Yu-yu Kondo vs Creeper

This is a tribute to Jeepers Creepers 3. Creeper still has trouble taking down enough humans before his time of slumber arrives. The guy’s truck does most of the work here. He would not stand a chance against Yu-yu. Yu-yu may have been a rather underwhelming character for a long time but he ultimately started to get better by season 2 and now in season 3 he really has skills. His card skills will quickly overwhelm Creeper and take him down for the count. Yu-yu Kondo wins.

Thor vs Creeper

This is a tribute to Thor:Love and Thunder as well as Creeper 2. The Creeper has a lot of abilities but still can’t manage to beat a bus of teens without a whole lot of trouble. He’s not going to scare Thor who could end him in a single strike. Thor may have had his off moments in the movie to be sure but ultimately he would go on to win the fights that mattered and didn’t let vengeance cloud his mind. The Creeper wishes he had Thor’s combat experience. Thor wins.

Yomogi Asanaka vs Creeper

This is a tribute to the first Jeeper’s Creepers film. The Creeper has regeneration and he’s reasonably strong but ultimately he doesn’t have that flair a villain needs to really go into the next level. The guy barely has any real goals beyond general destruction and so Yomogi would show him a thing or too. Yomogi is a capable warrior and he’s not afraid to push his limits. Creeper won’t be doing much against him here. Yomogi Asanaka wins.