Presence vs Rodan

Finally, The Presence gets to fight! After seeing his old rival One Above All fighting so much I thought it’d only be fair to give Presence a piece of the action! Of course one blast from Rodan should finish him pretty fast. At least The Presence tried right? Maybe next time he can win. Rodan wins.

Titanosaurus vs Rodan

Titanosaurus has enough raw power to destroy whole buildings in a single blow. Of course he lacks the kind of speed that Rodan has. Rodan could fly rings around him and take him out pretty fast. Titanosaurus just wouldn’t be able to counter against him. Rodan takes this win and rises up the blog ranks. Rodan wins.

Megalon vs Rodan

Megalon is back for another win. With his incredible strength and his beams there are few that he can’t beat. Rodan is fast and with beams of his own he can prove a threat to many opponents. Of course in the end he lacks the physical strength of Megalon. Megalon is rising pretty fast in the blog. Megalon wins.

Rodan vs Gigan

Rodan is a fast flyer and knows how to use his abilities to their fullest. Of course while he’s definitely fast he doesn’t have the same amount of fighting skills that Gigan has. Gigan is too powerful to lose this match. He can teleport and move pretty fast. He also has a buzz saw and beams. Gigan wins.

Rodan vs Hulk

The Incredible Hulk is a being to be feared. Rodan has his flight and beams, but in the end that isn’t enough to stop Hulk. Hulk is fast and strong, but most of all he has a healing factor. With that he could take down Rodan. Rodan takes a loss, but he’ll come back to fight with other beings. Hulk wins.

Storm Trooper vs Rodan

Storm Trooper has his laser blasts that do heavy duty damage. Of course Rodan can fly, just not fast enough. He wouldn’t be able to overcome Storm Trooper. Storm Trooper gets his third win, but a loss may be coming. Storm Trooper wins. Of course now Rodan is too fast for him. Rodan wins.