Hercule vs Silver

Suggested by Destroyer Hercule is a brave guy who is one of the best human martial artists on his Earth. Still, I don’t think that will be enough for him to even hope to take on someone like Silver. Silver has given Sonic a run for his money even they fought and he could use his psychic abilities to stop Hercule in his tracks. There’s just no way around that without super powers. Silver wins.

Dan Hibiki vs Hercule

Dan Hibiki has now made his blog debut! He’s seen as a bit of a joke character/parody like Hercule so this fight makes sense. That being said, while Hercule may have actually become the champ of the human world in DBZ, Dan’s generic skills will be enough to win. He does have a mini projectile at his side and he’s simply better at hand to hand combat. There’s a reason why you can never count this guy out and this is it! Dan Hibiki wins.

Godzilla vs Hercule

Hercule may be a likable fighter, but he doesn’t really stand a chance against someone like Godzilla. Godzilla has his Atomic power and one good punch is all that he needs to level an entire building. Hercule can try to do the same, but his power just wouldn’t be enough. Nothing can stop Godzilla! Godzilla wins.

Legion vs Hercule

Hercule may be just a human, but he’s got some speed on his side. One good punch is all that he would need to land a good shot, but the shot wouldn’t do that much damage. Legion is far too powerful and he’s immensely large. He just needs to step on Hercule to end the match. Legion wins.

Destoroyah vs Hercule

Hercule may be friends with Buu and Goku, but that doesn’t mean that he’s super powerful. He’s actually a pretty weak character compared to guys like Superman and Godzilla. Destoroyah should have no problem taking him down in a fair fight. Destoroyah is far too powerful for him. Destoroyah wins.

Jean Grey vs Hercule

Jean Grey has the Phoenix Force and with it she can take down many fighters! One of them is the “legendary” Hercule. Hercule may have a jet pack and some mild hand to hand skills, but in the end it won’t be enough to take down Jean Grey. Jean Grey is too fast and far too powerful. Jean Grey wins.