Lex Luthor vs Dark Vader

Suggested by Destroyer Dark Vader has a lot of power within The Force. He can do just about anything he likes with it. Since the power is limited only by your force of will, Vader can just try to force choke Lex right off the bat. It won’t be enough though. In some cases Lex has obtained Superman’s abilities and he merged with Brainiac once. His physical speed is enough where he could snap Vader right off the bat before any attack could go underway. Vader’s durability isn’t high enough to prevent this from happening. Lex Luthor wins.

Lex Luthor vs Guts

Suggested by iKnowledge Guts is a powerful swordsman who has great speed at his disposal as well as a solid amount of power. As powerful as Lex is with his various suits and obtaining Superman/Flash’s abilities in the past he just isn’t ready to take on Guts. Guts can use short bursts of speed to wreck havoc on Lex and a single hit would deal a ton of damage. If given enough prep time Lex would certainly think of a way to win, but time isn’t on his side right now. Guts wins.

Nighthawk vs Lex Luthor

Suggested by iKnowledge Nighthawk is a guy who’s definitely had some good character arcs over the years. He started out as a two bit villain and eventually became a hero that you could rely on. He’s not particularly powerful though and Lex has had many super forms over the years. Lex merged with Brainiac on one occasion after all and he got Superman’s powers at another time. It wouldn’t take him long to think up a plan to take out Nighthawk with. The guy needs a big power up to match Lex. Lex Luthor wins.

Martian Manhunter vs Lex Luthor

Suggested by Destroyer Martian Manhunter is definitely very strong. He has really taken Superman to the edge of defeat in the past. That being said, he can’t actually beat Superman. Lex has obtained Superman’s powers in the past so that form will also be a little too much for him. The strength and speed is simply too much. Lex Luthor wins.

Lex Luthor vs Tifa

Suggested by Destroyer Tifa is definitely a cool character, but I’m afraid that she did not get quite as many feats as Cloud over the years. She has a good amount of super strength and speed at her disposal, but they aren’t at the crazy amounts needed to defeat someone like Lex. Lex has taken Superman’s abilities on multiple occasions and that will give him the edge over Tifa in this round. Anything that she can do, Lex can match and do better. Her magical attacks will be useful, but none of them are enough to compensate for the physical differences between the two. Lex Luthor wins.

Lex Luthor vs Gon

Gon has been winning quite a lot lately and the DC heroes/villains have been unable to stop him. Can Lex snap Gon’s win streak or shall he be the next victim? It would appear that the latter is the case since his abilities just aren’t enough to take Gon down for the count. Lex Luthor has great abilities, but they just aren’t enough against Gon’s nen powers. Gon wins.

Lex Luthor vs Robin

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 7.42.32 AM
Lex Luthor is a pretty powerful fighter and he did obtain Superman’s powers at one time, which automatically makes him the winner in this round. Robin just doesn’t have that level of ability and in his Nightwing form, he still doesn’t have enough power to win the round. He is going to have to settle for second place! Lex Luthor wins.

Lex Luthor vs Ulquiorra

Lex Luthor is back and now he’s up against Ulquiorra! Ulquiorra has his cero which can use to take down Lex Luthor in one good shot. Ulquiorra is far too fast for Lex Luthor and his attack power is also leagues above his. Lex Luthor has taken another loss in this round, but he put up a good fight. Ulquiorra wins.

Lex Luthor vs Frieza

Lex Luthor has his Power suit which can definitely be a dangerous armor to go up against. Frieza has some intense speed at his disposal and he’s also got his death beam. So, I don’t think Lex Luthor will be able to land any solid hits on him. Frieza can just destroy the planet and leave quickly. Frieza wins.

Dr Octopus vs Lex Luthor

Dr Octopus makes his long awaited blog debut, but he won’t be winning this round! Lex is far too powerful and his skills are pretty intense. One blast from him while in his power suit, should knock the fight out of Doc Ock. Dr Octopus may have lost this round, but he’ll be back. Lex Luthor wins.