Tiger vs Michael Myers

This is a tribute to the 20 Years Later Halloween movie as well as the second Tiger & Bunny film. This time Myers is back for another loss. Tiger was able to come up with a good plan and learned that sometimes you need to take a back seat in order to claim victory. I thought that was a good lesson and it’s one that doesn’t pop up very often. Myers won’t be doing anything against Tiger here. The gap in their abilities is too great, Myers might as well be a random joe next to someone like Tiger. Tiger wins.

Tiger vs Scooby Doo

This is a tribute to both the first Tiger & Bunny film as well as the Scooby Doo crossover with Courage. Usually Shaggy ends up getting these tributes but Scooby got a lot to do with how he was mind controlled/cursed and all. Ultimately he didn’t look good though, I couldn’t believe it when he just ran out without telling the group. That was crazy and it’s hard to get back from that. Tiger may not be the strongest hero but at least he makes the right calls. Tiger wins.

Yusuke vs Tiger

Tiger is a strong fighter but he’s not quite on Yusuke’s level. He can amp up his strength and speed for a limited time but even at his best he isn’t moving as quickly as Yusuke. Yusuke was a really powerful guy even before he died, at least relative to the other humans. After that his development really kicked in and at this point it just wouldn’t be a contest between them. Yusuke wins.

Leo (Red Earth) vs Tiger

Leo is a strong and capable warrior but at the end of the day he’s a power type who isn’t well equipped to deal with Tiger’s speed. Tiger should be able to easily stay a few steps ahead of him throughout the whole fight. Leo’s swings will just keep on missing and ultimately that means he won’t have a way to deal damage. He’ll go down after a few full powered blows. Tiger wins.