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Hunter Steele vs Dark Vader

Hunter Steele is an honorable fighter and he’s good with a sword, but he doesn’t have The Force with him. Dark Vader is a Jedi/Sith Master and he’s proficient at using both sides of the force. He may not be able to use both at once because that would likely be impossible, but he could defeat Hunter Steele either way. Steele doesn’t have Vader’s expertise after all. Dark Vader wins.

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Hunter Steele vs Galactus

Hunter Steele seems to be a cool guy, but he’s completely outclassed in this round. I just don’t see him standing up to someone as powerful as Galactus. One blast from Galactus would take Hunter Steele down. Hunter Steele isn’t quick enough to dodge such a blast and he definitely can’t endure it. Defeating Galactus before he can fire the blast is also out of the question. Galactus wins.

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Hunter Steele vs Colonel

Hunter Steele may be a decent fighter, but he’s definitely not ready to fight someone as skilled as Colonel right now! Colonel is much faster and stronger than Hunter Steele, which does not help Steele’s chances. Colonel just needs one good sword slash to take Hunter Steele down for the count. Colonel wins.

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Wormy (Spongebob) vs Hunter Steele

Wormy (Spongebob) is a pretty interesting character. I’m sure many thought he would never appear on the blog. Of course he hasn’t been doing so well. This match won’t change that as Hunter Steele takes the quick win. He’s just stronger than Wormy (Spongebob) and proves it. Hunter Steele wins.

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Hunter Steele vs Karin

Hunter Steele has a sword and a giant spider. Karin may have made it into Sasuke’s group, but in the end she’s not much of a fighter. Her speed is good, but Hunter Steele can beam spam. Karin loses this round and drops down the ranks, while Hunter Steele takes the win. Hunter Steele wins.

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Hunter Steele vs Igneous

Igneous is a pretty capable fighter. He has many fans, but in the end he’s gonna be taken down hard! Hunter Steele has a lot of skills and has proven more than capable of fighting for himself! His abilities exceed that of Igneous’s. Hunter Steele does have his sword after all. Hunter Steele wins.

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Hunter Steele vs Corona

Hunter Steele is a formidable fighter all right. Of course Corona has some skills of her own. She’s tough, but from what I gather she’s not as tough. It’s hardly her fault since Hunter Steele gets all of the main character hax. Still she can’t outfight him in this round. Hunter Steele wins.

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Hunter Steele vs King Cold

Hunter Steele has some pretty powerful tech, but he’s no match for King Cold. King Cold has very impressive super strength and speed. He can also spam lots of energy blasts that are most likely planet busters! King Cold finally got to fight again and who knows…he may be back someday! King Cold wins.

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Hunter Steele vs Snorlax

Snorlax is definitely a powerful fighter! He has his awesome strength and durability, but he lacks speed. That will be his downfall in this round. Hunter Steele is a lot faster than Snorlax and can use this to secure his victory! Snorlax just couldn’t win this round. Hunter Steele wins.

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Hunter Steele vs Mega Man

Hunter Steele is back. He’s a pretty athletic warrior and his skills are second to none! Mega Man may be powerful, but in the end his Mega Buster may need some help to defeat Hunter Steele. So, Mega Man has over 100 other powers that he can use to help him take down Hunter Steele. Mega Man wins.