Yu-yu Kondo vs Michael Myers

This is a tribute to Halloween: Resurrection. Myers may be back but he took some pretty big Ls here and proved that he isn’t ready to take on an experienced hand to hand fighter. So Yu-yu is going to have a massive advantage in this fight since he can just keep pressuring Myers until he takes the win. Myers isn’t ready to take on an entire card monster army so I imagine that he’ll go down in seconds. Yu-yu Kondo wins.

Tiger vs Michael Myers

This is a tribute to the 20 Years Later Halloween movie as well as the second Tiger & Bunny film. This time Myers is back for another loss. Tiger was able to come up with a good plan and learned that sometimes you need to take a back seat in order to claim victory. I thought that was a good lesson and it’s one that doesn’t pop up very often. Myers won’t be doing anything against Tiger here. The gap in their abilities is too great, Myers might as well be a random joe next to someone like Tiger. Tiger wins.

Dr Fate vs Michael Myers

This is a tribute to the Curse of Michael Myers. At the end of the day Myers may take a lot of noncombatants down but he always gets foiled in the end. He may have super strength but he doesn’t use tactics in his fights and won’t win the big ones. Dr Fate should be able to quickly take him down with a few powerful magical blasts. There isn’t a way to get around those and Myers will quickly be out of his depth. He doesn’t have the speed to dodge them. Dr Fate wins.

Michael Myers vs Dracula

Suggested by Sonic Michael Myers may have more durability on his corner than most horror villains but Dracula isn’t a stranger to regeneration either. He can also turn into a bat although that’s not very helpful in this fight. No, Dracula’s main advantage here is that he’s rather powerful and his super strength is far greater than anything Myers has shown. Michael Myers doesn’t have the benefit of Dracula freezing in place at the worst possible time so he will be vanquished here. Dracula wins.

Michael Myers vs Tohya Ebata

This is a tribute to Halloween 4. Myers managed to take down quite a lot of his enemies but at the end of the day he just couldn’t seal the deal. That’s why he won’t stand a chance against Tohya. Tohya’s cards are more than a match for anything that Myers has at his disposal. Myers may have some decent speed at times but he has no long range options which is not a great matchup when one of Tohya’s cards can split the sky itself. This will be over in a flash. Tohya Ebata wins.

Mr Game and Watch vs Michael Myers

Suggested by Destroyer Michael Myers is pretty good at scaring people but he’s definitely not going to take down Mr Game and Watch. Game and Watch is able to change shapes and has some basic items that are good for any kind of fighting scenario. His torch will keep Myers at bay and then the hammer will finish the job. Michael Myers is fairly durable so he can stretch this out a bit but ultimately his efforts will be futile. Mr Game and Watch wins.

Michael Myers vs Bass

This is a tribute to Halloween 2. Well, Myers definitely seemed more like your classic horror villain here as the movie basically confirmed that he was bulletproof. We got a little more supernatural here, but that still isn’t nearly enough to get him to match someone like Bass. Bass can easily destroy the planet in an instant and there’s no way that Michael Myers can hope to survive such an attack. He is simply outmatched. Bass wins.

Michael Myers vs Pyrrha Nikos

Suggested by Destroyer Michael Myers is certainly a scary figure that you don’t want to run into at a dark alley. That being said, he is hardly a threat to someone like Pyrrha. She is quick enough to dodge his predictable strikes and her aura would protect her even if she took the hit. She wouldn’t even need her semblance as basic hand to hand skills would be enough for her to overwhelm Myers. Pyrrha wins.

Rokuro vs Michael Myers

maxresdefault (3)

This is a tribute to the first Halloween film. Myers only got so far because of plot convenience and random super strength. He wouldn’t last long against a real fighter like Rokuro. Rokuro’s attack and speed are so high that he is one of the strongest unknown fighters out there. He can give just about anyone a good fight and could certainly end Michael Myers in a single hit. No time to get scared this way. Rokuro wins.

Ghostface (Loomis) vs Michael Myers

michael myers
Ghostface (Loomis) is probably more of a psycho than Michael Myers, but that’s pretty hard to say for sure. They’re both probably around even in that regard. Unfortunately for Ghostface, he lacks superhuman abilities so Michael will really be able to walk all over him. Michael has some regeneration and he’s survived getting shot over 10 times. His super strength is even greater than Captain America’s so…this will be a victory for him. Michael Myers wins.