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Count Dooku vs Dark Vader

It’s time for a battle of Force masters. Count Dooku is an exceptional fighter to the point where he did overwhelm Anakin the first few times they fought. He was unquestionably better at the time. At both of their peaks though? Dark Vader would win this one. While Dooku is incredibly skilled, he doesn’t have the same level of raw ability that Vader has. Vader would be able to power through all of Dooku’s moves as a result of this. Technique means little in the face of absolute power and that’s what is really going to cost him here. He just isn’t ready to handle Vader. Dark Vader wins.

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Xemnas vs Dark Vader

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 It’s time for a battle of shadow fighters who use lightsabers. Both of these guys are pretty proficient in close quarters combat but Xemnas definitely has the edge here thanks to his speed. Dark Vader will be hard pressed to stay in the same ballpark here. His force abilities will help him block attacks and such but Xemnas is just too powerful. The hits will eventually start to sink in while Vader will have a hard time launching any true counter attacks. Xemnas wins.

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Guyver vs Dark Vader

Suggested by Anonymous Now it’s Dark Vader’s turn to take on Guyver. His Force abilities are a little more advanced than Luke’s were, but he still won’t be able to take on this opponent. Once again Guyver’s physical advantages really give him a powerful edge in this fight. There’s not a whole lot that Vader can do to defend himself. His Force abilities will only help for a little while, but the offensive might of Guyver will soon push through all of his defenses. Guyver wins.

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Space Godzilla vs Dark Vader

Suggested by Destroyer Space Godzilla is definitely a powerful Kaiju. In fact it wouldn’t be a bluff to say that he is probably one of the strongest Kaiju of all time. That being said, Dark Vader is still in a whole different league to be honest. Space Godzilla can roar as loud as he wants, but Vader can dodge all of his attacks and use The Force at his disposal. Space G has no defense against the Lightsaber either which really doesn’t bode well for him. Dark Vader wins.

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Sandor Clegane vs Dark Vader

Suggested by IKnowledge Sandor Clegane is known as a very tough warrior and he goes pretty far in Game of Thrones world. That being said, Dark Vader is an exceptional fighter who is proficient with the force as well as with a Lightsaber. He has a large arsenal of techniques up his sleeve and doesn’t even have to make this a close range fight unless he really wants too. He can stick to the Force Push and that’ll be enough to send Sandor Clegane packing. Dark Vader wins.

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Luke Castellan vs Dark Vader

Suggested by JHG Dark Vader is an incredibly powerful Sith master who also has a lot of Jedi training. His mastery over the Force allows him to engage opponents from afar and enhances his close range tactics as well. Luke Castellan is a powerful fighter as well since he was granted complete invincibility and invulnerability aside from his his left armpit. It’s a great power up, but with Dark Vader’s Lightsaber skills it should be no problem for him to eventually land enough blows to take the win. Not to mention that Luke will have a tough time landing a single blow on his end. Dark Vader wins.

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Kylo Ren vs Dark Vader

Kylo Ren is completely outclassed in every facet of this fight. He really doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance against a foe as impressive as Dark Vader. Yes, everyone calls him Darth Vader, but I always used this term since I was a kid and never wanted to change it. It sounds hardcore and regardless, I still cannot respect Kylo Ren as a villain or as a character. He just came across as very weak and helpless. That’s essentially what he would be feeling during this fight as well since Dark Vader would effortlessly overpower him and take the win within seconds. Dark Vader wins.

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Dark Vader vs Luke Skywalker

This is certainly a classic battle. Dark Vader always appeared to have the edge over Luke in their battles. Luke continued to grow stronger as a Jedi Master though and as Dark Vader has not been around in a while, he has not been able to do the same. So, did Luke ever actually surpass Dark Vader or has he reached his limit? I’d actually argue that Dark Vader is still Luke’s superior and especially when you consider that Luke stopped training for a very long time. Any potential that Luke may have had is certainly long gone now. Luke is a formidable fighter and that will not change, but I believe Dark Vader to be superior with his force abilities and also deadlier with his Lightsaber. He’s pulled off feats far greater than Luke’s and his knowledge of the light and the dark will serve him well. Perhaps Luke will change my mind in Episode VIII. Dark Vader wins.
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Hunter Steele vs Dark Vader

Hunter Steele is an honorable fighter and he’s good with a sword, but he doesn’t have The Force with him. Dark Vader is a Jedi/Sith Master and he’s proficient at using both sides of the force. He may not be able to use both at once because that would likely be impossible, but he could defeat Hunter Steele either way. Steele doesn’t have Vader’s expertise after all. Dark Vader wins.

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Dark Vader vs Alien

Darth Alien
It appears that The Force wasn’t with the Alien this time. Aliens can be deadly in large numbers and their acid could eventually corrode Vader’s armor, but the battle wouldn’t get that far. Dark Vader can simply fling the alien away with The Force Push or just slash him with the light saber. Either way, it’ll only take Dark Vader a few moments to deal with this creature. Dark Vader wins.