Master Roshi vs Gardevoir

Suggested by Sonic Now this was a tough one. On one hand, Gardevoir is a cool Pokemon with a lot of great abilities. On the other hand, Master Roshi is still a DBZ character who has been through a lot and always gets up to keep on fighting. I have my doubts on Gardevoir being able to hit Roshi while the latter is using his ultra instinct abilities. Additionally Roshi has shown himself to have pretty decent speed so that should be enough to win here. Master Roshi wins.

Gardevoir vs Pichu

Suggested by Sonic Pichu is a powerful Pokemon but he isn’t quite at the same level as Pikachu. Ultimately that’s what is going to hold him back here. He isn’t fast enough to evade Gardevoir’s moves for long and he also isn’t powerful enough to break through her barrier. Gardevoir is a very well rounded Pokemon who has enough psychic tools at her disposal to win this. Gardevoir wins.

Mr Game and Watch vs Gardevoir

Suggested by Sonic Gardevoir is a pretty powerful Pokemon and one that can even mega evolve. Her psychic powers will be far too great for Game and Watch to really do much of anything. He can change shapes and use some foods but none of those could break through Gardevoir’s barriers. Meanwhile Gardevoir just needs a few good energy blasts to end this fight. Her arsenal is quite large and the difference in power is unimaginable. Gardevoir wins.

Space Godzilla vs Gardevoir

Suggested by Destroyer Space Godzilla has always been one of Godzilla’s strongest opponents. Not only does he have TK abilities but in terms of raw strength he can go blow for blow against Godzilla. You can’t beat that. Still, he isn’t fast enough to keep up with Gardevoir and I can guarantee that her attacks are going to hurt. It’s hard for any being to withstand an offensive onslaught for long and Space Godzilla is no exception. Gardevoir wins.

Angemon vs Gardevoir

Angemon always wins
Gardevoir is back and now she’s up against Angemon! Angemon has his powerful hand of fate. Gardevoir can try stopping it with her barriers, but for how long? Eventually Angemon will keep on digivolving and attacking until she’s unable to stop him. Gardevoir drops down the ranks with this loss. Angemon wins.

Gardevoir vs Lazerman

Gardevoir is a pretty powerful pokemon, but not even she can stand up to the power of Lazerman! Lazerman’s barriers would prove to be too much for her and with this win he shows why he’s the most powerful netnavi to be called Lazerman! Gardevoir drops down the ranks with this loss. Lazerman wins.

Gardevoir vs Greymon

Gardevoir is back and this time he’s fighting Greymon. Gardevoir’s more than a little outmatched in this fight because Greymon has access to War Greymon form which is a being of near limitless power! With one blast he can destroy whole mountains and do other incredible feats. Gardevoir drops in the rankings. Greymon wins.

Gardevoir vs Pikachu

Gardevoir is back and this time he’s up against Pikachu. Pikachu has his thunder bolt and all of the experience he needs from being with Ash and friends. Of course experience isn’t everything, and Pikachu’s never showed the hand to hand expertise that he needs in this fight. Gardevoir has Gallade form which pwns. Gardevoir wins.

Actually, now I think Pikachu’s famous speedblitz will be enough to end the match. Gardevoir’s powerful, but not powerful enough in the end. Pikachu wins.