Tiger vs Michael Myers

This is a tribute to the 20 Years Later Halloween movie as well as the second Tiger & Bunny film. This time Myers is back for another loss. Tiger was able to come up with a good plan and learned that sometimes you need to take a back seat in order to claim victory. I thought that was a good lesson and it’s one that doesn’t pop up very often. Myers won’t be doing anything against Tiger here. The gap in their abilities is too great, Myers might as well be a random joe next to someone like Tiger. Tiger wins.


2 thoughts on “Tiger vs Michael Myers

  1. I don’t think Mr. Myers has a chance, What next?
    Mac Metaphor and Doc Nakano: (surveying a battle between Yhwach and Marvel’s Abomination) Did…did he j…j… just overflow what remains of the Aral Sea by the Abomination displacing his own weight in water?

    (Surveying Mario vs a Monitor Lizard): Looks like it was bloody all around.

    (Surveying Quinlan Vos vs. The Joker): The Joker has become the butt of the Joke!/S

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