Suki vs Train

Suki is a skilled fighter and one who should not be underestimated in close quarters combat. However, Train is an expert martial artist as well so we shouldn’t overlook that. He has the massive speed advantage here and his Railgun also gives him the edge in long range as well. When pit against such an overwhelming opponent I just don’t see what Suki can do to stay in the fight. She is simply outmatched here. Train wins.

Suki vs Asami Sato

Suggested by Eric This match is definitely really close and one of those that could go either way if I ever end up seeing the show. Suki is the superior hand to hand fighter, but Asami’s glove is potentially a one hit KO attack which means that you really can’t count her out of this fight. I think that with her speed it is more than reasonable to assume that she could land a hit if Suki was unarmed, but she still has her sword at the ready. I think the superior fighter should have a better chance of landing the decisive blow. Suki wins.