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Jiren vs Gohan

Jiren’s been on a roll and even Gohan won’t be enough to stop him here. Jiren is easily one of the strongest characters of all time. Aside from characters with fusion as an option I dare say that at this point only Goku can take him down from the DB universe and counting other characters that list may only jump to 3. Jiren is a top contender and while Gohan won’t go down without a fight, it’s hard to really see him dealing much damage here. Once Jiren gets serious then it’s all over. Jiren wins.

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Gohan vs Yoh

Yoh is definitely a powerful shaman, but he still isn’t anywhere close to being ready to deal with a Saiyan like Gohan. Gohan has his Mystic form which makes him effectively invincible against almost all fighters. I don’t think Yoh will really have any answer to this form. The kid’s attacks are strong, but none of them are fast enough to land and Gohan’s attacks are also considerably more powerful. A Kamehameha wave should end this. Gohan wins.

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Gohan vs Jean Grey

Jean Grey has the Phoenix Force within her and one of the coolest costumes in all of Marvel. That being said, she isn’t quite ready to take on someone like Gohan. Gohan has his Mystic Form and at his peak he is almost as strong as Goku. Jean Grey will get completely overwhelmed by Gohan and his fierce attacks like the Masenko. He can take the strongest flames that Jean can throw out and that’s only if he wants to get burned. Gohan has the speed to dodge all of her attacks with ease anyway so he has the massive edge here. Gohan wins.

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Kenshin vs Gohan

Suggested by Destroyer Kenshin is certainly one of the most skilled swordsman out there. The most impressive part is how well he is able to fight while still being just an ordinary human. Granted, he makes quite a lot of moves that seriously make you question how human the guy is. That being said, he’s certainly not ready to fight someone at the level of Gohan. The guy won’t even need Super Saiyan to destroy the planet. Gohan wins.

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Mercenary Tao vs Gohan

Gohan is the legendary Saiyaman so it is safe to assume that he can defeat Mercenary Tao. Tao was a threat back in the old Dragon Ball days but since then he has basically gone off the grid. His power level just didn’t evolve along with everybody else’s so he was left in the dust. A quick energy blast would likely finish him off. Gohan wins.

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Ash vs Gohan

Suggested by Destroyer Ash has a lot of Pokémon at his disposal and he may be destined to be the very best. That being said, he isn’t used to fighting guys who can break planets and solar systems with ease the way that Gohan can. The whole situation is just a little out of his ballpark. Pikachu can probably land some hits but they won’t really be able to deal any meaningful damage. That puts him in quite the pickle. Gohan wins.

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Tatsumi vs Gohan

Tatsumi makes his debut onto the blog! He’s certainly an impressive fighter and can definitely battle at high speeds, but does he really have what it takes to defeat Gohan? Gohan is a Super Saiyan and he achieved Mystic Mode. His speed and power are leagues above anything that Tatsumi has and it’s not even close. I don’t see Tatsumi ever surpassing Gohan unless his manga series does something drastic. Still, it’s always good to see a new fighter on the blog! Gohan wins.

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Gohan vs Buu

Buu is still known as one of the strongest beings in the DBZ universe and it’s hard to deny that his fighting abilities are incredible. Mystic Gohan was able to give him a pretty good fight and he had the upper hand for quite a while. Of course, Buu got his Gohan form later on so Gohan shouldn’t be too much of a threat to him at this point. Gohan’s going to need a Super Saiyan God power up if he wants to take down Buu in a potential rematch. The majin is just too powerful at this point. Buu wins.

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Gohan vs Cell

Gohan is one of the legendary Z Fighters and he had a climatic battle with Cell back in the day. Since that time, Gohan has mastered his Ultimate Mode and I’m sure that he’ll be unlocking Super Saiyan God as well someday. Cell is one of the strongest villains that the Z Fighters have ever faced and he would be able to give Gohan a good fight. Unfortunately, he has not received enough power ups to keep him ahead of Gohan and he’ll have to take the loss. Gohan wins.

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Master Roshi vs Gohan

Gohan is one of the legendary super saiyans who has immense power. He can shatter whole solar systems with a single blast! Master Roshi wishes that he could match Gohan in power, but it’s just not gonna happen. Gohan is much more skilled than Master Roshi and should be able to win this match in an instant. Gohan wins.