Guyver vs One Above All

Suggested by Anonymous Sho was never the same once he became Guyver. Now he has abilities beyond his wildest dreams. As Guyver, Sho gets super strength, energy blasts, super speed, and more. The One Above All in comparison just isn’t nearly as impressive and I don’t think he has what it takes to hold his own here. He won’t be able to keep up with Guyver’s speed and it’s not like his fists would do any damage to that armor either. Lets face it, it’s curtains for the One Above All! This may be his last loss if TOAA just sticks away from the battlefield. Good luck with that though. Guyver wins.

Kaito Daimon vs One Above All

Considering that Kaito wants to challenge the Puzzle of god, it makes sense that he should fight the One Above All. Still, he will be quite disappointed since TOAA just isn’t much of a fighter or a thinker. I’d wager that Kaito is both tougher and smarter than the One Above All. Yes, it is quite the claim, but it’s one that I am confident about sticking with. It just makes a lot of practical sense when you think about it. If the One Above All was really tough I’m sure we would have seen some proof in the comics by now. Kaito Daimon wins.

Waluigi vs One Above All

It’s time for WAAAAAluigi to enter the fray! Things definitely weren’t looking good for him and his record so it’s time to change that. He is pretty good at playing soccer after all so I think he can really take it to the One Above All. Cosmic abilities don’t mean much against a guy who had enough resolve to even go up against team Mario. One well placed serve and this match is over before it’ll have even truly begun. Waluigi wins.

Owen Grady vs One Above All

JURASSIC WORLD, from left: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, 2015. ph: Chuck Zlotnick/©Universal
This is a tribute to the new Jurassic World film. Owen is a pretty good fighter and he’s armed with a gun so you don’t want to take this man lightly. He was beating armed professionals after all. That’s something that I can’t picture the One Above All pulling off. Owen has hand to hand techniques that will give him victory in one shot. Owen Grady wins.

One Above All (Marvel) vs One Above All


Suggested by Anonymous The One Above All is a being above any other, but you could say the same for the other one as well. Both of them are from Marvel after all so who is to say which character is actually the strongest? I’m gonna go with the huge one since we’ve actually seen him fire energy blasts and hurl planets. I think he would be able to win this match preeeetty easily. One Above All (Marvel) wins.

Han Solo vs One Above All

This is a tribute to the Han Solo film. Han actually looked fairly good here. He was as tough as you’d expect him to be and was never lacking in confidence. He’s the kind of pilot that you want on your squad. Meanwhile the One Above All is the guy you don’t want leading the team. He’ll be more of a distraction than anything else and that spells bad news for his odds of winning this fight as well. Han Solo wins.

Segata Sanshiro vs One Above All

Suggested by Adrogoz Segata Sanshiro is a pretty powerful martial artist. He can create copies of himself and even without them his hand to hand skills should not be underestimated. The One Above All is a cosmic being of almost unmatched potential, but the problem is that he has not yet learned to embrace it to its fullest potential. Perhaps one day TOAA can shed his limits, but until then he will be one fist short. Segata Sanshiro wins.

Sherlock Holmes vs One Above All

Sherlock Holmes Basil Rathbone baskervilles 2

This is a tribute to The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. This detective definitely doesn’t go down with a fight and it’s safe to say that his gun is enough to take down someone like TOAA. TOAA is about as fast as the average person and most people can’t dodge gun blasts. Holmes also has a cane at the ready to smack TOAA with if the guy gets too close. He can’t win from close range or afar. Sherlock Holmes wins.

One Above All vs Kiva

Suggested by Anonymous The One Above All has fought many times on the blog so he certainly has a lot of experience. That being said, he doesn’t have enough experience to take on someone like Kiva. Kiva is stronger than TOAA and also has better hand to hand techniques. The One Above All can do his best to delay the outcome of the fight but he can’t change it. Kiva wins

Captain Underpants vs One Above All

Suggested by Anonymous I’m afraid that while the One Above All is a rather strong cosmic being, his actual abilities have been open to debate for many years. The fact of the matter is….this guy is basically just an old man. I’m afraid that this is simply not good enough to try and take on someone like Captain Underpants. Captain Underpants may not have actual super powers, but he can still throw a mean punch and is actually in fairly good shape for an old guy. I think he would be able to surprise some people and win this fight. Captain Underpants wins.