Storm Trooper vs War Wolf

Suggested by Sonic A Storm Trooper is one of those fighters that you would expect to be a whole lot more powerful than he is. He’s got armor and a laser blaster. How is that not enough to win the big fights? Well, somehow or another they always go down quickly and this match will be no different. A pack of Warwolves were sent to take down the Phoenix so even if it’s just one of them, taking down a Storm Trooper will be no problem. War Wolf wins.

Storm Trooper vs Raven (Tekken)

Suggested by Sonic Storm Trooper has a trusty gun at his disposal which is definitely not something you want to mess with. It’s safe to say that even Raven may lose if he takes a direct hit. That won’t happen though. Raven is much faster than the Storm Trooper and also more resourceful. He will crush Storm Trooper in hand to hand combat and his agility will ensure that he doesn’t get hit until this happens. He’s just not going to lose this fight. Raven (Tekken) wins.

Shy Guy vs Storm Trooper

Suggested by Destroyer Shy Guys are pretty nice creatures. They play for keeps and are always ready to have a good time. They do also have guns of their own so we shouldn’t forget that. That being said, it’s not enough to stop a trooper. His energy blaster will make quick work of the minion. Storm Trooper wins.

Storm Trooper vs Tripod

Storm Trooper is back with his trusty laser blaster and I think that it will be enough to win this round. The Tripod has his lethal rays of energy, but the Storm Trooper will be able to dodge it long enough to take the win. The Tripod may be back one of these days! Storm Trooper wins.

Storm Trooper vs Giant Condor

Storm Trooper has some pretty good energy guns, but in the end can they hope to defeat the Giant Condor? The Giant Condor may be a kaiju, but in the end his abilities aren’t up to snuff. His defense just can’t hold up for long against such a powerful gun. Storm Trooper wins.

Storm Trooper vs Mecha Godzilla

Mecha Godzilla has a barrier which helps him a lot. Also with his lasers and rockets he’ll be able to take out the Storm Trooper. While it is a close fight, in the end Mecha Godzilla wins….at least until we see the films. Mecha Godzilla wins.

Destoroyah vs Storm Trooper

Storm Trooper has his laser guns and with them he can take down The Destroyah. Destroyah has beams, but Storm Trooper can dodge them with his athletics and take him down for good. Destroyah won’t know what hit him. Storm Trooper wins. But now Destoroyah wins this match. Destoroyah wins.