Frank Martin vs One Above All

This is a tribute to the Transporter film. Frank was a pretty solid villain in that movie, just don’t forget the fact that he’s no hero. His hand to hand skills were very impressive, I dare say that in a fist fight he may have even proven that he would defeat James Bond or Ethan Hunt. He’s definitely more than a match for someone like the One Above All. The One Above All has yet to prove that he can really fight and that will definitely hurt in a battle like this. You gotta be ready to battle at any time. Frank Martin wins.

Domestic Longhair vs One Above All

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 The Domestic Longhair is a pretty fun cat. It’s not particularly large though so it’s going to have a tough time here. The One Above All isn’t the most powerful fighter, but he can still win his share of battles. In this case having the physique of an old man will still be enough to win here. The Domestic Longhair simply isn’t built for combat and will have to settle for a quick surrender here. Perhaps someday someone will make a horror film about the Longhair growing massively powerful one day. That would definitely turn the tides. One Above All wins.

Tatsumaki vs One Above All

It’s time for Tatsumaki to return to the ring once more. While she may have lost her blot debut there’s no way Terrible Tornado would stay down for long. The One Above All has a lot of cosmic powers or so he claims, but there’s not much he would be able to do in this fight. Tatsumaki can just blast him away with wind without any real effort. You don’t climb near the top of S rank without that level of ability. Tatsumaki wins.

Senku vs One Above All

It’s time for the master of science to make his debut. Who better for him to fight than someone who can’t be explained by science? Senku wouldn’t buy into the One Above All’s hype and would quickly test the cosmic being with his many inventions. There’s no way TOAA could hope to stop Senku because that guy has so many gadgets. Senku may not be much of a fighter but he still has enough moxy to take the upper hand here. There really isn’t much that the One Above All could do to defend himself. Senku wins.

Daisy vs One Above All

Daisy has returned and this princess is ready for another win. The One Above All is a powerful being feared by many across the cosmos. Thing is…the guy can’t really fight. We’ve never seen him take anyone down and so Daisy has more combat experience. She could easily use her hand to hand experience to take him down for the count and that would be the end of that. He has no real defense against her abilities and would naturally just succumb to the loss. Daisy wins.

Molly Wright vs One Above All

This is a tribute to Men in Black International. Even as a new cadet Molly showed that she was far more proficient in combat than 99% of the MIB members so she definitely had to win this round. She has a gun and knows how to use it which is far more than I can say for the One Above All. TOAA just isn’t the kind of cosmic being who has gotten any practical combat experience. That is a pretty big problem since that means he is simply outmatched by just about everyone he comes across. One shot should end him. Molly Wright wins.

Flash Gordon vs One Above All

This is a tribute to the Flash Gordon film. Flash actually looked pretty solid here. He did a good job of fighting off the enemies in hand to hand combat and never gave up hope. He’s a pretty strong man and has definitely proven himself a whole lot more than the One Above All. Cosmic powers won’t be enough to keep him from landing a solid punch and I think that is probably the only hit he will need. Flash Gordon wins.

Yūri (Megalo Box) vs One Above All

Yuri has returned and now he is fighting one of the most well known cosmic beings of all time. One Above All is incredibly powerful so he is certainly not a being that you want to cross. Still, I don’t think he will actually be able to land any meaningful hits on Yuri. Yuri’s a professional boxer so he can dodge TOAA’s punches and counter attack. TOAA has no real defense so the attacks will take him down. Yūri (Megalo Box) wins.

Spiderman (Miles) vs One Above All

This is a tribute to Into The Spider Verse. Miles looked pretty good for the most part. He conquered his fears and was able to master his abilities. I’d call that a win in my book. The One Above All may be a cosmic being of limitless power, but I don’t think he will be able to do a whole lot against Miles. Miles is faster and stronger, not to mention that he has his electric zaps. That will spell the end for TOAA. Spiderman (Miles) wins.

Guyver vs One Above All

Suggested by Anonymous Sho was never the same once he became Guyver. Now he has abilities beyond his wildest dreams. As Guyver, Sho gets super strength, energy blasts, super speed, and more. The One Above All in comparison just isn’t nearly as impressive and I don’t think he has what it takes to hold his own here. He won’t be able to keep up with Guyver’s speed and it’s not like his fists would do any damage to that armor either. Lets face it, it’s curtains for the One Above All! This may be his last loss if TOAA just sticks away from the battlefield. Good luck with that though. Guyver wins.