Robert McCall vs Train

Robert has returned but he won’t be able to do much of anything against Train. Train is an experienced assassin who not only has super speed but an amazing gun that is virtually unbreakable. He can even use the gun to deflect bullets. The problem for Robert here is really that Train’s barely even human when it comes to his stats. He can move faster than the eye can see. Robert is at a huge disadvantage right from the jump and no matter how hard he tries to concentrate on finding a good outcome, it just won’t happen. Train wins.

Yūri (Megalo Box) vs Train

Yuri’s done well so far but now it’s time for him to take a loss. Train is an exceptional hand to hand combatant in his own right and his superior speed would make this an easy win. Yuri can take on other boxers no problem, but taking on Train is a completely different story. Train could also take out his gun and win that way, but at a matter of honor I think he’d take this in close quarters combat. Train wins.

Nathan Algren vs Train

Nathan Algren is a pretty good fighter and not someone that you want to mess with. If he gets close to his target then that is usually game over for the opponent. Still, Train is a lot faster than any human so this wouldn’t apply to him and what’s more, he has the Railgun which covers the long range options. Nathan can’t escape and he can’t outfight Train. It’s over for him. Train wins.

Suki vs Train

Suki is a skilled fighter and one who should not be underestimated in close quarters combat. However, Train is an expert martial artist as well so we shouldn’t overlook that. He has the massive speed advantage here and his Railgun also gives him the edge in long range as well. When pit against such an overwhelming opponent I just don’t see what Suki can do to stay in the fight. She is simply outmatched here. Train wins.

Sulley vs Train

Sulley has returned but he is up against a master marksman. Train never misses his target and Sulley isn’t all that quick as it is. These two factors will result in a very easy win for Train. He certainly hasn’t gotten rusty as the years have gone by. Train even has the legendary Rail Gun that he can whip out if absolutely necessary but I don’t think he will need it. He could win this fight without even using his gun. Train wins.

Roland Deschain vs Train

Roland Deschain has returned, but his luck won’t be quite as good as it was the first time around. He’ll have his hands full trying to take on Train and I just don’t think he has the skills to pull this off. Train will have his way with Roland rather quickly and his Railgun will completely end the fight. Roland has no defense against it and isn’t fast enough to dodge either. Train wins.

Haruo Sakaki vs Train

Haruo Sakaki has finally joined the blog, but this soldier is about to be outgunned right off the bat. Train has the superior tech not to mention that he is a lot faster and stronger than Sakaki. Train has surpassed the limits of the human body and is a master at close quarters combat. Sakaki would be lucky to even block one of Train’s hits before he goes down since he is much slower than this gunman. Train wins.

Train vs Mami Tomoe

Mami Tomoe and Train are both exceptional fighters with guns. They won’t miss a target no matter how far away you place it. That being said, Train’s lightning fast agility allowed him to dash past a crowd and to his target in the blink of an eye. It was an incredible feat and not one that I believe Mami could match. She has a lot of durability and can tank a lot of damage, but her crystal is a pretty big target for Train. He won’t miss the decisive shot. Train wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Mami’s speed makes this fight a quick one. Mami Tomoe wins.

Xavier Quinn vs Train

Xavier Quinn may be skilled with a gun, but Train is a master with it. He can hit a target from any angle with any kind of gun. Train also has super speed and can take out skilled opponents without any equipment. Xavier Quinn wouldn’t last a second against such a person and there is a reason why Train is known as one of the best marksmen in all of media. His skills simply speak for themselves and he’ll never lose a gunfight. Train wins.

Deku vs Train

Can you say knee jerk reaction? I lost all possible respect for Deku in the last chapter of My Hero Academia. While he wasn’t quite as disgraceful as Mirio it doesn’t change the fact that he let the villains get away with a kid for more experiments when he could have done something about it. In the end, he was simply too intimidated by the villains and that’s not a problem that a real hero has. Train certainly wouldn’t make the same mistake and he’s come a long way over the years, but even when he was a villain he wouldn’t cross certain lines. Train has a better set of morals than Deku, that’s for sure. Train wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Deku’s strength is too much. Deku wins.