Tatsumi vs Deku

Suggested by BassisweakerthanBruceLee Tatsumi has some good armor and he is able to fight along with Assassins so he is quick on his feet and knows how to improvise. Ultimately that’s just not going to be enough to hang with someone as powerful as Deku though. Deku can utilize his 100% power now and so his speed and power are many leagues above Tatsumi’s. The guy likely wouldn’t even be able to track Deku’s movements. Deku wins.

Bunny vs Deku

Deku’s original costume was sort of like a Bunny and this guy’s got that name so the matchup was perfect. Bunny is a strong hero who always does his best to achieve his goals but at the end of the day his physical enhancement ability isn’t quite up to par with Deku’s strength quirk. Deku’s power is much greater than that of Bunny’s and he will be able to very quickly secure the win here. He can move faster than Bunny can perceive him. Deku wins.

Number 6 vs Deku

Number 6 is one of the strongest Vigilante villains around. The guy has super strength, speed, regeneration, and a whole lot of other tricks at his disposal. The guy could take on most fighters but I would still give Deku the edge here. Deku has enough raw power where he should be able to get past Number 6’s regeneration. Additionally with 100% power Deku should be able to match his speed as well. It may be a difficult fight but it’s one that Deku should win. Deku wins.

Momo Yaoyorozu vs Deku

Momo may have the ability to create just about anything but that doesn’t put her in the same league as Deku. His speed is too vast and he would be able to land a counter blow at any point. Momo wouldn’t have a way to take the hit no matter what defenses she puts up. Ultimately this is why Deku is certain that he will be the number 1 hero, he has the skills to win. Deku wins.

Yu-yu Kondo vs Deku

This is a tribute to My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission. Deku may have been on the run but he still managed to take down a ton of villains and show off the power of One for All. I don’t see Yu-yu being able to show that same level of conviction at the moment. While he is improving, Deku has already had his character arcs and is currently much more powerful. I don’t se any of Yu-yu’s cards being able to slow Deku down. Yu-yu Kondo wins.

Tatsumaki vs Deku

Suggested by Sonic Deku is the ultimate close quarters combat fighter in MHA to the point where I’d say he’s currently the strongest fighter alive in that verse. Still, Tatsumaki has had some incredible feats during her recent fights in OPM and should be able to cancel out his attacks with her own long range abilities. Tatsumaki is fast enough to stay out of range and pepper him with psychic blows. I see this being a close battle but Deku can’t break through her defenses. Tatsumaki wins.

Deku vs Dabi

This is a pretty bad matchup for Dabi. His fire abilities are strong but Deku can blow them away with pure power. At that point Dabi has no other defenses which can get pretty tricky for him. Deku also has enough power to end this in one punch since Dabi doesn’t exactly have any more durability than an average person. So while Dabi is a pretty important villain, he wouldn’t last more than a few seconds against Deku. Deku wins.

Lightning McQueen vs Deku

Suggested by Destroyer Lightning McQueen is a very fast car with a lot of determination. This determination allows him to conquer many races along the way to becoming the champ. That won’t be enough against a kid with abilities that can crush whole cities. Deku wouldn’t need his full power to take this guy out. A quick punch or even a shockwave will knock Lightning off the track and at that point he just won’t be able to recover. Deku wins.

Gentle Criminal vs Deku

Still one of the best fights in all of My Hero Academia, possibly the best fight of them all. Gentle Criminal really gave Deku a hard time and proved himself to be one of the strongest characters in the series. His ability to manipulate the air pressure and bounce himself around is very handy. Still, Deku’s continued to grow since this fight. At maximum power Deku will just be too fast and powerful for Criminal’s tricks to do much more than buy time. Deku is just too much for him and there is always that point where your physical abilities are able to break through any hax that stands in its way. Deku is already at that point. Deku wins.

Goku vs Deku

Deku wants to be the world’s number one hero, but he definitely isn’t ready for that title yet. He would need to aspire to be someone like Goku who has held the mantle for a very long time in his universe. Deku is pretty strong but definitely not in quite the same league. Goku can end whole universes in a single shot while Deku would likely still be country level at the moment. Nothing to sneeze at mind you, but still not on Goku’s level quite yet. Goku wins.