Frieza vs Ryu

Suggested by Sonic Ryu got a good boost thanks to Asura’s Wrath but I don’t think that will be enough to take down Frieza here. Frieza got his golden form which massively boosted his stats to the point where there are very few who can reasonably hope to take him down. Ryu has the edge in actual combat skill but it just doesn’t make a difference when your opponent is that much stronger than you. They aren’t in the same league and Frieza could end the universe on a whim. Frieza wins.

Ryu vs Pichu

Suggested by Sonic Pichu is incredibly fast and is definitely known as one of the stronger Pokemon. That being said, he definitely isn’t ready to take down Ryu just yet. Ryu has enough durability to take Pichu’s shots long enough to counter with his own. Additionally, his attack power is high enough where that one counter punch could end the match. There’s a big gap in their abilities which will be incredibly difficult to overcome. Ryu wins.

Knuckle Joe vs Ryu

Suggested by Sonic Knuckle Joe is a pretty powerful boxer who can hold his own in a fight. He may not look terribly formidable, but appearances can be deceiving. If you underestimate this guy then you’re gonna be in a world of hurt. Fortunately Ryu doesn’t underestimate his opponents and does have the expertise needed to stay one step ahead. His power and speed are also above Joe’s skill level which is important. Ryu wins.

Ryu vs Wario

Suggested by Sonic Wario is a pretty tough guy who definitely doesn’t mess around. He has his Wario Man form and has gone toe to toe against Mario in the past. That being said, I really feel like Ryu has the edge here. Not only is he a lot stronger than Mario, but he’s also got better martial art skills and has superior speed feats of his own. Wario will have a very hard time trying to keep up with this Street Fighter! Ryu wins.

Greninja vs Ryu

Suggested by Sonic Greninja is a pretty tricky water type to deal with. He is good at close quarters combat and landing precise blows to chip away at the enemy. Ryu is an experienced fighter though so he should be able to dodge or block most of the hits. His experience has served him well over the years and I don’t think this match will be an exception. Ryu just needs to focus and he’s got this. Ryu wins.

Villager vs Ryu

Suggested by Sonic Villager is a nice kid who really knows how to use a lot of different items to his advantage. What he lacks in special abilities he makes up for with strategy. It’s not going to be enough to deal with someone like Ryu though. Ryu has a great deal of power at his side and also has access to dark abilities. When you mix those two elements together there just isn’t a whole lot of room for Villager to do much of anything. He’s simply outmatched by that point. Ryu wins.

Ryu vs Ike

Suggested by Sonic Ike is a powerful swordsman, but there isn’t a whole lot that he can do against Ryu. Ryu has learned to control his dark powers and even fought Asura to almost a standstill. He can probably snap Ike’s sword in two and from there the match will be as good as over. Ike can’t keep up with Ryu’s speed or power so he will end up being completely overwhelmed. It’s all over for him now. Ryu wins.

Mr Game and Watch vs Ryu

Suggested by Sonic Mr Game and Watch is a pretty tough guy when he puts his mind to it. He has a variety of objects at his disposal and can even shape shift into a giant spider. Still, that won’t be enough to deal with someone like Ryu. Ryu appeared in Asura’s Wrath and unlocked a crazy amount of power. It’s not going too far to say that he is one of the strongest Street Fighter characters of them all. His might is unmatched and Mr Game and Watch would be wise to remember that. Ryu wins.

Spring Man vs Ryu

Suggested by Sonic Spring Man is a pretty good fighter. Not only does he have the proper fundamentals that you would expect from any hand to hand fighter, but he can launch his fists to attack from long range. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean much to a master of the fist such as Ryu. Ryu has trained all his life to be the best fighter that he can. His discipline is far greater than that of Spring Man and he also has the Dark Hatsu at his disposal. Ryu can easily crush whatever attacks Spring Man launches his way. Ryu wins.

Sukapon vs Ryu

Suggested by Sonic Sukapon is physically quite strong as he is able to lift people up in a choke hold. That being said, taking on someone like Ryu is still not something he is ready for. Ryu is strong enough to crack planets and likely destroy them in an instant. His speed is on a whole different level as he was keeping up with Asura. Ryu wins.