Dio Brando vs Frieza

Suggested by Random Dio Brando will be too busy catching Frieza’s combos to actually use any of his typical tricks. To say that he is outmatched here would be a considerable understatement. Frieza is far faster and stronger than Dio can hope to be. A single blast can take out the solar system as well which means Game Over. Frieza wins.


Frieza vs Tatsumi

Suggested by Random Frieza is incredibly powerful and Resurrection F improved his powers even further. Tatsumi has some good strength and speed stats of his own, but they aren’t even in the same universe when it comes to ability. Frieza could destroy the universe in a single blow while Tatsumi would have trouble with a planet. This match will be over the instant that it begins. Frieza wins.

Frieza vs Cell

Suggested by Destroyer Golden Frieza has really helped the character achieve new heights. If you consider the fact that Frieza may be getting even stronger then this is quite scary for all of the other antagonists in the DBZ franchise. Cell did get to Super Saiyan 2 level, but compared to god mode and Super Saiyan Blue, it just isn’t enough nowadays. Frieza would be able to speed blitz him. Frieza wins.

Frieza vs Ichigo

Requested by Destroyer For a long time this was actually a fight that I had to spend some reasonable thought on. Frieza’s an early DBZ villain so it’s easy to forget just how strong he is, but it’s also due to the fact that Ichigo is just quite impressive on his own as well. However, Gold Frieza makes this a rather large blowout. This form really gave him a huge boost in speed and power to the point where he is in a whole new league. Ichigo simply can’t catch Frieza now and I don’t believe his attacks would cause that much damage either. Frieza wins.

Esdeath vs Frieza

Esdeath is a powerful fighter whose close combat abilities should not be underestimated…but she’s up against Frieza. That basically means game over in an instant because Frieza has his new Golden form, which allows him to defeat just about any foe out there. He held his own against Goku, which is no small feat. The days when he could be casually dismissed are over. Frieza wins.

Strauss vs Frieza

Strauss is one of the only vampires to have actually developed into a good character over the years. I rarely like vampires after all, but Strauss wasn’t your average bloodsucker. He made plans and had a very fun journey which he tread with honor. That being said, he is no match for Frieza. Frieza could end the planet in an instant if he so desired and that was before his new Golden form. This is a tough loss for Strauss, but I’m confident that he will be able to rebound. Frieza wins.

Goku vs Frieza

This is a tribute to the latest DBZ film, Resurrection ‘F’! Goku vs Frieza is a fan favorite fight from the classic days of DBZ and it really helped many people enter the world of anime. Adding Frieza back into the series was pretty awesome and the villain even gained some new abilities to make him a threat once more. The power levels were a little wonky, but the fight was a lot of fun and these two will always make for great rivals. I’d say that it’s clear who the stronger fighter is and Goku will never let himself be defeated by Frieza, but it’s a good match up all the same and even a little surprising that this fight had not happened yet. I still consider Goku to be the second strongest non high above character of all time and those wins continue to accumulate for him! Goku wins!

Frieza vs Zane

Zane has a lot of dragons, but this is one time where sheer numbers won’t be enough to take the win. Frieza is so fast that he could dodge all of the dragons and still have enough time to take out the planet. Zane may be an incredible duelist but children’s trading cards won’t be enough to take down a Z villain. Frieza wins.

Frieza vs Punk

Frieza is quite possibly the most popular DBZ villain and it’s easy to see why he has so many fans. His final form is basically built for combat and he could take out the planet without even making an effort. Punk may have given Megaman a good fight, but he lacks the speed that would be needed to take Frieza down. Not to mention that Frieza is also way too durable. Frieza wins.

Master Roshi vs Frieza

Master Roshi is back, but he’s back for another loss. Frieza is much stronger than Master Roshi and one Death Beam would be enough to end the match. Master Roshi is only an earthling and he can’t deal with super powered aliens like Frieza. Frieza has ruled many planets and even fought some Saiyans in the past. Frieza wins.