Rodan vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Rodan is definitely a fierce Kaiju. Just by flying at supersonic speeds he can cause whole buildings to crumble. His physical strength is nothing to sneeze at either. The Chunk really has two options here. He can go down fighting or surrender. There isn’t anything he can do to actually damage Rodan and that’s a pretty big problem for him. You can’t win if you can’t hurt the opponent. Rodan wins.

Sonic vs Rodan

Suggested by Anonymous Rodan is one of the proudest Kaiju out there. He always carries himself with dignity and poise befitting such a powerful monster. That being said, I don’t think he will be ready to challenge Sonic. I believe that Rodan’s top speed is only Mach 5 while Sonic can go faster than the speed of light. For those of you who don’t know advanced physics, I can safely confirm that this is a huge gap. Rodan won’t be able to see Sonic move, much less dodge his attacks. Sonic wins.

Rodan vs Pokey

rodan (1)
Pokeys are as resilient as they are resourceful. That being said…I don’t really think that they will be able to pull out a win here. Rodan is a lot larger than any Pokey and he can even fire off a few energy blasts if needed. Rodan has now gotten 2 wins in one day so it’s safe to say that he’s moving up the blog ranks. Rodan wins.

Jason Voorhees vs Rodan

rodan (1)
Jason Voorhees is a pretty well known figure in the horror world and it’s safe to say that Rodan has never faced a threat that was this lethal…..except for his Kaiju opponents. Rodan’s pretty fast considering his size and a good energy blast should take Jason out. Cyborg Jason does make this a little dicey, but Rodan will be able to power through. Rodan wins.

Prince Haru vs Rodan

rodan (1)
Prince Haru has returned to the blog, but he’s fighting a pretty well known Kaiju! Rodan can fly at supersonic speeds, which enable him to shatter whole buildings just by flying past them. This means that he can just fly past Prince Haru and the fight will be over. Prince Haru doesn’t have any form of defense against this technique. Rodan wins.

Rodan vs Sin Eater

Guys with guns will rarely take down someone like Rodan. Rodan is a kaiju of immense power and his speed is considerable. Sin Eater is no slouch in the fighting department, but he’s definitely out of his weight class in this round. He takes yet another loss with this round. Rodan wins.

Rodan vs Yosemite Sam

Yosemite Sam’s always got his gun at the ready, but it will be tough for him to try and hit Rodan. Rodan’s just moving far too fast for Yosemite Sam to even think of hitting him. Plus Rodan just needs to go near him to create a mighty gust of wind to knock Yosemite Sam away. Rodan wins.

Rodan vs Thumbelina (DC)

Rodan can fly at pretty intense speeds and his physical power is pretty immense. Thumbelina (DC) may be quick, but she’s definitely not as fast as Rodan. One good tackle should earn Rodan the win in this round. Thumbelina (DC) drops down the ranks with this loss, but she put in a good effort. Rodan wins.

Rodan vs Otachi

rodan (1)
Rodan and Otachi are two of the strongest aerial kaiju out there. Otachi seems to be more ferocious during combat, but Rodan’s held his own against Godzilla and taken on King Ghidorah. Otachi’s acid is definitely lethal, but Rodan’s endured Atomic Ray blasts from The King himself. Rodan’s biggest advantage is the fact that he can move at supersonic speeds while in the air. I don’t think that Otachi could keep up with him. Otachi is a powerful level 4 kaiju, but Rodan’s more of a level 5! Rodan wins.

Rhodan vs Rodan

Rhodan is a world famous person who’s really good at what he does. Still, I don’t think he can take on the power of Rodan! Rodan is a supersonic kaiju who has gone toe to toe with Godzilla! Rhodan is pretty quick on his feet, but in the end it won’t be enough to win. Rodan wins.