Gearless Joe vs Yūri (Megalo Box)

Gearless Joe has returned, but now he’s up against the champion of the ring. This one’s a close fight, but Yuri has more skill as a boxer. His experience and raw skill just make it difficult for Joe to really stand a chance here. There’s also the fact that Yuri has better gear. Should he decide to use it then this fight won’t even be all that close. Still, Joe doesn’t give up so he’ll be sure to get some hits in. Yūri (Megalo Box) wins.

Yūri (Megalo Box) vs Train

Yuri’s done well so far but now it’s time for him to take a loss. Train is an exceptional hand to hand combatant in his own right and his superior speed would make this an easy win. Yuri can take on other boxers no problem, but taking on Train is a completely different story. Train could also take out his gun and win that way, but at a matter of honor I think he’d take this in close quarters combat. Train wins.

Yūri (Megalo Box) vs One Above All

Yuri has returned and now he is fighting one of the most well known cosmic beings of all time. One Above All is incredibly powerful so he is certainly not a being that you want to cross. Still, I don’t think he will actually be able to land any meaningful hits on Yuri. Yuri’s a professional boxer so he can dodge TOAA’s punches and counter attack. TOAA has no real defense so the attacks will take him down. Yūri (Megalo Box) wins.

Yūri (Megalo Box) vs Mr Miyagi

It’s time for Yuri to make his debut on the blog. He’s definitely an excellent boxer who managed to make it to the top of the ranks on skill alone. He definitely won’t be losing very easily here. Mr Miyagi is an expert at karate though so it’s not like this will be a cakewalk either. It’s really a question of whether or not Miyagi can keep up and I just don’t think that he has enough speed to do so. A few punches will end this. Yūri (Megalo Box) wins.