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Neferpitou vs Yusuke

Neferpitou is a very powerful Chimera Ant, but I don’t think she would be able to handle Yusuke. She is very fast, but had a hard time reacting to the Chairman’s palms attack. It would be just as difficult to evade Yusuke’s spirit gun since in its final form the blast is about as big as a Kamehameha. Yusuke is also an expert brawler who moves with lightning fast speed. While Neferpitou might be able to hang in there for a little while to make this a good fight, she would ultimately be overwhelmed by his abilities. Yusuke wins.

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Neferpitou vs Haruko Haruhara

Haruko likes messing around and interfering with school romances, but when it comes to a fight she is never prepared. Running around won’t save her in this fight as Pitou is way too fast for her. Neferpitou’s en ensures that the target is always within reach. Haruko can’t hope to escape and she really can’t fight back much either. Her guitar simply isn’t a match for Pitou’s aura. Neferpitou wins.