Neferpitou vs Sakuya Izayoi

Sakuya is talented both in close quarters with her sharp tools as well as long range thanks to her many blasters. That said, she doesn’t have nearly enough speed to deal with Neferpitou. Neferpitou’s speed is completely out of this world. She would be able to close the gap between the two fighters in an instant and at that point it would be game over for Sakuya. Sakuya would not be able to block or dodge the opening strike. Neferpitou wins.

Sakuya Izayoi vs Sans

Suggested by Joemam2356 Sans is a pretty tricky opponent from the Undertale series. He has a lot of different projectiles that he can fire off and even seems to be able to bend reality to an extent. Then you have Sakuya who can fire off incredible amounts of projectiles. It’s often hard to even see where you are going once she starts firing. I would say that her overwhelming firepower will be enough to stop Sans here. He just isn’t ready to deal with that kind of power and won’t be fast enough to avoid the blows. Sakuya Izayoi wins.