Molten Man vs Human Torch

Suggested by Sonic The Molten Man is not someone to be underestimated that’s for sure. Still, he isn’t ready to handle a character who burns as brightly as the Human Torch. The Human Torch is far too quick and far too clever to be bested here. None of the Molten Man’s attacks will cause him any fear and it will be tough for the guy to keep up either. So no matter how you slice it, the Human Torch has the advantage here. Human Torch wins.

Mothra vs Human Torch

Suggested by Destroyer Mothra is known as one of the more powerful Kaiju due to having many different variations that she can use in combat. These forms won’t be scaring Human Torch though. The guy is just too fast and his flames burn brighter than what any Kaiju is used to dealing with. Even Leo will not offer enough protection here as Mothra is ultimately overwhelmed. Human Torch wins.

Human Torch vs Hyperion

Suggested by Sonic The Human Torch is a pretty powerful guy whose fire abilities are second to none. He’s a fast flier as well but ultimately none of that will help to protect him from Hyperion. The main trouble for the FF member is that Hyperion is all but invulnerable. He can just fly through the flames and end this with a punch. Hyperion wins.

King Cold vs Human Torch

Suggested by Destroyer Human Torch is a pretty tough fighter to stop since he can just melt whatever opposition in his way. That being said, I’m not sure if he really has what it takes to stop King Cold. King Cold can destroy planets in the blink of an eye. His speed is absolutely insane and Human Torch won’t even be able to see him go by. The gap in their abilities is tremendous and there isn’t really anything that Johnny can even do about that. King Cold wins.

Jack Frost vs Human Torch

The Human Torch is a pretty powerful superhero and he just needs one good fire attack to turn the tides. Jack Frost hasn’t fought an opponent as powerful as the Human Torch and he likely never will as he continues to be beaten by opponent after opponent on the blog. He just can’t catch a break against these guys. Human Torch wins.

Human Torch vs Hawkeye

Human Torch is back and now he’s up against Hawkeye! Hawkeye is a pretty good archer, but even he would tremble at the thought of fighting Human Torch! Human Torch has incredible speed and with one good fireball he could end this! Hawkeye was out of his league. Human Torch wins.

Trapster vs Human Torch

The Trapster is pretty tough when he wants to be, but his skills are limited to his less than impressive weapons and hand to hand skills. Human Torch could speedblitz him with ease and one fire blast should tape him out. The Trapster has lost again, but he will be back. Human Torch wins.

Human Torch vs Godzilla

Poor Big G never stood a chance in this round. Human Torch can speedblitz the living daylight out of Big G. Big G is tough, but speed is not something he’s known for. Human Torch has his FF powers and he got the Thing form due to a what if. Godzilla will be back someday. Human Torch wins.

Spiderman vs Human Torch

The Human Torch is definitely a big threat to many fighters. He has the powers of the entire Fantastic Four at his disposal! Of course Spiderman has the power cosmic and his Phoenix Force. With those abilities at his disposal he’s also incredibly tough to defeat. Not to mention his Hulk form! Human Torch will always be his rival, but Spidey takes the win. Spiderman wins.

Human Torch vs Iceman

Human Torch is back and this time he’s up against Iceman. Iceman has his ice powers, but as tough as they are it would be tough to take down Human Torch. Human Torch’s powers are just far too much of an advantage for Iceman to overpower him. Iceman drops down the ranks with this loss. Human Torch wins.