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Solomon Grundy vs Yusuke

Suggested by iKnowledge Solomon Grundy is definitely a strong fighter, but he’s got nothing on Yusuke. Yusuke’s power was already enough to take on high level demons like Toguro and that was before he tapped into his own demonic energies. Grundy may be nearly immortal, but he’ll definitely be feeling Yusuke’s attacks. I don’t think he will be able to stand up to them for very long and will ultimately be doomed to go down. The difference in speed is also something he’ll need to watch out for. Yusuke wins.

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Yusuke vs Guyver

Yusuke’s been on a roll, but so has Guyver. Guyver’s abilities lend well to combat as he has good strength, durability, and speed. He’s essentially the complete package that you want to see in any fighter. He won’t go down easy, but the same can be said for Yusuke in every regard. In fact, Yusuke still has the edge here because he simply operates at a higher level. No opponent is getting past his Spirit Gun unscathed and Guyver’s armor will shatter. Yusuke wins.

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Yusuke vs Rodin

maxresdefault (3)
Rodin has some powerful attacks like his demonic arms and legs that can be summoned through portals. They aren’t quite fast enough to hit Yusuke though and his durability is legendary. It will take a lot more than that to put him into the ground and I suspect that he won’t even need his demon form to win this battle. Rodin’s no pushover, but Yusuke is a top tier fighter who can easily overpower most opponents. This match won’t pose any trouble for him. Yusuke wins.

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Neferpitou vs Yusuke

Neferpitou is a very powerful Chimera Ant, but I don’t think she would be able to handle Yusuke. She is very fast, but had a hard time reacting to the Chairman’s palms attack. It would be just as difficult to evade Yusuke’s spirit gun since in its final form the blast is about as big as a Kamehameha. Yusuke is also an expert brawler who moves with lightning fast speed. While Neferpitou might be able to hang in there for a little while to make this a good fight, she would ultimately be overwhelmed by his abilities. Yusuke wins.

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Ryuunosuke vs Yusuke

Yusuke’s Spirit Gun is a classic at this point and most enemies are instantly defeated by it. Ryuunosuke would be no exception as such a blast would instantly vaporize him. He really has no defense against that kind of attack. The gap in ability between these two fighters is pretty large and it will be very hard to overcome it…in fact, it will be impossible for Ryuunosuke. Yusuke wins.

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James Bond vs Yusuke

Sean Connery as James Bond
James Bond is tough, but he just doesn’t have enough skills to win this round. James Bond is out of his league in every area. Bond has a gun, but when has that ever stopped anyone? Lets face it, James Bond is destined to keep on losing on the blog. Yusuke could win this round with a single Spirit Gun blast and James Bond just wouldn’t stand a chance. Yusuke wins.

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Brook vs Yusuke

It’s time for Brook to take another loss. Yusuke’s Spirit Gun could defeat him in one shot. Brook doesn’t have enough speed to dodge the blast and his durability won’t be enough to endure it either. Yusuke’s just on another level at this point and it will be a pretty easy win for him. Brook keeps sinking down the blog ranks. Yusuke wins.

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Yusuke vs Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk is back, but it’s not for a win! He’s completely and utterly outclassed by Yusuke in this round. One Spirit Gun is enough to take Captain Kirk down for the count. Captain Kirk just doesn’t possess the level of durability that is needed to endure such an intense blast of energy. Yusuke wins.

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Yusuke vs Yami Yugi

Yami Yugi is back and he has a lot of cards at his disposal. He has dozens and dozens of monsters, but Yusuke is the spirit detective for a reason. He’s dealt with many strong monsters and demons back in his day, but in the end they were never enough to take him down. Yami Yugi takes a loss in this round. Yusuke wins.