Morihito Otogi vs Yusuke

Morihito is a strong hand to hand fighter who is buffed by the ogre blood. So he could definitely crush any normal human but that doesn’t apply to the demonic fighter known as Yusuke. A single Spirit Gun would absolutely crush Morihito and the guy isn’t fast or strong enough to stop that attack from landing. It would be a guaranteed 1 hit KO move and that illustrates the gap between these two. Yusuke wins.

Yusuke vs Tiger

Tiger is a strong fighter but he’s not quite on Yusuke’s level. He can amp up his strength and speed for a limited time but even at his best he isn’t moving as quickly as Yusuke. Yusuke was a really powerful guy even before he died, at least relative to the other humans. After that his development really kicked in and at this point it just wouldn’t be a contest between them. Yusuke wins.

Yusuke vs Zero

Suggested by Sonic Zero has his Z saber and multiple lifetimes worth of experience. That said, he isn’t going to be ready to duke it out with someone like Yusuke here. Yusuke has the massive edge in power and speed. As good as Zero is, his durability also isn’t quite up to par with Yusuke’s. When a robotic part is destroyed there is no coming back from that and Yusuke hits with the best of them. Ultimately this fight will become worse for Zero as it goes on. Yusuke wins.

Yama Baylord vs Yusuke

Yama Baylord is a fierce fighter who likes to take his opponents on in a very up close and personal style. He just keeps attacking over and over until his attacks finish off his opponent. That’s fine, Yusuke is certainly happy to oblige in that kind of fight. As it stands he has more durability than Yama and his speed can’t be matched. It would be a fun fight but the spirit detective comes out on top. Yusuke wins.

Yuji Itadori vs Yusuke

Yuji and Yusuke are both street brawlers. They know how to fight due to their experience in these matches and have continued to hone their abilities through the years. While Yuji continues to grow stronger, at this point he isn’t quite ready to deal with Yusuke. Yusuke’s demonic aura and abilities currently outmatch that of Yuji’s and I see no way for the guy to block the spirit gun. Yusuke wins.

Yusuke vs Testament

Testament is pretty strong to be able to wield the scythe the way that he does. That’s certainly not something than any ole fighter could do. That being said, he’s still got nothing on Yusuke here. Yusuke would be able to easily blow him away when he fires the Spirit Gun. It would completely shatter all of Testament’s armor and his weapon as it blasts him away. There’s nothing Testament can do to dodge or block the attack either so he’s really doomed. Yusuke wins.

Solomon Grundy vs Yusuke

Suggested by iKnowledge Solomon Grundy is definitely a strong fighter, but he’s got nothing on Yusuke. Yusuke’s power was already enough to take on high level demons like Toguro and that was before he tapped into his own demonic energies. Grundy may be nearly immortal, but he’ll definitely be feeling Yusuke’s attacks. I don’t think he will be able to stand up to them for very long and will ultimately be doomed to go down. The difference in speed is also something he’ll need to watch out for. Yusuke wins.

Yusuke vs Guyver

Yusuke’s been on a roll, but so has Guyver. Guyver’s abilities lend well to combat as he has good strength, durability, and speed. He’s essentially the complete package that you want to see in any fighter. He won’t go down easy, but the same can be said for Yusuke in every regard. In fact, Yusuke still has the edge here because he simply operates at a higher level. No opponent is getting past his Spirit Gun unscathed and Guyver’s armor will shatter. Yusuke wins.

Yusuke vs Rodin

maxresdefault (3)
Rodin has some powerful attacks like his demonic arms and legs that can be summoned through portals. They aren’t quite fast enough to hit Yusuke though and his durability is legendary. It will take a lot more than that to put him into the ground and I suspect that he won’t even need his demon form to win this battle. Rodin’s no pushover, but Yusuke is a top tier fighter who can easily overpower most opponents. This match won’t pose any trouble for him. Yusuke wins.

Neferpitou vs Yusuke

Neferpitou is a very powerful Chimera Ant, but I don’t think she would be able to handle Yusuke. She is very fast, but had a hard time reacting to the Chairman’s palms attack. It would be just as difficult to evade Yusuke’s spirit gun since in its final form the blast is about as big as a Kamehameha. Yusuke is also an expert brawler who moves with lightning fast speed. While Neferpitou might be able to hang in there for a little while to make this a good fight, she would ultimately be overwhelmed by his abilities. Yusuke wins.