Sentry vs Jiren

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 The Sentry is definitely an intense powerhouse, but he’s not quite ready to take on someone like Jiren. Jiren’s power was so great that even Goku had a tough time dealing with him. That is a fighter who is many leagues above Sentry in power. Jiren also has the massive edge in speed and has his limit break mode to tap into. When you add all of that together it spells curtains for Sentry. Jiren wins.

Silvers Raleigh vs Sentry

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s reasonable to say that Raleigh should be pretty tough but the thing is, we just haven’t seen a whole lot of him. He blocked a kick from Kizaru and blocked a punch from Marco but that’s in for the entirety of One Piece. He seems to handle himself reasonably well but at the end of the day he hasn’t shown enough speed to solidly put him above Sentry. Sentry should be able to keep on speed blitzing him. Sentry wins.

Raditz vs Sentry

Sentry can fly at incredible speeds and it is hard to stop him! Raditz may be one of the weaker DBZ characters out there, but he can definitely hold his own against the Sentry. The Sentry may be tough, but Raditz is much faster and one good laser should take a lot of the fight out of him. Raditz wins.

Carnage vs Sentry

The Sentry is back and this time he’s up against Carnage! Carnage is a pretty powerful foe and with his cosmic powers he’s more deadly than ever! Of course even with his cosmic powers Sentry still has a massive speed advantage over Carnage. Carnage takes a loss with this match, but as of now he has become the blog’s most popular fighter! Sentry wins.

Ares (Marvel) vs Sentry

Ares (Marvel) is a pretty tough guy, but we all know what happened when he fought Sentry. Let’s just say he’s not quite up to snuff against such an opponent. Ares has abilities that let him rival Hercules sometimes, but the Sentry has the power of a million exploding suns. Pretty impressive in the end. Sentry wins.

Sentry vs Human Torch

Human Torch is back, but he can’t quite win this round. The Sentry is so powerful that with one punch he can take down many beings in an instant. The Human Torch may have the FF’s powers, but in the end it’s not enough to take down this guy. The Sentry is pretty much marvel’s Superman. Sentry wins.

Thanos vs Sentry

Sentry has super strength and super speed. Of course those things won’t be able to save him. Thanos is stronger and with the Infinity Gauntlet he could take out Sentry in one hit. Poor Sentry drops yet again. Thanos wins.

But with his speed Sentry could take Thanos out. Sentry wins.

Genkai vs Sentry

Genkai is the former spirit master in Yuyuhakusho land. She was tough but she got old. She got so old that she became so desperate she gave a kid her powers. Sentry isn’t much. He’s strong and fast. That about covers it. For now I guess he wins……but things have changhed. Genkai wins.