Kaito Daimon vs Kaito Kid

Suggested by Sonic Kaito Daimon and Kaito Kid are both master strategists. They try to command the situation by staying a few moves ahead of the others. Daimond definitely has the edge here as a result. He’s the puzzle king and has taken just about everyone down over the years. Kaito Kid manages to mostly get ties at best and is certainly not ready for actual combat. He just wouldn’t be able to stand up to a phi brain and Daimon has shown a lot of endurance in the past. Kaito Daimon wins.

Magic Kaito

I’ve finally started the Detective Conan spinoff, Magic Kaito. This series follows the adventures of the mysterious Kaito Kid, except he isn’t as mysterious as he seems. I never cared all that much for him, but he’s actually a pretty bad character here. Still, the art is pretty solid and I’m hoping for some Conan appearances. It’s off to a decent start though and the fact that there are people here with actual powers is interesting. I’ll give it a review when the series finishes.

Overall 7/10

Kaito Kid vs Train

Kaito Kid has made his debut onto the blog! He has many good gadgets, which allow him to be a great thief, but Train is an expert fighter with nothing to lose. His gun skills are greater than Kaito Kid’s and Train also has the nice advantage of sped and power. Kaito Kid would be overwhelmed before long and Train would take him down for the count. Train Heartnet may not be an assassin anymore, but the training never goes away. Train wins.