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Kaito Daimon vs Kaito Kid

Suggested by Sonic Kaito Daimon and Kaito Kid are both master strategists. They try to command the situation by staying a few moves ahead of the others. Daimond definitely has the edge here as a result. He’s the puzzle king and has taken just about everyone down over the years. Kaito Kid manages to mostly get ties at best and is certainly not ready for actual combat. He just wouldn’t be able to stand up to a phi brain and Daimon has shown a lot of endurance in the past. Kaito Daimon wins.

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Kaito Daimon vs One Above All

Considering that Kaito wants to challenge the Puzzle of god, it makes sense that he should fight the One Above All. Still, he will be quite disappointed since TOAA just isn’t much of a fighter or a thinker. I’d wager that Kaito is both tougher and smarter than the One Above All. Yes, it is quite the claim, but it’s one that I am confident about sticking with. It just makes a lot of practical sense when you think about it. If the One Above All was really tough I’m sure we would have seen some proof in the comics by now. Kaito Daimon wins.

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Kaito Daimon vs Bass


Kaito Daimon had a good run, but there’s no way he can beat Bass. Bass is still at the pinnicle of power. There is no being who is stronger than him and I doubt very much that there ever will be. The amount of power that he has been able to obtain is almost limitless. With a single gesture he can change the landscape around him. Kaito can try to find a way around this puzzle of a fight, but there isn’t any exit. He will just have to accept his fate and lose this round. Bass wins.

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Kaito Daimon vs Jigsaw Jones


It’s time for Kaito Daimon to finally show himself on the blog. He’s definitely a genius who can solve just about any puzzle. Super intelligent characters like that tend to make for pretty solid leads as they’re so rare. It’s nice to see them in the lead spot for once to see the thought process behind their decisions. Jigsaw is very smart in his own right, but he’s just a little outmatched here. He won’t be able to solve the mystery of who’s going to win this match in time. Kaito Daimon wins.