Luke Castellan vs Dark Vader

Suggested by JHG Dark Vader is an incredibly powerful Sith master who also has a lot of Jedi training. His mastery over the Force allows him to engage opponents from afar and enhances his close range tactics as well. Luke Castellan is a powerful fighter as well since he was granted complete invincibility and invulnerability aside from his his left armpit. It’s a great power up, but with Dark Vader’s Lightsaber skills it should be no problem for him to eventually land enough blows to take the win. Not to mention that Luke will have a tough time landing a single blow on his end. Dark Vader wins.

4 thoughts on “Luke Castellan vs Dark Vader

  1. Thanks for this match! Really appreciate it!
    In a fight no question who’d win. But in terms of comparison, it’s a thematically excellent matchup.
    -Both members of an organization of superhuman beings(Jedi for Anakin/Vader and Demigod for Luke.)
    -Both are skilled swordsmen and good at general fighting.
    -Both betray their allies in favor of an evil emperor long thought dead or a negligible threat(Vader joins Dark Lord of the Sith Palpatine and Luke joins Kronos.)
    -Both have ancient teachers(Yoda for Anakin/Vader and Chiron for Luke.)
    -Both redeem themselves by killing their masters after seeing their respective masters hurt a friend/family member(Vader kills Sidious after seeing Sidious attack Luke Skywalker and Luke Castellan banishes Kronos to Tartarus after Kronos harms Annabeth.)
    -Both are the heroes of prophecies.
    -Both have nine letters and three syllables in their respective surnames.

    • Glad too! Heh, you forgot one of the big ones! The fact that Luke’s first name is the same as Skywalker’s so it’s like Darth Vader’s fighting an alternate version of his son. There are definitely a lot of good comparisons to make for these two. The Lightning Thief books were definitely a blast back in the day and I was definitely glad that Luke banished Kronos although I can’t remember that scene. Was it from the sequel series or have I just forgotten it?

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