Hope Summers vs Jean Grey

This is a tribute to Dark Phoenix. Hope Summers is definitely a very powerful fighter and one of the best modern Marvel characters. At this point it may be a stretch to say that she is all that new, but I would still consider her to be recent. She is incredibly powerful and has had the Phoenix Force as well, but I wouldn’t say that any host has ever reached Jean’s level of abilities. She is still the most powerful TK user in Marvel and while Hope would give her a great fight, ultimately she would be defeated. Jean Grey wins.

Gohan vs Jean Grey

Jean Grey has the Phoenix Force within her and one of the coolest costumes in all of Marvel. That being said, she isn’t quite ready to take on someone like Gohan. Gohan has his Mystic Form and at his peak he is almost as strong as Goku. Jean Grey will get completely overwhelmed by Gohan and his fierce attacks like the Masenko. He can take the strongest flames that Jean can throw out and that’s only if he wants to get burned. Gohan has the speed to dodge all of her attacks with ease anyway so he has the massive edge here. Gohan wins.

Jean Grey vs Joker

Suggested by iKnowledge Jean Grey is a very skilled telepath whose experience with the Phoenix also gave her some real combat abilities. While she probably couldn’t do much to Joker’s mind, she won’t even need too. Joker won’t really be able to defend himself from her physical attacks. He is completely helpless against the Phoenix Force and its unrelenting fire strikes. His best hope would be to trick Jean Grey into looking at his mind, but she is too smart for that. Jean Grey wins.

Jean Grey vs Judgeman

Judgeman is a pretty skilled netnavi and he should not be underestimated. At the same time, it is still easy to see that he cant win this round. Jean Grey has a decent amount of strength and her speed is at a high level as well. Judgeman never got a lot of feats in the show and that certainly doesnt help his case here. Jean Grey wins.

Superman vs Jean Grey

Jean Grey is a pretty powerful telepath and in Phoenix Force is also deadly, but she’s up against the Man of Steel! With one punch he can destroy whole planets and his speed is legendary! Let’s not forget all of his other abilities as well! Jean Grey drops down the ranks with this loss. Superman wins.

Jean Grey vs Hercule

Jean Grey has the Phoenix Force and with it she can take down many fighters! One of them is the “legendary” Hercule. Hercule may have a jet pack and some mild hand to hand skills, but in the end it won’t be enough to take down Jean Grey. Jean Grey is too fast and far too powerful. Jean Grey wins.

Jean Grey vs Sinister

Sinister finally makes his debut appearance! He may have optic blasts and Apocalypse form, but defeating the Phoenix is never what you’d call an easy task. With one blast she can destroy whole planets! She can also punch the living daylights out of him thanks to her Phoenix enhanced power. Jean Grey wins.

Orphan Maker vs Jean Grey

Orphan Maker is a villain who has a pretty snazzy robot suit, but as a character never got to be one of the cooler villains. He also lacks Phoenix powers which pretty much means it’s an insta loss against Jean Grey. Jean Grey could win this round in one good fire blast. Orphan Maker drops down the ranks. Jean Grey wins.

Jean Grey vs Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is back for another fight. With her hex powers she’s a tricky opponent to fight. Of course since Jean Grey has the Phoenix Force she doesn’t need to worry about such things. Jean Grey wins this match thanks to her Planet Breaking power. She can even destroy solar systems in a short time. Jean Grey wins.

Chameleon vs Jean Grey

Jean Grey has the phoenix force and with it she can pwn Chameleon. He just doesn’t have the same skills that she has. With the wave of her hand she can shoot a blast of fire so intense that it would defeat Chameleon instantly. Jean Grey rises up the ranks with this win, while Chameleon takes a fall. Jean Grey wins.