Xavier Quinn vs Train

Xavier Quinn may be skilled with a gun, but Train is a master with it. He can hit a target from any angle with any kind of gun. Train also has super speed and can take out skilled opponents without any equipment. Xavier Quinn wouldn’t last a second against such a person and there is a reason why Train is known as one of the best marksmen in all of media. His skills simply speak for themselves and he’ll never lose a gunfight. Train wins.

Xavier Quinn vs Jackie Brown

Suggested by IKnowledge Both of these characters know how to use a gun and would die to a well placed bullet. As such, it really comes down to which character has more experience and can try to outlast the other. I’d have to go with Xavier here since he is a Police Chief and is more experienced with these confrontations. Jackie did a great job of adapting to the situation and surviving harsh environments, but I just don’t thinks she’ll be able to win this round. Xavier Quinn wins.