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King Ghidorah vs Legion

This is definitely a tough battle to decide. Despite popular belief, I would say that Legion’s firepower is superior to Ghidorah’s. Whether he is in Grand King form or in Keizer mode, I don’t believe that King Ghidorah can match up to Legion’s powerful thunder laser. Legion can also make a handy barrier and we can’t forget her energy whips either. Ghidorah’s best chance is likely his Monster X form since it gives him a good amount of agility or his Mecha King Ghidorah form since he can absorb part of the blast. It’s a tough battle, but I’ll have to give Legion the win this time. Ghidorah’s flight speed can make this dangerous, but Legion’s firepower is just too formidable. Legion wins.

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Legion vs Hercule

Hercule may be just a human, but he’s got some speed on his side. One good punch is all that he would need to land a good shot, but the shot wouldn’t do that much damage. Legion is far too powerful and he’s immensely large. He just needs to step on Hercule to end the match. Legion wins.

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Little Beeper vs Legion

Little Beeper has the massive speed advantage, but once in a while it’s just not enough. Legion has his barriers and massive beam spams. He’s also got his whips for hand to hand skills. Little Beeper is good, but he doesn’t really have much ways of actually hurting Legion. Legion wins.

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Legion vs Mothra

This is basically Power vs Speed! Mothra is far faster than Legion to the point where Legion really only gets one shot against Mothra. Of course she has a barrier which helps. Mothra, however has had many power ups over the years. Light Speed, Armor, Rainbow, Leo. With all of these at her disposal Mothra is definitely a force to be reckoned with. She also has some pretty tough defense and in the end takes the win. Mothra wins.