Biollante vs Mr Game and Watch

Suggested by Destroyer Mr Game and Watch can shapeshift which is really handy and he definitely has some good fire torches but I don’t think he quite has the raw offensive power needed to beat Biollante. At the end of the day Biollante has the massive advantage thanks to the size difference and sheer durability. Mr Game and Watch doesn’t really have any options that would be strong enough to directly knock her out. Biollante wins.

Kid Roll vs Mr Game and Watch

Suggested by Sonic Kid Roll is a strong fighter. She may get outshined by Mega Man a lot of the time for actual combat but she still does have a fairly good arsenal. Mr Game and Watch will be on the defensive the whole time here and I don’t see him being able to pull off a comeback victory. Kid Roll has enough firepower to put him away very quickly. Kid Roll wins.

Mr Game and Watch vs Shark

Suggested by Destroyer A Shark may be a rather fierce animal but he won’t be doing anything against someone like Mr Game and Watch. G&W has a few techniques of his own like his torch and mighty hammer. A Shark won’t be able to get anywhere close to him and will ultimately go down in a flash. Mr Game and Watch wins.

Mr Game and Watch vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Sonic Mr Game and Watch has a lot of interesting tools at his disposal but none of them will be enough to stop Sailor Moon. She may not be the fastest character out there in terms of combat speed but she still has enough ability to win this one. Game and Watch won’t be able to dodge her lasers or tank any of them. Sailor Moon wins.

Mr Game And Watch vs Popo

Suggested by Destroyer This match will go pretty similar to the Nana one. Popo’s stats are effectively identical to Nana’s so Game and Watch will still be able to outspeed Popo. Game and Watch has a hammer of his own now which is something to consider as well. Popo won’t be able to beat him in a straight fight and will have a hard time trying to escape as well. Game and Watch just has too many options at his disposal and Popo can run, but ultimately he won’t be able to hide. Mr Game and Watch wins.

Mr Game And Watch vs Nana

Suggested by Destroyer Mr Game and Watch may not have looked particularly good in the Super Smash Bros story mode but he’s actually not a terrible fighter. He has the power to alter his shape which is good and has a lot of practical objects at the ready to score damage. At the very least it helps to make him more of a credible threat. Nana meanwhile has a hammer which can let her deal some solid damage but I don’t see that as being enough to do a whole lot here. Mr Game and Watch still has the absolute edge in a 1 on 1 fight with his arsenal of attack options. Mr Game and Watch wins.

Mr Game and Watch vs Michael Myers

Suggested by Destroyer Michael Myers is pretty good at scaring people but he’s definitely not going to take down Mr Game and Watch. Game and Watch is able to change shapes and has some basic items that are good for any kind of fighting scenario. His torch will keep Myers at bay and then the hammer will finish the job. Michael Myers is fairly durable so he can stretch this out a bit but ultimately his efforts will be futile. Mr Game and Watch wins.

Mr Game and Watch vs Gardevoir

Suggested by Sonic Gardevoir is a pretty powerful Pokemon and one that can even mega evolve. Her psychic powers will be far too great for Game and Watch to really do much of anything. He can change shapes and use some foods but none of those could break through Gardevoir’s barriers. Meanwhile Gardevoir just needs a few good energy blasts to end this fight. Her arsenal is quite large and the difference in power is unimaginable. Gardevoir wins.

Mr Game and Watch vs Flatman

Suggested by Sonic Flatman can stretch and is effectively known as a second rate Mr Fantastic. While Reed Richards has a lot of useful gadgets that are good in a fight, Flatman doesn’t have nearly the same kind of arsenal at his disposal. Mr Game and Watch can transform into a giant spider/squid and can change himself into various objects as well. His hammer and torch will be hard for Flatman to deal with and it’s not like Flatman can just squeeze him like he would most opponents. Game and Watch is already 2D so that is out of the question. Mr Game and Watch wins.

Pac Man vs Mr Game and Watch

Suggested by Destroyer Mr Game and Watch has a lot of forms at his disposal and he uses his 2D form to great effect. That being said, Pac Man’s definitely got the edge in this battle. His array of fruits and objects will make him more than a match for Game and Watch. A good fireball from his fire mode will also do the trick. Game and Watch is versatile like Pac Man, but simply lacks power. Pac Man wins.