Cumber vs Jiren

Suggested by BassisweakerthanBruceLee This is always a fan favorite matchup so it was cool that they got to fight briefly in the show. It was looking rather evenly matched there even if the gap seemed to be a bit bigger in the manga. Ultimately while Cumber has had a very impressive track record, I’d say that Jiren has got him beat. Jiren fought in many back to back battles in the TOP and his upper limit just kept on increasing. While Cumber should be able to follow suit, he hasn’t shown the pure speed needed to topple Jiren. This fight should go down to the wire but Jiren will claim victory. Jiren wins.

Sentry vs Jiren

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 The Sentry is definitely an intense powerhouse, but he’s not quite ready to take on someone like Jiren. Jiren’s power was so great that even Goku had a tough time dealing with him. That is a fighter who is many leagues above Sentry in power. Jiren also has the massive edge in speed and has his limit break mode to tap into. When you add all of that together it spells curtains for Sentry. Jiren wins.

Jiren vs Bam

Bam is incredibly powerful as you would expect from the main character of a long running series. He would give many fighters a good battle but that’s not going to be the case with Jiren. Jiren’s abilities are absolutely crazy to the point where his barrier may be able to repel all of Bam’s attacks. Even Goku was unable to breach that barrier for a long time. Jiren won’t even need to get serious this time. Jiren wins.

Jiren vs Broly

Suggested by Random This is definitely a pretty popular fight after the Broly movie came out. Honestly, as soon as Broly was confirmed this became a pretty big debate. I’d say that Broly is definitely the winner in this match though. Jiren was able to take on MUI Goku and held his own even though it was clear who had the edge throughout the fight. However, Broly was taking on SSB Gogeta who is far superior to MUI Goku. Broly just outclasses Jiren in all categories and even if it’s not by much, the advantage is still his. Broly wins.

Jiren vs Buu

The final round has finally arrived! How fitting is it that the big boss of Super should rise to fight the big bad of DBZ? It cements the fact that this verse is one to be taken very seriously. They also had quite a few reps in this tourney as well. Buu’s regeneration is great, but it has been shown to not be absolute. Jiren’s attacks would still take their toll and eventually Buu would be put down for good. He is outranked in every physical category by an incredible amount. I just don’t think he can do much to counter that. Jiren wins.

Zaraki vs Jiren

Zaraki is back, but even his fighting spirit won’t be enough to overcome Jiren. Jiren is effectively unbeatable. His power is completely unwavering and his energy attacks are almost infinitely strong. Zaraki would get obliterated the instant that the fight starts. That’s how big the power gap is here. Zaraki had a good run though and he did make it pretty far. Maybe he would be able to cut through and land a hit on Jiren, but I wouldn’t count on it. Jiren wins.

Jiren vs Gohan

Jiren’s been on a roll and even Gohan won’t be enough to stop him here. Jiren is easily one of the strongest characters of all time. Aside from characters with fusion as an option I dare say that at this point only Goku can take him down from the DB universe and counting other characters that list may only jump to 3. Jiren is a top contender and while Gohan won’t go down without a fight, it’s hard to really see him dealing much damage here. Once Jiren gets serious then it’s all over. Jiren wins.

Aizen vs Jiren

Aizen may have just won a match against Obito, but he has met his match here. Jiren is a being of unstoppable power. There are few who can even hope to challenge him. Aizen’s illusions won’t be doing much here and his attacks probably won’t even be strong enough to deal any damage. Jiren is simply in a different league here and probably won’t have to get serious. He’s likely going to be the favorite going into the top 8 of this tournament, but we’ll see if he can keep up the momentum. Jiren wins.

Ragyo vs Jiren

Suggested by Random Ragyo is one of the more powerful Kill La Kill characters. She wields two powerful swords and also has regeneration at her disposal. Throw in her speed and this character is very powerful. Of course, none of that is likely even going to affect Jiren. Jiren’s power is incredibly high to the point where few can hope to give him a real fight. I’m afraid that Ragyo just isn’t ready to handle such a foe. Jiren wins.

Salem vs Jiren

Suggested by Random Salem is a powerful figure who single handily brought the planet to its knees. She should not be underestimated and we haven’t even seen her in actual combat yet. Of course, she would have to be seriously strong to even stand up to Jiren and that’s an understatement. Jiren was able to go toe to toe with Goku and that level of speed doesn’t come easy. I don’t really think Salem has a chance here. Jiren wins.