Yoshino Himekawa vs Sans

Suggested by Joemama Sans is back but he won’t fare any better against Yoshino. While she may look like a nice kid, she has abilities that would destroy Sans in an instant. Her ice abilities are completely lethal and she can create a blizzard with incredible range. Sans won’t be able to dodge the attacks in time and instead will be crushed right away. Yoshino rarely gets serious in a fight so his best chance would be to overwhelm her from the start but the issue is that her defense is just as good if not better than her attack power. Yoshino Himekawa wins.

Saber vs Sans

Suggested by Joemama Sans is definitely a very well known character in Undertale and he did a good job of keeping the main character at bay. His attacks are rather hard to picture in a 3D environment but they would be hard to dodge. Still, Saber is massively faster than Sans to the point where she could end this with a single strike. He has no way to dodge her attack, nor could he endure it. Ultimately that’s why Sans will fall here. Saber wins.

Sakuya Izayoi vs Sans

Suggested by Joemam2356 Sans is a pretty tricky opponent from the Undertale series. He has a lot of different projectiles that he can fire off and even seems to be able to bend reality to an extent. Then you have Sakuya who can fire off incredible amounts of projectiles. It’s often hard to even see where you are going once she starts firing. I would say that her overwhelming firepower will be enough to stop Sans here. He just isn’t ready to deal with that kind of power and won’t be fast enough to avoid the blows. Sakuya Izayoi wins.

Sans vs Akame

Suggested by Random Sans is a tricky fellow, but he’s not all that great in close quarters combat. Akame has the massive advantage in this match up as she can run rings around Sans and also crush him with brute strength. Sans feels completely out of his league here, although he’s got a nice dance rhythm going on. It just won’t be enough to defeat this master assassin. Hopefully the Undertale villain will manage to grab a win soon enough. Akame wins.

Sans vs Esdeath

Sans is the main villain of Undertale and he makes for a decently powerful final boss. That being said, he is a little outmatched against a warrior of Esdeath’s ability. She completely outranks him in speed and power. I don’t believe that any of Sans’ energy blasts will be able to hit her and Esdeath has enough ice to block all of these attacks with ease as well. Sans will effectively be out of attack options and that is deadly in this fight. Esdeath wins.