Suki vs Asami Sato

Suggested by Eric This match is definitely really close and one of those that could go either way if I ever end up seeing the show. Suki is the superior hand to hand fighter, but Asami’s glove is potentially a one hit KO attack which means that you really can’t count her out of this fight. I think that with her speed it is more than reasonable to assume that she could land a hit if Suki was unarmed, but she still has her sword at the ready. I think the superior fighter should have a better chance of landing the decisive blow. Suki wins.


2 thoughts on “Suki vs Asami Sato

  1. The electric glove definitely won’t be something Suki expects. Still, if I recall Suki has bladed fans and a katana. Asami wears nothing but normal clothing. Blades cut through clothing. Do the math.

    • Definitely, one clean slice would be enough to win. Both characters can potentially win in a single shot which is why the more skilled combatant here (Suki) should be able to land the blow first

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