Yu-yu Kondo vs Larry Talbot

This is a tribute to the Wolfman. Larry Talbot is usually calm under pressure and ready to roll but in the reboot he didn’t do as well and rushed in the romance department. Meanwhile Yu-yu Kondo has had slow but consistent development. His army of monsters will crush Larry in an instant. He’s just not going down and a Werewolf won’t scare him in the slightest. Yu-yu Kondo wins.

Yu-yu Kondo vs Michael Myers

This is a tribute to Halloween: Resurrection. Myers may be back but he took some pretty big Ls here and proved that he isn’t ready to take on an experienced hand to hand fighter. So Yu-yu is going to have a massive advantage in this fight since he can just keep pressuring Myers until he takes the win. Myers isn’t ready to take on an entire card monster army so I imagine that he’ll go down in seconds. Yu-yu Kondo wins.

Yu-yu Kondo vs Creeper

This is a tribute to Jeepers Creepers 3. Creeper still has trouble taking down enough humans before his time of slumber arrives. The guy’s truck does most of the work here. He would not stand a chance against Yu-yu. Yu-yu may have been a rather underwhelming character for a long time but he ultimately started to get better by season 2 and now in season 3 he really has skills. His card skills will quickly overwhelm Creeper and take him down for the count. Yu-yu Kondo wins.

Yu-yu Kondo vs Deku

This is a tribute to My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission. Deku may have been on the run but he still managed to take down a ton of villains and show off the power of One for All. I don’t see Yu-yu being able to show that same level of conviction at the moment. While he is improving, Deku has already had his character arcs and is currently much more powerful. I don’t se any of Yu-yu’s cards being able to slow Deku down. Yu-yu Kondo wins.