old man who can fly. I’m in the latter group to be honest so don’t expect much from the guy in this round. Sonic will just run rings around him and use his hand to hand prowess to overwhelm the guy. TOAA can see what is coming but he simply can’t dodge it. Sonic wins.