Sasuke vs Esdeath

Suggested by Friday Esdeath has very powerful ice abilities and can really make things difficult for Sasuke here. That being said, he has the Sharingan and speed that can match hers. His ultimate defenses can block her strongest attacks and while her reaction times can buy her some time in the match, it will not be nearly enough to actually turn the tides of battle. Sasuke wins.

Vergil vs Esdeath


Suggested by Random Vergil has always been a very tough opponent for Dante. His skills are at their peak and seriously injuring Vergil is difficult. It would take fast but heavy attacks that keep on striking until he is down. This is something that Esdeath could certainly pull off, but I think her speed isn’t enough to get past his reaction times. Her ice skills are unmatched but in Vergil’s final form he would just slice through it all. Vergil wins.

Esdeath vs Kyurem

Suggested by Random Esdeath has been fighting quite a lot of opponents lately and she’s still got a few left to go. Kyurem is a pretty impressive Pokemon whose ice abilities are certainly top tier among the various powerhouses of Pokemon. His speed is solid as well and his attack arsenal is large. Still, he will have a hard time keeping up with Esdeath and while her ice attacks may not do much in terms of freezing him, they can still pierce his armor like skin. Esdeath wins.

King Vegeta vs Esdeath

Suggested by Random King Vegeta isn’t usually thought of as a particularly powerful Saiyan despite being the king. His power level was only 10000 after all which doesn’t sound very impressive by the end. Still, he was shown to be able to destroy multiple planets which is extremely impressive. Esdeath may end up having the edge in raw speed, but I don’t think she will be in the same league as King Vegeta in power which will end up being the deciding factor in this battle. King Vegeta wins.

Shinnok vs Esdeath

Suggested by Random Shinnok is a powerful Mortal Kombat character. From what I’ve read he is easily one of the strongest beings in the entire verse. Still, I don’t expect he will have any way to counter Esdeath’s immense speed. She will keep him running all throughout the match until she finally lands the decisive blows that she needs to win. Shinnok won’t have any time to manage a proper counter attack. Esdeath wins.

Scorpion vs Esdeath

Suggested by Random Scorpion is a pretty strong Spiderman villain who is probably underratted. He can physically keep up with Spiderman and even surpasses him depending on the suit. Once he lands a hit on you the poison will do the rest. That being said, he’ll have a hard time landing a hit on Esdeath because of her speed as well as the large amount of ice that she always has at the ready. It will effectively block all of his incoming attacks and that will destroy any possible momentum that he may have had. Esdeath wins.

Jiren vs Esdeath

maxresdefault (9)
Suggested by Random Esdeath is a skilled ice fighter who has great reaction times, but this is a particularly bad match up for her. Jiren’s aura is as hot as lava so just by powering up he will melt her attacks. He can also move a lot faster than she can hope to react so in a snap all of her advantages are rendered moot. She simply can’t keep up with a fighter of this level and Jiren will be able to claim victory in an instant. This is what it means to be known as one of the strongest. Jiren wins.

Esdeath vs Caulifla

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Suggested by Random Esdeath is an ice master the likes of which are rare all across media. Her speed and reflexes prevent her ice abilities from becoming a crutch either. Still, the ice won’t work as a weapon this time since Caulifla can easily shatter it with her aura. Caulifla’s speed will also surpass Esdeath’s reflexes and let’s not get started on her long range advantage. Caulifla is off to a good start on this fighting blog. Caulifla wins.

Goku vs Esdeath

Suggested by Random Esdeath can control ice with great precision. Fighting her is a chilling experience for the average fighter but Goku is no stranger to the cold. He once took on Android 13 in frigid conditions after all ad still appeared to be able to fight normally Esdeath is strong but the fact of the matter is that Goku is just a lot stronger and faster. He could end the whole star system with a single shot. Goku wins.

Zamasu vs Esdeath

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Suggested by Random Esdeath is a skilled ice type fighter whose reaction time is fairly impressive. I have noticed a trend there as ice fighters usually react well which makes sense I suppose. Still, it won’t help her much here as you can react to someone destroying the solar system but what are you going to do about it? Ultimately there just isn’t much that you can do in this situation, that’s the problem. Zamasu wins.