Scorpion vs Esdeath

Suggested by Random Scorpion is a pretty strong Spiderman villain who is probably underratted. He can physically keep up with Spiderman and even surpasses him depending on the suit. Once he lands a hit on you the poison will do the rest. That being said, he’ll have a hard time landing a hit on Esdeath because of her speed as well as the large amount of ice that she always has at the ready. It will effectively block all of his incoming attacks and that will destroy any possible momentum that he may have had. Esdeath wins.

Scorpion vs Batman

Scorpion is a Spiderman villain that is technically impressive as far as strength goes. Unfortunately, he’s usually portrayed as a D rank opponent and that’s what he would be to Batman. Batman is far more experienced than the Scorpion and that’s how he will win. Batman will quickly overwhelm him with brains over brawn! Batman wins.

Scorpion vs Spiderman

Scorpion is one of Spiderman’s more popular villains, but is he truly a match for Spiderman? His speed is decently good and he does have a lot of power. The reason why he can never defeat Spiderman is because he has no Spider Sense. That Spider Sense has served Spiderman very well in the past and it continues to help him out. I just don’t think that Scorpion can keep up with him. Spiderman wins.

Scorpion vs Gemini Saga

Gemini Saga is a being of immense power. With one blast he can take out many opponents. Scorpion is just one of them. He lacks the raw power that Gemini Saga has. Gemini Saga gets another win and rises up the blog ranks. Scorpion doesn’t have enough raw power to take down Gemini Saga. Gemini Saga is just too powerful. Gemini Saga wins.