King Cold vs Skullman

Suggested by Destroyer King Cold never really got to show off his abilities which is why he isn’t really all that popular despite being Frieza’s father. Still, he has gotten to fight in the games and his powers are pretty impressive. Skullman is fast, but King Cold could just blow up the entire planet and be done with it. There wouldn’t be a way for Skullman to dodge at that point. King Cold wins.

King Cold vs Human Torch

Suggested by Destroyer Human Torch is a pretty tough fighter to stop since he can just melt whatever opposition in his way. That being said, I’m not sure if he really has what it takes to stop King Cold. King Cold can destroy planets in the blink of an eye. His speed is absolutely insane and Human Torch won’t even be able to see him go by. The gap in their abilities is tremendous and there isn’t really anything that Johnny can even do about that. King Cold wins.

King Cold vs Ginyu

Suggested by Destroyer King Cold may be the proud king of the ice demon race but he is no match for Ginyu. Ginyu managed to take over someone’s body in DB Super which boosted his strength to a level that was above Mystic Gohan. That’s no small feat and King Cold has never gotten a big power boost like that. It’s the end of the road for him. Ginyu wins.

King Cold vs Hulk

The Hulk is certainly one of the strongest comic book characters out there in terms of physical strength, but I don’t think he really has what it takes to defeat King Cold. King Cold has a nice flurry of energy blasts and luckily he has the video games to back him up as well. Without those, the fact that he didn’t get to do anything would have probably resulted in Hulk’s victory by default, but the games have shown what he can do and mix that in with his power level…the Hulk would be doomed. After all, I think Frieza in his first form could beat Hulk. King Cold wins.

Superman vs King Cold

Superman is very powerful, but he’s not quite as King Cold’s level. King Cold was rumored to be a casual planet buster and fighters have claimed that his ki may even surpass Frieza’s! While we can only speculate as to how powerful this makes King Cold, we can still say that he’ll defeat Superman. How can Superman compete with that? King Cold wins.

Hunter Steele vs King Cold

Hunter Steele has some pretty powerful tech, but he’s no match for King Cold. King Cold has very impressive super strength and speed. He can also spam lots of energy blasts that are most likely planet busters! King Cold finally got to fight again and who knows…he may be back someday! King Cold wins.

Lazerman vs King Cold

King Cold is a DBZ villain of such extraordinary power that there aren’t many who can defeat him. Lazerman has the disruption beam, but in the end that isn’t enough to win. King Cold has many weapons at his disposal and they can wipe out Lazerman. Lazerman loses this battle of titans, but they’ll be back. King Cold wins.